"Haha, it’s a good thing you didn’t make it!"

"What are you doing in Canada?" "This is a secret!" "Then you owe me one!" "I will!" After hanging up the communication, Mark saw that the two planes were disarmed and stopped following the fighters. Smiling, Mark looked at himself, blinked and asked, "What’s the matter?" Jean, Aurora, Logan "…" Chapter 16 Rescue of Charles […]

The stab is too short, the attack distance is too short, and the armor-piercing ability is greatly limited. He must have the right opportunity to make it.

At this time, the opportunity has his own ability to create fists. Knock, knock, knock … In a series of muffled sounds, Marquis mecha has some dents on its body, and its protective armor performance is better than that of tungsten steel alloy. Opportunity is emerging, but another Marquis mecha has corrected the line of […]

Sue should be a careful look at her body at once.

Ordinary large array is different from Tiansheng. This large array is more primitive and ancient, seemingly simple, but its structure is exquisite. 900 red gold pillars, all the heavenly gods and irons are refined and blocked. When a statue of a god emerges from it, it roars and surges, and the power of terror is […]

Chapter 1475 Refined airway

The sword will end in a noisy way. King Tiger found the steps and thought that Sun Hao’s punishment was a little biased. He was a honest and frank native, but he really put this feud behind him and went to practice again. Of course, it is hard to know what others think in his […]

She smiled and shook her head.

I look at my watch. It’s 7: 30. "It’s almost time. I’ll leave first. You get dressed and wash your face. We should go." "Well," she looked down at the brown blood on the bath towel. "Are you all right?" "It’s okay," I suddenly understood. "Forget it. Why don’t you just take a bath again? […]

Sun Haohui’s earth dun Sun Hao’s knowledge of the sea god is not strong. In the early days, the godsworn Sun Hao condensed and refined the peerless god, and he was able to break the gas. Sun Haojian became a mountain of stopping and killing, and the occult technique became a success … Even if the godsworn then did not observe it, he might be careless.

Sun Hao believes that the designer may consider all kinds of factors, but he can never judge his exact situation, which is why Sun Hao dares to come to the bottom of the world. Sneaking down Taniguchi for a dozen miles, I finally found a chapter in front. One black and one white, two monks […]

Thousands of snow light mouth way

"No matter if she is not in the top ten yet, there is no need to disgust her." Lu Chen waved his hand and said that Mo Yu did not show hostility. Rather, she released friendly information after playing with Leng Yue for so long. This is a feed. Leng Yue strength field a powerful […]

GengFanJian some emotional way "dongguo police can be sure! You can send my photo, fingerprint, name and identity information to Dongguo police station. According to my family address, I have a wife and children in Dongguo … you can confirm my identity! "

Hua Zhen trip "We will do this! At the same time, I also ask Mr. Geng to do me a favor and identify his fellow travelers. If you can remember all the information, tell us that there are photos of twenty of him. Please introduce them one by one. " Since all the documents have […]