When the God of Color came to behead and seal the gods, he saw Bai Chen beside Bai Qi, who was also the last buddha magic.

The color god is surprised, but his strength is not enough. It’s very leitian to kill him with an idea. It’s impossible to make people move even harder than steel.
One hundred gods and kings add strength, that is, the jade emperor will seal the altar here, and it is not an opponent in Leitian. Of course, the jade emperor will not be stupid enough to put the Zixiao Palace in a decisive battle without running.
However, this is enough to explain the strength against the Jade Emperor.
God of color has been extremely intimidated by leitian, almost bowing down.
Pull up your finger and point a little color. A cool breath permeates into God’s forehead. God doesn’t dare to resist Leitian’s perception. With a smile, the fairy and the celestial source have abandoned color. You are so determined and courageous. Since you have come to my son, I will help you regain your strength. Do you mind joining Qingmen to become an elder?
It is inconceivable that the God of Color will refuse to allow him to live, but it is a great kindness to help him regain his strength. However, it is inconceivable that the God of Color is willing to do things in Leitian.
Leitian threw a Dan medicine path to Sedan, which is my painstaking efforts for many years. If you go, you can ensure that your realm will not fade. When you get Sedan back, your strength will be restored to half, and then you will be able to accept my strength and be able to survive the great robbery.
Thank you, master. God is also in vain. He must be altruistic. Does he still have a choice at this time?
Moreover, he was abandoned by the jade emperor in the end. He wanted to be altruistic and let the latter-day buddha magic hit him hard again. The latter-day buddha magic conflict and the latter-day buddha magic ate him will definitely cause chaos in body and Taoism. The end should be that buddha magic will re-oppose, and the latter-day buddha magic will divide into two people.
The strength of these two men is far from buddha magic’s integration, but it makes no difference for the Jade Emperor to kill an eschatological buddha magic with the benefits of two men.
Among them, the difference sacrifices one more color god.
Leitian hesitated for a moment to explore the consciousness of the color god. It has been thirty-three days since the jade emperor was cruel enough to sacrifice thirty-three days to let the latter-day buddha magic destroy it. The key lies in the color god, who has reached the strength of the jade emperor but is trapped in the color day.
Once the color god can get rid of the color sky, his strength will soar and catch up with the jade emperor. The jade emperor is also worried that this Zhou Yuan is very weak, and I am afraid there will be no two jade emperors.
More importantly, the cultivation of God in this color is a threat to the Jade Emperor. The color sky is adjacent to the Jade Emperor’s Zixiao Palace, and the emperors are all falling in the battle for the other side. This color god is fine, and the Jade Emperor is still afraid of the color god.
This time, with the help of the power of last-day buddha magic, the color god will slay him. After the practice of Tongtian scrolls is completed, the chaotic incarnation may be integrated to achieve semi-holiness
Leitian is also a little scared. The Jade Emperor dares to integrate the embodiment of chaos.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-one Kill heaven
Leitian thought carefully, but it didn’t take long for the color God to be anxious. Leitian is the only way. You still don’t want to join Qingmen.
Master, you can’t trust me. God is in a hurry. He can follow Leitian without being killed by the Jade Emperor.
Hehe, you are expensive. It’s also a courtesy for you that God doesn’t call the Jade Emperor. But this time, he will sacrifice you. It’s hard to eliminate the bad feelings in your heart, which will do great harm to your future practice. I’ll let you and I take care of the Night Emperor Gate and let you be a master for a long time. Your heart will be relieved.
Color god stare blankly for a this time he deeply worship.
Leitian is to relieve the injustice in his heart. In addition to slaying the Jade Emperor one day, he is also required to lead a sect to help a sect survive the Zhou Yuan disaster, so that he will not be bitter about the Jade Emperor’s actions.
In fact, now he has also sacrificed him, but he will not be willing to suffer.
This way, if you keep your mind hidden in your heart, his heart will be a huge hole, and you have to help him fill this hole in vain. This is a great kindness.
Leitian laughed and said that the Buddhist thief was bald and said that I and you are the karma, but I don’t want you to be obsessed with this karma as usual. When it comes, it will let it go, and when it is over, it will be gone.
I helped you through the psychological robbery, you helped me protect the night emperor gate, and you don’t care if you owe me.
Leitian, this color, if God restores his strength, he can further protect the night emperor’s gate Du Jie. After all, there are not too many people who need to protect the night emperor’s gate. The three saints are already the realm of the Emperor of Heaven, not a burden but a help.
But after these three holy kings Du Jie, the phenomenon may soar now, that is, to follow Li Bihu’s footsteps and leave Leitian. In this world, if the number of emperors in the night is insufficient, it is likely that the sects will dissipate in a week, so I am sorry for Li Bihu.
The head also told the color god that it was impossible for him to take care of the night emperor’s door. It was because he took a fancy to his status as a color god that he was so simple and took a leave of absence.
Well, I’m going to go there for thirty-three days and uproot the sky so that your realm can be completely restored
The shaking of the color god’s heart did leave a means in the color sky, but he came to plan to attack when the jade emperor fell, and now it is fatal to take words.
Bai qishi
Leitian smiled and looked at the color god. Do you think the jade emperor values me?
God shook his head, and when the robbery came, he expected me to block half the robbery for him. Otherwise, his savings were not deep enough this time, and Du Jie alone was fine, and it would be dangerous to take 33 days with him.
The color god lowered his hand, and Leitian qualified to block half the doom for the jade emperor. There is nothing to hide in front of him. Since Leitian can do this, he can’t hide it from the jade emperor by staying in the color sky.
God won’t hesitate at this thought. No, the Jade Emperor must dig up the bones to vent his anger.