Qing Muyang looked up and replied, "I have a terrible headache like I’m going to explode."

Lin Ying looked worried at grandpa’s face. "Grandpa, what’s wrong with him? What crazy hearing these names will make you have a headache? "
Grandpa also frowned and said, "I don’t know."
But grandpa immediately said, "His situation reminds me of a method called" Breaking the Soul and Printing Immortals ".
"Broken soul seal?" Lin Ying has some doubts. This is the first time he has heard of such a strange name.
Grandpa immediately explained, "Broken Soul Seal is a seal and a protective fairy method."
A great man will pass on what he has learned to future generations before he dies, and then he will use the soul seal to seal his soul, including everything in it.
Leave the most basic and simple vitality line to run silently and strengthen the strength of the sealed person
As the vitality rises, the strength of the sealed person becomes stronger, and the seal will be solved with it.
Every time you solve the seal, you will think of something until you finally solve all the seals. "
I heard that Lin Ying was shocked directly.
From the experience of Qing Muyang, it is true. Every once in a while, he will think of something that is very powerful every time.
Qingmuyang has secrets and big secrets.
Green assessment oneself also leng on the spot.
"my god, grandpa, it’s amazing that you all know that I really think of something every once in a while. I didn’t expect that I was killed by someone.
Grandpa, is there any way to untie this seal? Otherwise, I don’t even know who I am or where I come from. "
Grandpa thought carefully and said, "There are ways, but I don’t know if you are afraid of pain."
Chapter nine hundred and eleven Let’s study it
Green MuYang a listen to immediately, "this is not afraid of me this person is thick skin, you have what means just use it."
Grandpa heard the words and slapped Green Muyang, saying, "As far as your skin is concerned, this pain is not something that ordinary people can bear, and my soul torture is a level, because it is so painful that people want to commit suicide."
Qing Muyang was stunned when he heard this. "Is it so painful?"
"Of course" grandpa nodded.
Qing Muyang is a little tangled. "Then forget it. Since it involves the soul, I am afraid."
Grandpa laughed. "In this case, even if you hurry up and wait for the order, you will naturally understand the seal. The higher the order, the more things you will understand."
At a certain time, you will remember who you are, where you come from and who sealed you. "
After hearing what Grandpa said, Green Muyang’s shoulders collapsed, and some Nai said, "Well, I have tried to improve myself."
Oh, I really don’t know when it’s going to be time to finish the seal. I’m getting impatient. "
Lin Ying smiled and comforted, "Crazy, don’t worry. If you want to cross the sixth-order hurdle, the advanced level will be much smoother. Then maybe you will get to the ninth order before me."
In the ninth order, you should be able to solve this seal. "
Grandpa next to him also comforted, "Lin Ying is right. If you want to cross the sixth order, the advanced level will be smooth and smooth, and you will be more patient."
Hearing Lin Ying and Grandpa’s words, Qing Muyang’s decadent look turned into a smirk again. "Well, I’ll listen to you."
When it’s over here, Grandpa will continue to teach Lin Ying the Lins’ Fairy Method.
Grandpa didn’t drive Qing Muyang away, but acquiesced to him.
When Qing Muyang heard grandpa’s fairy-giving method, he shouted, "Oh, I will oh, I will oh, I am familiar with this name. Oh, my head hurts again."
Green Muyang hasn’t been quiet, yelling all the time. Grandpa couldn’t wait to slap him to death and let him stop for a while.
Qing Muyang felt grandpa’s resentment and shut his mouth consciously, and then whined and endured a headache alone.
Because there are many immortals involved, it took Grandpa a long time to explain all the immortals.
Lin Ying has a seventh-order memory, which is stronger than Grandpa’s explanation. Lin Ying has finished remembering it.
After grandpa explained, Lin Ying digested and understood it alone.
And Qing Muyang is still whining there because of a headache, but he will think of many things when he is simple.
He learns to be as good as Lin Ying.
It’s already three o’clock in the middle of the night when Lin Ying consumes all fairy methods.
Lin Ying, they didn’t go out and no one outside came in.
When Lin Ying and others went out, they found Sanwa asleep at the mouth of the cave.
Wangcai and Xiaobai stayed by his side to help drive away the animals and ensure his safety.
Here is the mountain, where there are many animals, zombies and beasts, and sometimes they will run out.
For such a short time, Sanwa was surrounded by several zombie bodies.
Lin Ying patted Sanwa before she left. "Hey, hey, hey, Sanwa, wake up."
Sanwa jumped up immediately after being woken up. "Oh, my God, I fell asleep here. Those zombies didn’t sneak up on me, did they?"