Sun Haohui’s earth dun Sun Hao’s knowledge of the sea god is not strong. In the early days, the godsworn Sun Hao condensed and refined the peerless god, and he was able to break the gas. Sun Haojian became a mountain of stopping and killing, and the occult technique became a success … Even if the godsworn then did not observe it, he might be careless.

Sun Hao believes that the designer may consider all kinds of factors, but he can never judge his exact situation, which is why Sun Hao dares to come to the bottom of the world.
Sneaking down Taniguchi for a dozen miles, I finally found a chapter in front.
One black and one white, two monks are besieging their master.
Master Ziyan’s white clothes are fluttering and her long hair is dancing with the wind. It’s already a bit messy. Without makeup, she is indifferent and indifferent. Her white jade face has flushed and her forehead is covered with sweat.
Sun Hao sneaked in, gathered interest and hid it in the ground. Careful observation of the then war is not something he can intervene at will.
Then I don’t know how long the war lasted. There are five miles in the Fallen Flower Valley. Fiona Fang has been turned into a depression by the smoke of the war. The flowers have fallen and fallen into the soil. The monk then stirred up the true spirit and stirred it into the flower mud. Sun Hao seems to be able to smell the rich flowers and the fragrance of the soil.
Every blow in the then war can move mountains and pour seas, and every powerful attack can go directly into the ground and splash dust and rain all over the sky.
"Bai Riguang" Yun Ziyan said coldly, "My brother?"
Actually, Bai should be the bodhi old zu in the White House.
Sun Hao’s slight movement in his heart seems that his gods should have concealed the blood print, so close to the White House that the bodhi old zu didn’t find himself.
However, there is something wrong with the intelligence. According to the truth, the bodhi old zu of Bai is guarding the five-element war boat, so the repair will definitely exceed the middle stage of then, but although the two magic repairs occupy the absolute wind at present, it is only the early stage of then, otherwise the master will never support it for that long.
So is it true that this Bai then is not the ancestor of Bai, and there is someone else?
Sun Hao quickly judged that he was pale, dressed in moonlight and white sunlight, and laughed. "Purple Smoke Fairy, you are a clay idol crossing the river, and you still have the heart to care for your baby brother."
Another black magic repair Tian Er also laughed. "Your baby brother has already reported to the underworld. Purple Smoke Fairy must have never tasted the taste of ethics avenue. Tut tut today, brother, I will teach you how to be a perfect woman …"
Clouds, purple smoke, jade face are redder in atrix for half a day. She has already fallen into the absolute wind. More importantly, the opposite side of the demon repairs foul language. The mouth is charming and scolds a "magic thief sees colorful clouds month by month …" God knows to move a colorful flying sword and cross a beautiful arc. Tian Ershen’s five-color divine light flashes a hundred flowers to protect himself from white sunlight.
"Ouch, ouch!" Tian Er’s mouth is full of animal calls. "What a terrible trick! Clouds chase Han Ziyan’s younger sister. Don’t be so enthusiastic, okay? Brother, I can’t stand it." While animal calls, dark clouds surge, but I’m not afraid of colorful flying swords.
Clouds and purple smoke got information, and Sun Hao was designed and introduced into Baihua Valley.
I don’t want to be impatient. After breaking into the valley alone, I found myself in a large array. Before I managed to break the array, the two magic magic magic elixirs were already entangled.
At this time, the clouds and purple smoke have been slightly white, even if they are fooled by themselves, but they are a little too white, and even if they beat the sky, they can’t be known to the outside world.
Just two magic magic elixirs are still in the early stage of elixir repair for a while, but they can’t get her.
At this time, she still doesn’t know whether Sun Hao is out of the valley or whether she should break through. Of course, she also knows that even if she wants to break through, it is quite difficult.
In particular, Brother Jin Dan, who is in the opposite magic way, actually exports dirty words regardless of his identity. It’s really ugly, and the rich floral fragrance in the fallen petal valley seems to have a bit of strangeness. The original ancient well Bo Dao heart actually has a bit of ripple and a wildfire seems to breed from the bottom of my heart.
"Tut tut" Tian Er dodged the colorful flying sword while barking "Does Sister Ziyan feel that her ears have a fever and her heart is alive and kicking? That’s right. This is the feeling of longing for love. Tut tut. I am blessed with fresh meat today."
"Die" YunZiYan eyes angry and said "finally ask a Sun Hao? If we don’t talk, we won’t die today. "
Bai Riguang laughed "Corleone has gone to hell, hahaha …"
"Well, you don’t say anything, do you?" Cloud purple smoke with filar silk blush jade face suddenly sank seems to be covered with frost "so good I’ll call you say" with that, my eyes shut up and drink a "Luo Cha possessed" is to use my sister to give her life-saving secrets.
Today’s war situation is not good, and the strange flowers make her taboo.
Even if it is necessary to exert Luo Cha’s possession and damage the foundation, you have to fight.
The first evil ghost in Luo Cha recorded in the classic book Huilin Meaning that "Luo Cha, a cloud evil ghost, also eats people’s flesh and blood or flies, or walks fearfully and swiftly".
Luo Cha possessed her sister Yunyew, but she gained her strength after the ancient hermetic display in a secret land. However, Yunziyan then repaired and displayed this trick in the early stage, but it was a bit reluctant to display it, and the sequelae were not small.
A enchanting gas clouds purple smoke face Zhan Yan smile beautiful and attractive is very different from the normal state of clouds purple smoke contrast makes underground Sun Hao feel strange. Is this still your own ice-cold master?
Clouds, purple smoke, clever smile, charming phase, and Tian Er actually dare not spend a lot of time. Instead, he shouted, "Crazy woman, if you repair and display Luo Cha’s possession, it will damage the foundation. Don’t fight so hard. I give up Corleone. It’s not here …"
"It’s late," Yun Zi Yan Jiao said with a smile. "Today, no matter whether Sun Hao is not here, Zi Yan has to make a statement."
"Mom" Tian Er swore "I met a strong-willed crazy woman, so be careful in the sunshine"
It’s no wonder that they are so nervous about the spirit of an extremely bright spot in the daytime. Yun Luo Cha’s illustrious reputation was killed, and Luo Cha possessed it. It was Yun Luo Cha’s signature skill that increased the combat power after this recruit was put to good use, but it was really not so easy to pick up.
Luo Cha’s possessed combat power has greatly increased, and the lotus root and jade arm are towering on his chest, flashing a "Luo Cha seal attack" continuously.
In the charming reprimand, a beautiful woman, Luo Cha, who was riding a white lion with a knife in her armor, drove the white lion to rush to Tian Er with a silver knife.
Yunziyan hates this foul language. The real person took his knife.
This knife is swifter than this one, and it is breathtaking to come straight at it.
Reiki seems to have been frozen by Luo Cha’s knife, and the momentum of the entrainment edge is fierce to cut Tian Er
Tian er was attacked and locked, and kept flashing around, and finally he couldn’t hide from the blade. He was forced to swear. A "crazy woman" had to use a jade fan to block the blade, and at the same time, he protected himself and tried to block the knife.
On the other side, the white sunlight sees clouds and purple smoke and slashes the fields. In the second eye, Li Mang flashes and explodes, and drinks a "daytime soaring", a silvery flying sword and a cloud and purple smoke, and then drinks a "daydreaming clouds and purple smoke and looking at my eyes".
The three great means of elixir together seem to tear apart in the field, and the different air currents collide with each other to wipe off bursts of fire.
Sun Hao’s spirit in the underground is highly unified, and his eyes are fixed on the battlefield. If you like this movie, you are welcome to come.
Chapter four hundred and fifty-two Blood evil spirit Dacheng
Luo Cha God waved the silver knife of the virtual shadow and the jade fan blocked the instant broken Tian Er andao. When it was bad, it barely flashed, but it was dodging. Luo Cha God cut his body with a knife, and the whole virtual shadow passed through his body and then disappeared into the light spot.
Tian Er stuffy hum a whole body like a leaking bucket constantly spewing blood. Even if he is a monk then, he can’t support it after being hit by Luo Cha, and he fell headlong into it and became the first monk then to fall in this battlefield.
Cloud purple smoke fuelling Luo Cha possessed occult sciences to send a fatal blow, and finally killed the other she hated the magic magic magic elixir.
But she is in a very bad state now.
She has more means of attack and defense, and the secret method of Bai Riguang has been launched.
Yunziyan felt that she was shining at the moment, as if she had returned to worrying about whether she was happy to chase butterflies among the flowers in her childhood.
White sunlight "dreams in the daytime" * * takes advantage of the gap and brings clouds and purple smoke into the dream with the help of falling flowers and flowers.
Bai Riguang’s heart exulted, and a cloud of purple smoke finally caught the silver sword of the platform and went to the maser without mercy. This time Sun Hao didn’t come to avenge the army with his master first.
White sunlight is about to be completed, and my heart is a little slack.
Behind him, a strange and ugly sword was suddenly shot underground.
Blame the moment when the sword was unearthed, Bai Riguang Ma found an abnormal movement and prepared to dodge.
But he suddenly found himself moving slowly, as if he were moving slowly. At this speed, he couldn’t hide from this strange sword at all.
This is the potential?
Brother Ma Bai, then, screamed when he met something, trying to break the momentum of the enemy who enveloped him in a dream.
The momentum is a kind of tactics that monks can form after practicing a certain secret method to a certain level, which can oppress and influence their opponents and reduce their ability.
Clouds, purple smoke, Luo Cha’s virtual shadow is a kind of potential, a breathtaking lock on the opponent’s strong potential field, even if Brother Tian Ershen then is cut off on the spot.
White sunlight potential is that Mengmeng can influence people’s senses when he is near.
Is waiting for his dream in the exhibition, but suddenly there is a let him tremble with fear and a cold momentum rushed over to him involuntarily as if he were pegged to the fierce beast general palpitations.
This is killing potential?
Bai Riguang’s heart suddenly shook Sun Hao’s foundation. Did he have two potential bodies? Moreover, these two kinds of potentials are so strong that one kind of potential can actually make people have the illusion of slowing down, and the other is the fierce momentum of killing potential.
In my heart, I was frightened at this moment, but I couldn’t stop two kinds of white sunlight with higher momentum. I had an idea in my heart that I hoped my protective body could stop Sun Hao’s strange sword.
Conventionally, it is unreasonable for Bai Riguang to think so. The defense of Godsworn then is far from that of Godsworn Tsukiji. It is impossible for Godsworn Tsukiji to break through the protective body of Godsworn then or the defensive cover with a spirit weapon.
But at the moment when the horse attacked arrival, Bai Riguang knew that he was wrong, which was outrageous.
Sword to Bai Riguang feel protective god Gang like tofu is easily penetrated by the other side’s broken sword, but Bai Riguang quickly thought that if he was slightly injured by penetrating defense, he should be able to slow down the blow. I believe Sun Haoxiao can’t pick up his tricks.
But Bai Riguang Ma is wrong again. This strange sword can not only run through himself, but also hurt himself strongly and powerfully.