With the guidance of Chixiao, the strength growth will also increase greatly.

Xu Le even had an idea that he felt a little terrible.
That is, find all the fate people in Guyindo and kill them all.
Find the fruits of the fate of the new ancient yinduo and give them to your own believers.
At that time, the mother tree world will become their private land.
They can advance and retreat together to form a new organization imagined by others.
When Xu Le’s thinking flies away, the fate energy of ancient sounds has been activated by Wang Shushu.
He held his fist tightly and then held the wall around him, gradually adapting to the fruits of fate and bringing himself a sense of alienation.
Soon the fruit of fate was digested by Wang Shu, but Xu Le felt something was wrong.
He can’t feel Wang Shu!
I can’t feel the throb of fate!
Something happened!
He looked at Wang Shu’s expression and gradually became confused and uneasy.
"Brother Shu, have you digested the fruits of fate?"
"If you don’t feel wrong, it should be digested. Have I mastered the fate of the ancient sound now?
Does it feel like there’s nothing special? Does this fruit have any specific power? "
Looking at a face of doubt, Wang Shu Xu Le appeared a few drops of sweat on his forehead.
Eye condition completely beyond his original idea.
Wang Shu looked at Xu Le. He didn’t play the fruit of his destiny.
For the moment, although he feels an ancient sound with more energy, he doesn’t know how to make it.
And this so-called destiny energy doesn’t seem to have any extra power.
"What do you mean? Is it my problem? "
"It’s not you. The problem is that I underestimated the rich fruits of fate …"
"Xu Le what say so? Are you all right? "
"Shuge Guyin has many fruits of fate … roots are not seven!"
When Xu Le spoke with a wry smile, there was a sense of withdrawal in his voice, as if he were to be stripped out of this world
"Xu Le, what’s with your voice?"
In the fog, Wang Shu stretched out his hand and waved it in front of him. He felt that he couldn’t see Xu Le clearly.
I can’t even hear Xu Leyin clearly.
Looking at Xu Le himself before becoming more and more hazy Wang Shu some panic.
"Xu Le? Are you all right? "
He reached for Xu Le, but he caught a loneliness.
With a twist around the dark alley, with a wave, the figure disappeared before Wang Shu.
"Xu Le? Xu Le! "
Woof! Woof!
The dark alley shouted several responses to Wang Shuyou rummaging through the garbage stray dogs in the alley.
Wang Shu looked puzzled at the stray dog at the intersection.
"He didn’t turn into a dog, did he?"
When Xu Le woke up suddenly, the familiar environment around him made him familiar and nai.
Puppet Xanadu
But this time, he woke up a little farther than the next time, not in the front flower field, but noticed the stream for the first time.
Xu Leyi glanced at the stream pupil immediately contracted by one.
There is no problem with the crystal clear stream. The problem is that there are people at the bottom of the stream, human bodies to be exact.
Dense … Covered the whole stream in every corner.
The opposite side of this stream is also plum grass green, but Xu Le always feels a little less angry across the stream.
It’s like this stream is isolated from death.
Xu Le hurriedly withdrew his thoughts. He has been delayed here for some time.
Although there was permission to stay overnight, Xu Le couldn’t help but be nervous when he was summoned by the puppet.
After all, the other side is full of ancient sounds.
A brisk walk to the door of the cabin Xu Le knock knock.
"Puppet, I’m coming."
When the door creaked, the puppet was sitting at the house table. After Xu Le pushed the door, she waved to Xu Le.