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"Well" JingMuYun light should be a. Chi Yao did not move, but raised his arm a little, aiming at the bull’s-eye from his arm position and then pulled it … "Ah, this time it’s a ring!" Chi Yao’s pistol "still missed." Jingmuyun came in and whispered "I’ll help you" behind Chi Yao. He taught Chi […]

This posture kept for a moment before Lin moved a little stiff and slowly looked up and looked at it coldly, but his heart was beating violently at this moment. This was the first time he moved that yuan energy, and all the terrorist destructive power also filled him with horror.

That kind of destructive power, even advanced defensive Lingbao, is also a method to resist. titter When that yuan of energy in Lin Dong’s heart was shocked, Huazong, whose body was deeply embedded in the ground in the distance, was also a few mouthfuls of blood. Soon, his eyes looked down at Xuan Huang Di […]

Conway’s heart is already full of jealousy, but he can’t do anything in such a situation. Gu Mengmeng turned his eyes to him with tacit understanding. When he saw a slight jealousy in his eyes, he couldn’t help secretly thinking about himself.

See her happy hand rose. Russian officers were shocked, but the border defense company was silent. Conway’s face is slightly heavy, but he is still willing to believe that his girl will not let him down. Gu Mengmeng cheerfully inserted the flowers into the water bottle and said emotionally in Russian, thank you, Rose. Welcome […]