However, the final result of a great war in ancient times was also a tragic victory for the gods. If the war is fought again ten billion years later, the strength is far less than that of the gods in ancient times. Can there still be a chance of winning?

The most important thing is that the strength of shura protoss has not changed! Xiao Fan faintly felt that if the gods were about to face the second Shura protoss war, the chances of winning were extremely low! "Is this it?" "Well, it should be right. We’ll finish it quickly. Every time we sneak into […]

"Hehe, there will be"

"… hello … hello!" Mark shook his head when he saw that he had hung up and thought about Tenet’s cold voice just now all right This guy is just waiting to send this favor himself. "How much longer?" Mark looked up at the secret service captain of the Washington branch and asked Shen. "Ten […]

Yang Antai and Ji Xinghe returned to Tu Yuan before the Blue Star. If they want to be commander-in-chief, the chance is really great. It can be said that it is a certain thing. Once Yang Antai and Ji Xinghe return to their posts, Tu Yuan’s hope is slim.

"It doesn’t make sense," Tu Yuan shook his head and said, "Ji Xinghe can see things clearly. How can I not see things clearly? Fighting at this time means that we are not ready to carry out the strategy of expedition to Imperial Star, but do you think we have the expedition ability?" "I know […]

A crisp shining armor fell off a little bit, and the shining armor spit a mouthful of blood and flew backwards. When Zhang Sheng didn’t want to wave again, his body shook and disappeared. Then he suddenly caught the shining armor and tried his best to blow a palm. The shining armor was vaporized without screaming.

Zhang Sheng, the warrior who wiped out the shining armor, strolled to the blast furnace. Although it was hot around the blast furnace, Zhang Sheng didn’t feel much about it. Zhang Sheng raised his hands horizontally to make the suspended blast furnace fall to the ground. Zhang Sheng walked into the blast furnace and smashed […]