"In the ancient years, Long Mai could also have a strong posture when the Holy Spirit was born; Today, I will also incarnate the Holy Spirit and transform my body. "

Li Yu smiled. If he had been polishing Shaqi and nourishing essence, he could naturally rise slowly, but it was too slow. He chose external refining. Lending Long Mai’s spirit is blue and white, evil spirit is outside, and the intersection of Yin and Yang is in line with natural jurisprudence, plus the protection of […]

Sun Haohui’s earth dun Sun Hao’s knowledge of the sea god is not strong. In the early days, the godsworn Sun Hao condensed and refined the peerless god, and he was able to break the gas. Sun Haojian became a mountain of stopping and killing, and the occult technique became a success … Even if the godsworn then did not observe it, he might be careless.

Sun Hao believes that the designer may consider all kinds of factors, but he can never judge his exact situation, which is why Sun Hao dares to come to the bottom of the world. Sneaking down Taniguchi for a dozen miles, I finally found a chapter in front. One black and one white, two monks […]

The new alliance pays for the purchase through the local garrison, and how much it can buy depends on whether the money is enough. The Konu school can also get a lot of benefits, and it can also bribe the guard front level to let them mind their own business here in AMISOM.

The patrol has been expanded since the camp line was built. At present, the establishment is two companies with a total of about 300 people. These four machine guns were originally purchased for the patrol and can be used as heavy machine guns. Although the name has the word "heavy" in it, it is actually […]

The war in the No.5 base war zone will start an independent regiment, and it is right to hurry to help, although the western war zone is also an important battlefield for the Federation to face the empire, and the theory is more important than the No.5 base war zone.

But base 5 is the independent group. The independent group has no home, but they all know that Ji Xinghe Alien has a home-Ji Rongxin’s place is Ji Xinghe’s home. "We’re not going back for backup." Ji Xinghe finally spoke to him, which made all the captains of the independent regiment stunned. Before the small […]