This sentence of "sloped" directly made Ding Qiunan break through the defense and didn’t hold his breath and laughed.

"I think it is serious to beat you up. Who told you not to teach them to call mom?"
"Daughter-in-law, don’t you know if I teach them every day?" Li Chu said with a smile apologetically.
"Hum, who knows if you secretly taught them to call dad?" Ding Qiunan saw that he was still rubbing his waist and beckoning. "Come and let me see if it hurts so much."
Li Chu really wants to tell his daughter-in-law that she can get rid of that word?
He went to Ding Qiunan and pulled up his clothes for her to see.
Ding Qiunan looked at the waist where she had just pinched the purple, spat out her tongue and held out her hand to help him rub it. "Why didn’t you just avoid it?"
Chapter one hundred and fifty-four Return visit
"I …" Li Chu didn’t know what to say. Did he dare to hide from the situation just now? Wouldn’t it be more painful for her to send that evil fire?
"I’m sorry, I won’t pinch you later." Ding Qiunan was angry when he saw his man not talking.
"Hey, daughter-in-law, what are you sorry for?" Li Chu stretched out his hand and rubbed his daughter-in-law’s hair. "It’s exaggerated. I know you’re joking with me."
"Hum ~ Li Chu, they don’t call mom anything. I stayed up at midnight every day to feed them!"
"Don’t worry, the daughter-in-law will definitely call them slowly. It’s time to learn." Li Chu sat down on the sofa and hugged her.
Ding Qiunan leaned his head against his shoulder and pouted, saying, "I will keep teaching them to call mom from day one."
"Well, I also taught them to call their mother and daughter-in-law to wash and go to bed early."
Ding Qiunan sat up straight and squinted at Li Chuyi. "What’s wrong with you now? What should I do if I don’t know?"
Li Chu leng suddenly react daughter-in-law what does this mean? Get up and pick her up. "How could I not know that this is coming? I won’t stop tonight if I don’t let you beg for mercy?" He said and walked to the bath.
Ding Qiunan put his arms around his neck and looked at his man with eyes like silk.
The next morning, the hospital
Li Chu’s clinic is looking at the patient with renal failure and coming back for a follow-up visit.
Looking at the patient’s face, Li Chu’s heart kept sinking.
It is an illusion that he felt that his condition was under control before he finally confirmed his pulse. This patient’s condition has indeed worsened. According to western medicine, his condition has now entered a new stage.
If he is not wrong, it should be early uremia.
But whether it is the late stage of renal failure or the early stage of uremia, the effect is the same.
Has caused irreversible damage to the kidney, resulting in damage to the kidney and insufficient elimination of metabolic waste.
Li Chu didn’t know what he should tell the patient. He hesitated for a moment before he said, "Comrade’s condition is under control for the time being. You still have to cooperate with the treatment. I’ll write you a checklist and you go to the outpatient hall to do some tests."
He decided to hide it first-if he told the patient the truth, it was estimated that the patient would not accept it.
I took out the test sheet and directly gave him a routine blood test and urine test. After thinking about it, I also gave him an abdominal B-ultrasound examination. Now, through B-ultrasound, it should be possible to observe the atrophy of both kidneys of the patient.
It’s a little funny to watch Li Chu write a good bill. Since when does Chinese medicine need to rely on these instruments for examination?
However, there is no way to see the development trend of this disease, and there is no evidence-based medical evidence to support the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine
Compared with western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine can be regarded as the early stage of renal failure. If treated early, the disease can be controlled and the symptoms can be relieved.
According to his estimation, in the past, it was not that no one had a uremic certificate, but that people might not survive that stage.
"Sister Wang, you take this patient to do a test." Li Chu handed the test sheet to nurse Wang and asked her to take the patient.
Then he said to the patient’s family, "Wait a moment, this lesbian. I’ll tell you some precautions for taking medicine after him."
After nurse Wang left with the patient, Li Chu let the patient’s family sit down and meditated for a while before opening his mouth.
"Comrade, are you and the patient two?"
The patient’s family looked at Li Chu and nodded without speaking.
"What’s your name, comrade?"
"My name is Zhang Li Zao Zhang, and my husband is Zhang. He is a bow and a long Zhang." The patient’s family said softly with a low voice.
"Comrade Zhang, I won’t beat around the bush about your lover’s illness. His condition should be said to be very bad. I hope you will be prepared before."
This sentence made the patient’s family’s face change greatly, and their eyes quickly turned red. Their hands clung to the backpack belt.
"Not … not to say … that it’s under control?"
Li Chu didn’t speak, but picked up a pen and paper and drew a kidney and blacked out a part.
Then he pointed to the picture he had drawn and said to the patient’s family, "This is like the blackened part of your lover’s kidney, which is the broken part."
"This part has been broken and there is no way to recover."
Looking up at the patient’s family, he went on to say that "the main function of the kidney is to metabolize and excrete too much waste water to regulate a certain material balance."
I stopped here to see if she seemed to understand before I went on to say, "Now most of your lover’s kidneys are working normally."
Li Chu pointed to the black part he painted: "With such a small piece left and the roots functioning normally, there is no way to excrete the harmful substances that need to be excreted every day normally. So many harmful substance accumulations are bound to cause damage to his organs and cause other complications."
Speaking of which, he stopped and didn’t say anything. He felt that he had made it very clear.
The patient’s family raised their hands and pointed to the part of the black kidney he painted and asked, "Doctor, are you saying that this part is bad and can’t be cured?"
Li Chu nodded. "Yes, this is irreversible. If it is broken, give him medicine or enema to help him alleviate his illness and prolong his life as much as possible."
After listening to his words, the family members were silent and tears could not stop falling. "Is there no way?" He is only forty years old! "
"I’m sorry I haven’t found any effective methods so far."
Li Chu saw that she was still crying and urged, "Comrade Zhang, I hope you can control your emotions. What I didn’t say in front of your lover is that I don’t want him to have ideological pressure and actively cooperate with our hospital for treatment. If he knows …"
The patient’s family nodded, took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his tears. "Thank you, doctor."
Li Chu shook his head and said, "You’re welcome. I’ll do my best and try to eat as little salt as possible after waking up that you are your lover."
"Okay, I get it."
Don’t eat anything taboo. Li Chu didn’t say anything at all. I don’t think I can eat it if I want to.
"If the doctor has nothing more to do, I will go to the clinic to accompany him for examination."
"Go ahead and control your emotions."
Looking at the heavy back of the patient’s family, Li Chu sighed deeply. This kind of force feels really annoying
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Out
After the examination, Li Chu gave the patient another needle and then let them go. He told them to remember to have an enema every three days at the clinic.
The test results will not be released until two days later, and nurse Wang will take them back then.
After they left, Li Chu went directly to Kechen’s main office.
"Master Chen, I’m sorry to bother you."
"Xiao Li, sit down. What can I do for you?"
Li Chu thought for a moment and said, "The patient with renal failure just went to my place for a follow-up visit."
Hearing Li Chu’s speech, Chen Zhuli was inspired. "What’s the situation now?"
"Not very well. According to my pulse, the patient’s kidney has lost most of its function. I asked him to have a check-up. The specific results haven’t come out yet, but I guess the results are the same."
"Alas," Chen Zhu sighed, "Is there really no cure for this chronic renal failure patient?"
"Master Chen, I have an immature idea here to tell you."
"Say what you think."
"There is a dialysis therapy. I wonder if you have heard of it, Master Chen." Li Chu asked.
Master Chen looked at him with some surprise. "Xiao Li, I didn’t expect you to know about dialysis. Where did you know?"
"I saw it in a document in our library as if it were a translation of foreign documents." Li Chu spun a sentence.
"Yes, Xiao Li, you have worked hard on this research."
Without waiting for Li Chu to speak, Chen Zhu continued, "This dialysis therapy has indeed entered the clinical stage in several European countries. Dialysis can also be called artificial kidney. Simply put, it is to pump out the blood and filter out the residual harmful substances in the blood through special instruments, and then return the blood."