"Resume communication. Resume communication immediately!"

When the Empire roared too much, more than a dozen ships were put on the battlefield by the Empire, and the communication shielding devices of space battleship Center, which were no longer noted by both sides, were stopped. At that time, all the mecha departments in this area have resumed communication. Is it federal or […]

"These are my hands, but I don’t know who killed them." Wu Tian said faintly that at the same time, he also dominated the hand flame.

Wu Tianshi’s hand flame almost burned his finger. Fortunately, Wu Tianshi’s dominant power cut off the flame to keep his hand, but the problem is that Naruto ninja in the world can’t have this ability. There are some abilities, but it’s definitely not like this "In that direction of konoha" Wu Tian asked Sarutobi Hiruzen […]

"Hey, it’s really a coincidence that the map of the buried star is not much different from that of the earth. If so, it’s the same with her hometown of painting pear clothes."

Lu Chen said thoughtfully that he didn’t pay much attention to these before. "Is it a thousand hours early?" Painting pear clothes actually directly spoke the name of thousands of snow, which surprised Lu Chen. He didn’t tell Chuhang about this. "How do you know about painting pear clothes?" Liu Chen has some doubts. "I […]

And three months later, the virtual fairy gate is wide open, and I don’t know how many strong enemies will appear. Zhai Ling’s breakthrough repair is the key, and before the breakthrough, it is to obtain the cultivation resources

Zhai Ling’s present situation can also obtain cultivation resources from Zongmen. Su Daier didn’t show up in person to take Zhai Ling out. She is a clever woman. She knows that Zhai Ling’s realistic strength is still at the peak of the construction period, and she also knows her position in everyone’s heart. At this […]

In anger, Xiao Leng doesn’t give people a face. Even when he was an ordinary child, he killed the man who dared to kill his brother in anger. The reality is very strong. Although in anger, Xiao Leng still kept a little calm. He didn’t kill them. Even so, those two people didn’t have a month or two. Don’t remember Xiao Leng’s strength. It’s not that the two of them just practiced some external skills. Ordinary people can resist their sternum fracture, but miraculously they don’t hurt them. Otherwise, the gods can’t save them.

It’s not a big rescue to lift those two people before Ma had two other people, because the man tempted them and snored, but he didn’t send them to the hospital, which means they were going to die, but you can’t blame Xiao Leng, blame their Lord. "Silly, why don’t you send them to the […]