"These are my hands, but I don’t know who killed them." Wu Tian said faintly that at the same time, he also dominated the hand flame.

Wu Tianshi’s hand flame almost burned his finger. Fortunately, Wu Tianshi’s dominant power cut off the flame to keep his hand, but the problem is that Naruto ninja in the world can’t have this ability. There are some abilities, but it’s definitely not like this
"In that direction of konoha" Wu Tian asked Sarutobi Hiruzen Sarutobi Hiruzen, who was looking at the charred old trees and the elf bodies everywhere. At this time, he suddenly heard Wu Tian ask himself. He was startled and pointed to the south and said.
"How far is it?" Wu Tianyi waved his hand and put the body of three thousand elf girls in the world of God Card, but on second thought, Sarutobi Hiruzen might not know the specific distance, so Wu Tian changed a way to ask "How long does it take according to the ninja’s foot journey?"
Sarutobi Hiruzen replied, "It takes half a day to talk according to the ninja’s foot."
For half a day, according to the ninja’s foot journey, there is a daytime rush, and about an hour during the day, except for eating, about an hour.
3 kilometers per hour, an hour is about 3 kilometers. Don’t look at the ninja tree jumping around. It seems to be fast, but the actual speed is 3 kilometers per hour. This speed is already very fast. If it is faster, it will be ridiculous. If it is a battlefield, it will be slower.
After teleporting with everyone several times to Konoha, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Gang Shou, orochimaru and Jiraiya, the four ninjas who came out of Konoha were shocked, just like teleporting all the way to meet the village, and all the villages, including Konoha Village, were burned to ashes and corpses were everywhere.
For naruto world, everything in nakamura and konoha has no income. In Shenka world, after all, the ancient tree of life and the 3,000 elves can be resurrected, but the price for people in Naruto world to be resurrected is too great to bear.
Wu Tiandu, the mother of the little girl before Xuefei, was unable to resurrect, not to mention these people.
When Wu Tian thought about these things, Sarutobi Hiruzen, orochimaru, Gang Shou and Jiraiya kept growing, and it didn’t take long for them to reach the sixth order. The strongest thing was that Gang Shou actually reached the seventh order.
Seeing such a situation, Wu Tian wondered how this situation seemed to be desperately trying! And look at Gang Shou, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Jiraiya and orochimaru at a loss. They have no idea.
And if we can do this, there will be the world will, and the world will change the world. Then the biggest question is what is the life and death?
At this time, the sky turned red. Wu day always looked in the usual direction.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Dimensional war ashes players
A red dot is getting bigger and bigger. I can’t see clearly what it is, but after a while, Wu Tian saw that the red dot was a man with flames all over his body. The flame attached to the man’s body is like a layer of clothes. There are a pair of wings behind the man. "
The man who was burning with flames flew to Wu day before them and looked at Wu day with a snort of contempt. "I didn’t expect to have peers. It seems that those elves are you."
"Peer? Not really! I don’t have a peer like you. It’s embarrassing. "Wu Tian spoke and took out the dominant sword and waved it to the guy opposite.
Numbering Ninjutsu magic elements, summoning beasts, flying like a storm to men covered in flames.
The man fell to the ground and squatted with his hands pressed to the ground. The earth suddenly rushed out of the stalagmites and staggered the Wu Tian to swing this sword.
When the stalagmite dissipates instantly after this sword, if it hasn’t happened before, he looks up at Wu Day. "You have a good strength. This world horse will become a world pearl, and I accidentally killed you. First of all, the world pearl will be fifty-fifty!" It is better to destroy two worlds than to fight against time and waves. "
"Destroy the world. Are you a demon?" Wu Tianwen heard the sound of Mei Kelou saying that the whole secondary wandering kept destroying the world, a powerful demon.
The man who was burning all over the body said something seriously when the wind changed. "You also have the devil’s mark, and it’s the worst primary mark. I wouldn’t discuss it with you like this if I didn’t see your strength. Besides, don’t cultivate power. With so many resources, aren’t you stronger yourself?"
"I’m not your colleague, even if I have destroyed the world, I won’t be a demon." Wu Tian argued that he was holding the master sword and his right hand was tight and ready to attack again.
At this time, the world destroyed Gang Shou, Jiraiya, Sarutobi Hiruzen and orochimaru, and the whole people faded and fell back to the previous level.
The world was destroyed, and everyone was excluded from the world. The world beads appeared covered in flames. The man reached out to the world beads and popped up one by one flames, which floated to the world beads. After touching the flames, the world beads were divided into two slightly smaller world beads.
The man covered in fire quickly took a world pearl and then said to Wu Tian, "Destroying the world is a demon. If you don’t believe me, you can try it on the dimensional battlefield. Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot that people who have something in common with me know about the dimensional battlefield, so I didn’t say goodbye."
When Wu Tianru was struck by lightning, he hurriedly shouted, "Wait, are you saying that common ground is illusory?"
"Do you know a thousand illusions?" The man covered in fire stopped and looked at Wu day with his mouth wide open.
Wu Tian remembered his mother, Luo Xiaoyu, and said that his infatuation with thousands of illusions was caused by his father. However, Wu Tian wore it and repeatedly encountered players who played thousands of illusions. The first one was Wenhua, the second one was the sweetheart queen, and the third one was the man who was covered in fire.
Mother Luo Xiaoyu doesn’t need to say something special about the magic, so the fact may not be that it is such a simple purpose to let Wu Tian cross. It is possible that even his father Wu Lei was given an unknown advantage and he was also a chess player.
Thinking about Wu day makes me feel scared. Wu day is a little forced to say, "I am like you. I used to be called a melancholy pig."
"No.1 on the list" was exclaimed by the man who was covered in fire. Then he asked incredulously, "But why did everyone at the top of the list become the owner of all kinds of sources? Why did you get so miserable that you changed your job to be a demon?"
Covered in fire, the fire suddenly went out. He held out his hand to Wu Tian and said, "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Liu Xiaohui, and now I am an intermediate demon."
Wu Tianhe Liu Xiaohui shook hands. "Hello, my name is Wu Tian.
After shaking hands, Wu Tian was a little anxious and asked, "You said that many people have become the source boundary owners? So do you know the owner of the fighting source? "
Liu Xiaohui said, "Yes! Mo Wen, the leader of the fighting source world, ranked 37 th and ranked 11 th. The leader of the creation source world ranked 112. Many people were pitted in collusion with each other. "
"Probably how to pit?" Wu Tian asked as she sent Gang Shou, Jiraiya, Sarutobi Hiruzen and orochimaru, who looked a little ugly because of the difficulty in breathing in the virtual, to the world of God cards.
"I’m not sure about that," Liu Xiaohui said.
"I’m curious about the Liu Xiaohui dimensional war is still playing? There seems to be a time limit when playing games! "
Liu Xiaohui danced and said, "There is a time limit when playing games in the dimensional war, but now there is no limit to the chaos in the battlefield. Everyone pulls all the territory departments to the battlefield to attack each other. I just lost in the battlefield before I became a demon and had a windfall. I am ready to find a boss to take refuge in the melancholy pig boss. You rank first, don’t say anything about the background or not. My boss relies on my years of mixed battlefield experience to ensure that you can become the source world leader as soon as possible."
"That’s good, but I can’t believe you. After all, you cut me down ten minutes ago." Wu Tian kept a close eye on Liu Xiaohui and said that if he saw a little cunning color in Liu Xiaohui’s eyes, Wu Tianma would turn against people.
Liu Xiaohui looked at Wu day seriously and took out a glass bottle filled with a drop of faint yellow liquid after a while. Then Liu Xiaohui looked at Wu day and said nothing.
The Styx water drop is a kind of contract prop. At the beginning, Wu Tian also spent the last time with Wen Hua. If he hadn’t been killed by Wu Tianqian’s attention, Wu Tian really didn’t intend to kill Wen Hua.
"Alice came to us and held the bottle high." Wu Tian took the bottle from Liu Xiaohui and handed it to Alice.
Wu Tianhe and Liu Xiaohui put their hands in a bottle, and then they recited their names in their hearts. Then Wu Tianhe and Liu Xiaohui’s name emerged in the drops of Styx in the bottle, and then a series of contract terms emerged.
The first clause was written by Wu Tian.
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Are you sure this is not League of Legends
Article 1: This contract, the contract, the contract, and Wu Tian will control everything in the alliance. Wu Tian will not let him join the Covenant and will not betray others in the alliance.
These words rippled and finally stabilized, and became the first item, Wu Tianhe and Liu Xiaohui.
This is the Styx contract. If Liu Xiaohui just disagreed with the Wu Tianchu clause, the first clause would disappear, but the scene would be seen now.
Article 2 all members of the alliance should do their best to help other members and not play tricks.
Wu day also agreed. After all, this article can be regarded as the first supplement.
Article 3 If a new member is to be added to the Covenant, it must be approved by the existing members before it can be added, otherwise it can be added by law.
Liu Xiaohui agreed to this clause, which is an indispensable clause in all the covenants and contracts.
Fourth, I hope that the powerful members of the alliance can help the weak members, and when they are strong, they should also help those who have helped them.
After Liu Xiaohui added such a clause, he recognized himself as better than Wu Tianjiang, but Wu Tian’s potential was higher than his. After sitting in Wu Tian’s chariot, he made such a condition and tied it with Wu Tian.
These four articles are the complete Styx contract. The Styx contract has never been lifted, and sometimes loopholes are found.
If one day Wu Tian finds a loophole, he can kill Liu Xiaohui, but Wu Tian doesn’t have this idea. Is Wu Tian such a person? Is it?
After signing the contract, Wu Tian returned to the world of God Card with everyone because Huang Zhenghe and Ning Wu, two guys who have been relying on the blazing angel’s virtual shadow, have been unable to support it.
Liu Xiaohui’s personality changed dramatically after he arrived in Shenka world. After bowing to Wu Tian, he shouted "Hello, Brother Wu".
Wu day mouth smoke a blunt answer a "good".
Wu day is not because don’t adapt to Liu Xiaohui this eldest brother, after all, Ning Wu and Huang Zheng have been used to it. Wu day doesn’t adapt to Liu Xiaohui’s personality change a bit too fast!
"I’m the boss, the third brother, and this is my second brother. You’re new here. Hurry up and shout for the second brother and shout for the third brother." Ning Wu jumped out to bully people.
However, even though Ning Wu and Huang Zheng, two weak chickens, can only be born out of nothing by the guardian of the blazing angel, I didn’t expect Liu Xiaohui to honestly call people "the second brother is good and the third brother is good."
Liu Xiaohui’s former strongman looks like a dog’s leg in an instant. It’s really uncomfortable that the contrast is too great
I don’t know that Liu Xiaohui was so surprised because he saw the world of God Card. Looking at the world of God Card in front of him, the whole world of God Card is full of exhausted stars. Each of these stars is a world. According to the more the world, the stronger it is. It is conceivable how powerful Wu Tianyou is.
"Boss, where are we going next?" Liu Xiaohui asked to Wu Tianshen.
"Give me your half naruto world world bead" Wu day held out his hand to Liu Xiaohui for.
Liu Xiaohui simply gave Wu Tian the pearl of the other half of Naruto’s world without saying a word.