The stab is too short, the attack distance is too short, and the armor-piercing ability is greatly limited. He must have the right opportunity to make it.

At this time, the opportunity has his own ability to create fists.
Knock, knock, knock …
In a series of muffled sounds, Marquis mecha has some dents on its body, and its protective armor performance is better than that of tungsten steel alloy.
Opportunity is emerging, but another Marquis mecha has corrected the line of sight angle, waving the mecha combating Dao and cutting it to Ji Xinghe.
It’s too late to say it.
It was only a few seconds when the mecha combating Dao swung and cut, when Ji Xinghe’s spear was picked and flew into the air and was seen by many people and orangutans.
Even out of the twelve punches, Ji Xinghe will remain behind the marquis mecha attacked by him.
In the face of the mecha combating Dao hacked from the side, he suddenly jumped forward to pull away from the marquis mecha, and he did not hesitate to avoid it sideways.
The time difference appeared.
Before the Marquis-level mecha turned around and attacked, it was when he and the imperial mecha with a broken camera hit one on one.
One second or two seconds?
Don’t need to calculate how much time difference you have. Avoid the mecha combating Dao sideways. Ji Xinghe has controlled the general armor and completed the dash, punching with the Marquis mecha body.
Twenty-four Tai Ji Chuan Fourteenth Style-Double Peaks Penetrating the Ear
Fists from left to right at the same time hit the marquis mecha head fists back relative to the back of the hand spikes finally have a place.
Bang, but two punches hit at the same time.
Marquis mecha cameras on both sides of the skull were broken at the same time.
But how can Ji Xinghe be such a simple attack when it’s hard to get time difference?
Reproduction of head hammer
Hold your head high and then suddenly hit your forehead, and the general armor is not weaker than the imperial mecha height and launched a fatal blow.
The last camera on the front of the Marquis mecha’s head was broken, and now it has a back perspective.
But Ji Xinghe is positive.
It is said that this is a fatal blow, and it is no longer a threat to Ji Xinghe. Even a special class like Harris can easily kill it.
In a second, the distance was pulled by the rapid passage, and another Marquis-level imperial mecha had raised its hand in the epee and hacked at the head of Ji Xinghe.
It has a charge, which is to accumulate power, and a blow destroys the general’s head.
Come well.
Ji Xinghe was calm in his heart. He had three variants and chose one because the Marquis mecha was fighting behind him.
This is what he wants to do most.
Grabbed the front marquis mecha with mecha combating Dao arm short body at the same time will resist the shoulder to complete the reverse body Ji Xinghe facing the handheld mecha epee marquis mecha.
Enough when the distance is enough.
Back fall
As high as 55 meters, the Marquis Mecha has lost three cameras, jumped over the general’s armor and hit the other Marquis Mecha with a sword.
When crashing sounded, two marquis-level imperial mecha fell to the ground at the same time.
There is a general armor standing alone in the center of the battlefield
Seeing this scene, everyone and all orangutans had a moment of stupidity. They and they couldn’t understand. They just saw Ji Xinghe’s pike being picked and flew to the middle, and it hasn’t been completed yet.