"Don’t even think about the mecha. I won’t let you go. I still want to be an individual starship. Let’s go. Go easy." Okay, then I’ll take it easy Ji Xinghe looked out of the porthole to restore the net alien surface and looked at the individual starship parked in the hangar. If there is […]

with this

Jean’s eyes fell on the pancake, and Mark’s meaning was self-evident. Mark’s direct bad face as expected None of these bald heads are really positive people. and What is this bald professor thinking? Professor Charles can’t find Create’s illegitimate daughter. Why should he find Mark? Do you believe me? As soon as the idea came […]

"Hey, it’s really a coincidence that the map of the buried star is not much different from that of the earth. If so, it’s the same with her hometown of painting pear clothes."

Lu Chen said thoughtfully that he didn’t pay much attention to these before. "Is it a thousand hours early?" Painting pear clothes actually directly spoke the name of thousands of snow, which surprised Lu Chen. He didn’t tell Chuhang about this. "How do you know about painting pear clothes?" Liu Chen has some doubts. "I […]

"In the ancient years, Long Mai could also have a strong posture when the Holy Spirit was born; Today, I will also incarnate the Holy Spirit and transform my body. "

Li Yu smiled. If he had been polishing Shaqi and nourishing essence, he could naturally rise slowly, but it was too slow. He chose external refining. Lending Long Mai’s spirit is blue and white, evil spirit is outside, and the intersection of Yin and Yang is in line with natural jurisprudence, plus the protection of […]

Since the maturity of mecha technology, the imperial mecha warfare has been ahead of the federal forces for a long time because of its advantages in quantity and average combat power, and then it is as simple as eating and drinking water for the empire to achieve the goal of annihilation by attacking on a large scale by conventional forces.

Especially in the mecha’s top combat power, the empire has a crushing advantage over the Federation for a long time. The breakthrough of the number method of the federal ace mecha and the maintenance of ten spells can be said to be the intention of the empire. Whenever the tenth ace mecha empire appears in […]

I’m strong. Blame me?

"Su Chuanyun says every day that he is abnormal and not abnormal at all. You are really abnormal." "Get down to business," Shen Mu asked. "What do you think?" "If I can really be studied and copied, I don’t mind if they copy more of me by studying me, but I have studied it myself […]

Her silence was exchanged for a pity for madness. The former soft beauty has become hysterical. She jumped out of bed and regarded her big skirt as naked. She rushed at Xiaoxiao with her chest. You don’t deserve to stay with him, you damn woman. Why don’t you die?

Xiaoxiao was surprised and busy to avoid her. If she was crazy, she came again. At this moment, a black whip was severely drawn on her body. Beat until you fall to the ground and cry out in pain Shura came in with a grimace of a grin. That’s just it. You can’t stand it. […]