with this

Jean’s eyes fell on the pancake, and Mark’s meaning was self-evident.
Mark’s direct bad face
as expected
None of these bald heads are really positive people.
What is this bald professor thinking?
Professor Charles can’t find Create’s illegitimate daughter. Why should he find Mark?
Do you believe me?
As soon as the idea came out, Mark slapped himself in the heart.
Nonsense letter
This old guy just wants Create to pick himself up after meeting his illegitimate daughter.
Have a sinister heart
Human shame
People …
Mark said he could go on.
quite a while
Mark patted his ass, got up directly and said lightly, "Let’s go."
"… where to?"
"Go find an old classmate of mine."
half an hour later
A scenic community
"Why do I feel that there are not many people living in this community?"
"If you live next to a district attorney who specializes in prosecuting mutants, you will also move."
Sitting in the co-pilot and looking at the scenery outside the window, Jean immediately stared at Mark when she heard this sentence.
Mark "… what?"
Chin shook her head and said, "I think you are on our side."
Mark smiled at the corner of his mouth.
This means that others set up a perfect business.
It’s not just talk about this sentence.
Just when Mark followed Debbie’s house number slowly and three yards faster than the right time.
Mark turned a deaf ear to the horn coming from behind.
"Thirty-three … thirty-two … thirty … here it is."
Mark said and put the car on the brakes in an instant.
One second
The body shook slightly.
Mark’s mouth twitched.
Beside the piano is also feel a little funny.
That’s a mean way to touch porcelain.
Touch porcelain, a senior federal official?
Are you preparing for the flying rhythm?
Think to yourself
Mark car
A man came behind the pickup truck.
Four eyes relative
Two people anger then convergence.
One second
Jean and the pickup truck came to watch
Mark and the bearer both laughed and hugged each other.
"Long time no see, Mark Lewis."
"Reed strack, I feel how old you are."