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"Well" JingMuYun light should be a.
Chi Yao did not move, but raised his arm a little, aiming at the bull’s-eye from his arm position and then pulled it …
"Ah, this time it’s a ring!"
Chi Yao’s pistol "still missed."
Jingmuyun came in and whispered "I’ll help you" behind Chi Yao. He taught Chi Yao how to get his arm up. How many degrees should it be? The two of them were very close together. Chi Yao could feel his gentle breathing sprinkled on her face.
Now it is not only the shooting range, but also the soldiers in the peripheral playground stare big eyes at the two men.
"So you try again!" Jin Muyun helped Chi Yao pose and then let her fight by herself.
"Good" Chi Yao’s lip angle raises a certain arc, from the first ring to the fourth ring and then to the ring. You must hit it this time! Eyes slightly narrowed and then pulled the trigger again.
Section 9
"hearts!" The target person shouted excitedly
Chi Yao breathed a sigh of relief and laughed. "I hit the wood!"
"You are great!" Handsome, too
"Hip" is actually due to him. It is because he helped her adjust her posture and angle that she can hit Chi Yao. Looking back, I found that many people looked at themselves and suddenly pulled Jing Muyunjun. "Let’s go home."
"Don’t play?" Jingmuyun looked at her funny.
"Don’t play"
After Jing Muyun left the training ground with Chi Yao, the training ground blew up "Little Sister-in-law is very powerful!" They probably have to practice for a while!
"Little sister-in-law is so handsome with a gun!"
"She looks like a queen."
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"All right, I’ll teach you."
Jingmuyun slender index finger point a little lip ChiYao immediately stood on tiptoe knowing to kiss a bite.
"Then I can star in spy movies!" Chi Yao pulled his sleeve. "Teach me!"
"You are entertainment"
"I want to learn this!" Chi Yaopei looked at Jingmuyun and suddenly felt very proud to have such a man as her boyfriend.
"I’ll show you a gun that can turn a corner." Jing Muyun tilted the pistol slightly and then pulled the trigger. Chi Yao saw that the gun was pointed at another place, but I didn’t know how to hit the sandbag. It was still in the middle of the heart!
"Wood, you are amazing" is really a soldier’s marksmanship!
Jing Muyun visually measured the distance between the sandbags and then raised his hand. It took almost no seconds to get the gun right in the middle of the heart!
"You hit one first," Chi Yao said excitedly.
"Revolver recoil is not big, which is very suitable for girls." Jingmuyun handed her the revolver. "Get a gun target for you to play on the second floor." On the second floor is the place where milk tea sleeps. The meadow is fifty meters long. Jingmuyun took out a thick sandbag from the sundries and drew ten ring on the surface.
Jingmuyun took the gun and the revolver felt more compact in his big palm. First of all, he took his time to put the bullets one by one into a total of six bullet holes. He couldn’t put them quickly and let Chi Yao see it clearly.
After breakfast, Chi Yao was afraid that Jing Muyun would go back on his word. He took out that beautiful revolver from the room drawer and took it in his hand. It was still very weighty. "Wood wood!"
"play!" Just halfway through, Chi Yao immediately turned back and his eyes shone to Jingmuyun.
"Don’t want to play with guns?" Jingmuyun looked at her charming is spruce figure suddenly light to 1.
Chi Yao hammered him in the chest. "How could I know he would call?" Chi Yao leaned forward in anger and left. "Dead wood wronged people …"
"Get up so early to answer his words?" Jingmuyun asked
Chi Yao frowned at him. "What are you doing?"