This posture kept for a moment before Lin moved a little stiff and slowly looked up and looked at it coldly, but his heart was beating violently at this moment. This was the first time he moved that yuan energy, and all the terrorist destructive power also filled him with horror.

That kind of destructive power, even advanced defensive Lingbao, is also a method to resist.
When that yuan of energy in Lin Dong’s heart was shocked, Huazong, whose body was deeply embedded in the ground in the distance, was also a few mouthfuls of blood. Soon, his eyes looked down at Xuan Huang Di Jia with thick horror. At this time, Jia was directly bombarded with a deep punch mark, and a little crack spread from the punch mark.
Strong defense to this extent, Xuan Huang Di Jia was almost directly blasted by Lin Dong with one punch.
Although Xuan Huang Di Jia has not been completely detonated, the previous punch of Lin Dong is still with most of the strength, and the slightest crack pours into it, causing extremely serious injuries to Huazong.
How is that possible?
Feeling the pain in the chest, Huazong couldn’t help looking ferocious and growling. He wanted to explode the senior Lingbao with one punch. Even those extremely tough guys in the Great Magic Gate managed to do it. How could a mere forest move be done?
However, regardless of the fact that Huazong growled, he didn’t believe that after a crazy roar, he also quickly got some sober eyes, glanced at a distant face of indifference, and his eyes flashed rapidly, and then turned out to be a clap of the ground with the help of spirit.
Today, he has been seriously injured, and the mysterious yellow armor has also been blown into this shape. If Lin Dong comes back with the previous punch, I’m afraid he will really be here completely today.
Bastard, this time, I didn’t expect this to be small and tricky
Enduring the physical injury, Huazong’s body suddenly and violently retreated to his heart and cursed him crazily. He also didn’t expect Lin to be fierce. At this point, it was a small-scale strength in the plastic environment, but even the plastic environment was helpless. He almost punched the armor directly.
Today, it’s a big deal to get rid of Yin after Zongjiang, and then directly find his father to make gas environment and achieve great strength. It’s just a matter of flipping hands to kill Lin Dong.
With such thoughts in my heart, Huazong dare not stay any longer. Even the operator can’t recall it and run hard directly.
Now that you’re here, don’t go.
However, at this time, he is going to move, but he is willing to be very clear about this kind of person. If you don’t completely eradicate the roots, you will be in great trouble in the future. If you don’t start work, you will never be merciless once you start work.
Therefore, when he saw that he ran away to Huazong, he also sneered at the soles of his feet and stepped on the ground to make a vague figure suddenly and violently, but almost blinked and chased Huazong, which greatly slowed down the injury.
Lin move my father but Yin after the elders, if you dare to touch me, this wild county will make you run away. You can hear it from the rear, and the face of Fenghua Zong will be violently broken.
In the face of Huazong’s roar, Lin moved with a sneer, shook his head, and clenched his fist with a surge of golden light. It was a pledge to Huazong’s head that exploded in the past, losing the protection of Xuanhuang Dijia, and Huazong could not afford to punch him now.
For their own situation, that Huazong is obviously very clear. When the eyes are red, the gray spirit blade is crazy and chopping away at the forest.
In the face of Huazong’s crazy counterattack, the bronze color of Lin’s body is getting deeper and deeper, and the golden force is violently surging, which will directly strengthen the blade of the spirit, shock and explode the boxing wind, detonate the gas and still compress the gas, and the boxing has not been strong enough to pour Huazong’s body.
Fierce strong breeze came to Huazong, and another mouthful of blood gushed out. Immediately, his eyes were full of crazy color. Bai Lin was also going to kill me completely. He didn’t want to kill me so easily. Huazong growled like a beast, and then a vigorous spirit suddenly and violently surged, but it was condensed into a gray skull about the size of Xu in front of him.
Yin after erosion of fine skeleton.
The piercing roar came from Huazong’s throat, and then two spiritual fires flashed in the eyes of the gray skull condensed by spirit.
Woo-hoo. When the mental fire appeared in the eyes of the gray skull, there was a strange hum in its mouth, and then the gray vortex in the skull’s mouth formed a suction surge in its mouth.
That suction didn’t work for the substance, but Lin Dong felt at this moment that the spirit of Mud Pillow Palace was broken and sucked into the skull. Give me your spirit.
Huazong’s face was ferocious, and he desperately sprayed a mouthful of JingXie stained with blood. The suction in the skull’s mouth suddenly soared.
It’s really weird that the Yin after the clan moved Lin, and it was also surprised by Hua Zong’s inexhaustible means. Soon, a cold color appeared in his eyes, and his mind moved, and the four life charms in the Mud Pillow Palace suddenly twisted up. In an instant, it was a whirlpool of four high-speed rotating charms
You’d better contribute to me.
Lin’s big hand was suddenly caught in the gray skeleton, and then the horror suction surged, followed by the sudden surge of horror in Huazong’s face, because he clearly felt that the spirit in the gray skeleton was swallowed up by Lin quickly.
You can directly devour the spirit. Huazong was horrified and screamed that although they can be so weird, it needs all kinds of secret methods to cooperate, but no one dares to directly devour the spirit of others with Lin Dong, and the most frightening thing for him is that after devouring his spirit, Lin Dong did not suffer from itself, but his eyes became more and more intense.
In the forest, the crazy gray skeleton quickly became empty, and finally it was directly caught by the forest, and soon his cold eyes turned to Huazong.
You demon Huazong’s face is full of fear at this time, and the strange ability displayed by Lin Dong is simply beyond his cognition.
Lin’s face was indifferent, and he clearly felt that the spirit of the Marubeni Palace seemed to gradually strengthen some of this method of seizing the spirit, although it was overbearing and weird, but it was really great.
Since you chose to kill me, you should expect this ending.