"Of course you want to collect money," Xiang Jishi said with a change of face.

Johnny "…"
Bastard Wu Suopu vomit bad "you this is too obvious! Color kitchen "
"What did you say?"
"color kitchen"
"Do you want to die?"
"Come on! I’m not afraid of your thrawn. "
Sauron’s eyes turned "Why don’t you?"
Ha, ha, ha. Looking at the bickering, Luffy suddenly laughed happily and then stuffed a barbecue into his mouth.
Wow, not bad! This is the first time I have eaten such delicious food. Nello said to Luffy, "Luffy has him. What do you think?"
"Well, that’s him," Luffy said with alacrity. At the same time, this food is really delicious, which is better than those just now.
"It’s no problem for me." Sauron took a sip of wine.
"How can Nina let this * * be our kitchen!"
"What are you talking about!" Xiang Jishi said with a puzzled face
"Hello, my name is Luffy. I want to be a One Piece man." Luffy introduced himself.
"I’m the deputy captain of Nello’s Straw Hat Pirates," Nello also introduced herself and then said with a straight face, "Come and be the chef of our Straw Hat Pirates, Xiangji."
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Leave Nami alone (7 more)
"Ah! The sea! Is it because the Chinese love was actually invited by an angel? "The intoxicated xiangshi suddenly changed his face." I’m sorry, although I really want to accept your invitation, we still have a big obstacle. "
"Obstacles? You mean me? Xiang Ji "just then an old man with a particularly long kitchen hat came up and said.
Xiang Jishi turned to "smelly old man"
The old man thought he didn’t hear it, but said, "This is a good opportunity. Go and be a pirate with them!"
Nani Xiangji realized, "What are you talking about, old man?"
"I said I don’t need you in this restaurant anymore. Go!" The old man said
The hurried footsteps sounded, and Joseph, with an anxious face, ran over and shouted, "Oh, no, everyone, our boat was driven away by Sister Nami."
"Hua" got up and played the stereo for a few seconds, and Luffy and others looked at the Meryl, who had disappeared, and then they were forced.
Sauron, "Fucking bitch"
"Luffy" At this moment, Wu Suopu shouted, "You are quick to tell me where the Meili number is in Nami’s hometown, but Keya gave it to me."
"I don’t know" Luffy said with his eyes closed.
"Don’t know?" Wu Suopu when settled.
"Nami has the logo of Longhai Thief Group tattooed on her shoulder. I think she should have returned to the village where Ahlong is stationed!" Nello said leisurely
"Nami elder sister is not your companion? How is it? Longhai thieves? "
Sauron glanced at Johnny. "I can’t figure out whether she is with us or not. Doesn’t she hate pirates very much?"
Nello mused, "Maybe it was threatened by pirates! After all, an excellent sailor is indispensable to a pirate group, and everyone can see the performance of Nami all the way. If it weren’t for her, our ship would have been smashed by the hurricane. "
"Nami is our partner" Luffy suddenly shouted "I won’t allow her to be bullied by others"
"That now what are we going to do! Captain Luffy asked, "Niluo is still in no hurry or slow."
"Johnny, do you know where the headquarters of Longhai Thieves Group is?" Luffy turned and asked
"Cocosia Village" just finished saying that Johnny looked at Luffy with a trembling face. "Don’t you want to shoot the Longhai thieves? That’s terrible!"
Well Luffy answered, then looked at Nello and said, "Nello, I remember you can walk freely, right?" You go to Cocoa as soon as possible now. If Ah Long dares to bully us sailors, give him some color to see see. "
"This is no problem, even if you don’t say it, I know how to do it." Nello finished and looked at him. "Then our chef can please you."
"Of course," Luffy said. "We’ll come to you when we’re done with Xiangji."
"Nani" Xiang Jishi glared. "What did you say? When did I promise to go with you? Don’t make decisions for me, asshole."
Luffy shouted, "What! The old man said he didn’t want you. Now do you have any place to go except to come to our pirate group? "
"Don’t think about it," Xiang Jishi vomited a smoke turn. "When I was rescued from the island by the navy, I promised them that I wouldn’t be a pirate. If you don’t want to be hunted by the navy because of me, save it! Saving my navy is not a small role. "
Luffy looked like an idiot. "Is there? We pirates come to the opposite of the navy. "
Xiang Jishi "…"