"Hehe, there will be"

"… hello … hello!"
Mark shook his head when he saw that he had hung up and thought about Tenet’s cold voice just now
all right
This guy is just waiting to send this favor himself.
"How much longer?" Mark looked up at the secret service captain of the Washington branch and asked Shen.
"Ten minutes, Director Lewis!"
Mark nodded his head.
Discussion on how to arrest Ted, director of the third CIA operation department, in the Oval Office.
It is definitely inappropriate for the CIA to clean the door itself.
They are not clean. Who knows if they will leak air if they do it themselves …
By the FBI
Tenet also insisted on opposing the massive confidential documents in the CIA headquarters, not trusting Mark, but trusting him. This time, there was no double security level for other federal agents.
And …
If arrested directly by federal agents, it is estimated that the whole Langley will become a large-scale fire and scene.
The number of casualties will be incalculable then.
Don’t enter the CIA. Everyone says that the proportion of field agents in the CIA is very small, especially the local field agents.
Ten percent of the people who sit in the office in the CIA are CIA government employees, belonging to the kind that you may not be able to fight with street gangs …
How to arrest people is an urgent matter to be discussed.
In the end!
Mr. President made a decision to let Tenet Mark lead the secret service team to inform the list of headquarters personnel when they set out. The president will summon the overseas fighters who participated in the command last year and put them into the conference building of the headquarters building …
This is that b way to reduce the minimum casualties.
But …
Mark is very angry about this proposal.
You gave someone a building that is easy to defend but difficult to attack, and said it was the best way.
Emotional CIA those brain geniuses, computing geniuses, and all kinds of geniuses are all treasures.
They’re the only FBI agents who are grass?
Eccentricity can’t be so eccentric.
Mark can understand the president’s decision.
The current presidential party is a Republic that pursues policies and is too aggressive. Overseas wars can easily arouse the hatred of overseas terrorist forces.
Retaining tenet is also the best way to ensure that the CIA will not shake too much and let a small poke enemy enter the United States.
Besides, Tenet is the Democratic Party and the majority leader of the House of Representatives. He is known as the whip and Underwood’s old friend …
What should I do or should I do?
Mark closed his mind and said to the swat captain across the street, "Don’t storm the perimeter after going in. Anyway, there are two exits in the conference building, so you can’t just wait and starve them."
The secret service captain retired from SEAL Team 6 glanced at Mark and then nodded …
Or that sentence?
Take care of yourself …
Chapter 294 Peter Cacio Opro
Ten minutes later!
When five secret service made a shocking sound and drove directly into Langley gate
Mark immediately saw the Langley headquarters building not far away, which was as quiet as quotations.
"A set of warning lines!"
"Roger that!"
"Team Two, take your team members to the area around the conference building. Be careful not to fire without my order."
"Three groups, find out the layout of the conference building and confront the command center."
Mark glanced at the meeting room door not far away after saying this, and gave a gentle smile.
Now it’s for nothing? Don’t you think it’s too late?
Just then.
Wearing a pair of blue combat boots, Eliza came out of the headquarters building from a distance with two middle-aged men.
Eliza looked at Mark with a hint of naivety and disbelief and said, "So … Ted didn’t agree to your request and he became a Russian spy?"
Mark didn’t speak and glanced at the two men around Eliza.