"Resume communication. Resume communication immediately!"

When the Empire roared too much, more than a dozen ships were put on the battlefield by the Empire, and the communication shielding devices of space battleship Center, which were no longer noted by both sides, were stopped. At that time, all the mecha departments in this area have resumed communication. Is it federal or […]


"Don’t even think about the mecha. I won’t let you go. I still want to be an individual starship. Let’s go. Go easy." Okay, then I’ll take it easy Ji Xinghe looked out of the porthole to restore the net alien surface and looked at the individual starship parked in the hangar. If there is […]

"Haha, it’s a good thing you didn’t make it!"

"What are you doing in Canada?" "This is a secret!" "Then you owe me one!" "I will!" After hanging up the communication, Mark saw that the two planes were disarmed and stopped following the fighters. Smiling, Mark looked at himself, blinked and asked, "What’s the matter?" Jean, Aurora, Logan "…" Chapter 16 Rescue of Charles […]

But it’s better to take it one step at a time.

Luxurious quarrelling rose and Priam met the killer. Several other swordsmen in the combination intercepted the sorcerer who floated to the ground. "Let’s go!" There are not many guards around Molly. At this time, the escape route is desperate. Sneakers come out from time to time. Gradually, the little princess is left with Lan Yunpeng […]

However, the final result of a great war in ancient times was also a tragic victory for the gods. If the war is fought again ten billion years later, the strength is far less than that of the gods in ancient times. Can there still be a chance of winning?

The most important thing is that the strength of shura protoss has not changed! Xiao Fan faintly felt that if the gods were about to face the second Shura protoss war, the chances of winning were extremely low! "Is this it?" "Well, it should be right. We’ll finish it quickly. Every time we sneak into […]

"These are my hands, but I don’t know who killed them." Wu Tian said faintly that at the same time, he also dominated the hand flame.

Wu Tianshi’s hand flame almost burned his finger. Fortunately, Wu Tianshi’s dominant power cut off the flame to keep his hand, but the problem is that Naruto ninja in the world can’t have this ability. There are some abilities, but it’s definitely not like this "In that direction of konoha" Wu Tian asked Sarutobi Hiruzen […]

The stab is too short, the attack distance is too short, and the armor-piercing ability is greatly limited. He must have the right opportunity to make it.

At this time, the opportunity has his own ability to create fists. Knock, knock, knock … In a series of muffled sounds, Marquis mecha has some dents on its body, and its protective armor performance is better than that of tungsten steel alloy. Opportunity is emerging, but another Marquis mecha has corrected the line of […]

with this

Jean’s eyes fell on the pancake, and Mark’s meaning was self-evident. Mark’s direct bad face as expected None of these bald heads are really positive people. and What is this bald professor thinking? Professor Charles can’t find Create’s illegitimate daughter. Why should he find Mark? Do you believe me? As soon as the idea came […]