Sue should be a careful look at her body at once.

Ordinary large array is different from Tiansheng. This large array is more primitive and ancient, seemingly simple, but its structure is exquisite.
900 red gold pillars, all the heavenly gods and irons are refined and blocked. When a statue of a god emerges from it, it roars and surges, and the power of terror is extremely aggressive!
As soon as this large array appeared, Su Ying felt that this vast expanse was blocked and turned into a huge cage filled with murder!
"At the beginning, the Emperor of Heaven invited me to forge a chaotic ancient large array to seal the sky."
The saint of heaven dropped a pillar, and his eyes stood high with a negative hand. First, he seemed to recall something, and then he looked down at the array. Su Ying sneered, "I knew that my foundation was unstable in my previous life, so my achievement was to reach the realm of God and go further!" In this life, I laid the foundation tens of thousands of years ago, and when I was born, I drained the energy of a positive star. When I was born, it was comparable to God. Who do you say has such a foundation as me? "
"And you should say that my blood is not as noble as yours! Do you know that the predecessor of this building is the chaotic ancient god statue! How dare you say that my blood is not as good as yours? You are insulting me! "
Just now, Su Ying’s words really made him angry. He was ill-fated in his life. In his early years, he was ambitious, and he took the lead in ascending the throne before the deity reigned.
Tiansheng’s predecessor was the chaotic ancient deity, and at that time, it was also an outstanding person with outstanding talents, which was quite remarkable, and it was also famous among the gods and demons.
At that time, he was ordered by the emperors of heaven to guard the celestial passage by hundreds of gods and demons, large and small, to prevent the invasion of the underworld and hell.
Later, in the Battle of Hell, more than 500 ghosts and gods died, and even the celestial passage was shattered.
The chaotic ancient deities have no future since they are lined with the heavenly deities, so when Shou Yuan runs out, he tries his best to reincarnate into his own heir and become a saint.
He doesn’t want to be a little god after reincarnation.
He has greater ambition and desire, so he has never been born, but he has been quietly practicing and constantly transforming his blood through tens of thousands of years to make his blood purer and stronger.
Over the past tens of thousands of years, he has kept a treasure house by his past life, and then he has been waiting for the emperor Shou Yuan of the heavens to run out and wait for his future.
Not long ago, he finally felt that the breath of the emperor of the heavens was getting weaker and weaker, and his influence on the heavens and the world was getting weaker and weaker. In addition, the underworld and hell invaded the primitive continent, so he knew that his opportunity was finally coming.
He was in disorder, and the ancient gods naturally knew that the Heaven said that he would not hesitate to come to the primitive mainland.
What underworld? What hell monster? There is nothing with him at all. What he has to do is to get the right idea.
He wants to soar to the sky, hold his head high, cross the world and become the emperor of today!
However, I didn’t expect Su Ying to suffer repeatedly as soon as I met him.
What makes others forbear most is that Su Ying should talk to a reincarnation like him about the high and low blood ties.
This is ridiculous to him!
"What makes you talk about blood? Everyone in my eyes is the meanest blood except myself! I am the noblest! And I am also destined to be the arrogance of those figures such as the Heavenly Emperor! "
"The heavenly deities?"
Su Ying looked at him with pity and sighed, "Brother Dao, are you afraid?"
"I’m scared?"
Tiansheng startled and laughed, and the sound oscillated imaginary, and the beast and demon god roared and rushed to drown Su Ying in a cold way. "What am I afraid of?" What can I fear when the heavens are dead? "
"Are you afraid of the heavenly deities?"
Su Ying’s body suddenly turned into a virtual shadow, and the turmoil in the Heavenly Palace was spectacular.
Tens of thousands of miles of caves emerged around him, and the virtual shadows of ghosts and gods emerged in the cave. Those beasts and demons attacked him, and the cave boomed and burst, and then the cycle was repeated again, so that those beasts and demons could always break through his cave defense and quietly said, "You are afraid to be born for tens of thousands of years, and you can shrink in your eggshell like a turtle. You have to wait until the emperor Shou Yuan of the heavens runs out before you dare to be born. Do you dare to say that you are not afraid?"
Tiansheng saw that those god beasts and monsters broke Su Ying’s cave defense, and the pupil contraction was obviously shocked by Su Ying’s defense.
But Sue should now be trapped by him in the large array this means haven’t put his heart face upwards. "Yes, I am afraid of the emperor! You never know how horrible the deities are! It’s not that I’m inferior to him, but that someone else can testify before he becomes emperor. What if I’m afraid of him? This does not mean that I am not as good as him! "
"Although I have never seen the Buddha, I also know that you are not as good as him and even worse than me."
Su Ying smiled. "If you have the courage to prove to the emperor that it is nothing to treat a fearful person first? If you are not afraid, you will prove that the emperor killed the nine heavens and killed the golden hall, killing the heavens and sitting in the throne! But you’re afraid that you’ve recognized yourself in your heart as completely inferior to the emperors of the heavens, so you’ve been hiding for tens of thousands of years until the Shou Yuan of the heavens is exhausted before you dare to be born. This mentality will always prove that you are a weak person because you are a weak person! "
His eyes were more pitied, and he said coldly, "You’ve been holed up for tens of thousands of years, and the Heavenly Emperor is dead, so you’re born, but you don’t know that you’ve already become a completely weak person. Even if your blood is strong, it won’t help."
Sue should be carrying a pillar of god around her hands, shining in thousands of ways, roaring and roaring, and the demon god besieged him, but he was still very proud and conceited.
"You are not only afraid of the deities of the heavens, but also afraid of many people, such as Tongyuan Venerable Ganyun Venerable, who will drive you to hide and hide!"
"You are not as good as me because I am not afraid of what I am afraid of!"
"No matter who stands in my way, even if it is the Emperor of Heaven, I will eradicate him!"
"I need to wait for the next life to fight for the throne of the emperor in this life, and I will kick the emperor to sit by myself!"
"Brother, this is where you are not as good as me!"
"Shut up! Will talk! "
The holy saint became angry from embarrassment and urged the big bursts of law to suddenly collapse and disintegrate, and the virtual shadow power of several gods rose and roared to crush everything!
Chapter one thousand thirteen Star Wars
Since the reincarnation, even the elders of the main gate of the heavenly saint have been respectful to him.
Plus, his past life is a sacred place, and no one cares.
But now facing Su Ying, I feel humiliated one after another.
This feeling makes him angry!
"If you die here, I’ll see if you can still use your breath after you’ve passed away!"
Su Ying touched his wound, and the sage was always ambitious, but he was unlucky.
In the past, the ancient gods who were in chaos not only didn’t get heavy, but were also sent to guard the celestial passage.
The period has been suppressed by the emperors of the heavens and the king of God.
Now Su Ying is angry with him again!
Especially Su Ying opened his scar, which made him furious. I couldn’t wait to cut Su Ying to pieces immediately!
"Tiansheng, I want you to continue to be afraid!"
Su Ying’s body moved, and this move suddenly burst into the sky. The number of god beasts and demon gods was poured out by him, and the lines were ground to pieces. His body swelled and he grabbed the hard shake of this chaotic ancient large array!
A pillar as high as tens of thousands of feet was pulled out of the array by his hand, and dozens of pillars collapsed in succession, and the power of the array was greatly reduced!
Su Ying jumped with the pillar of God in his hand, and the pillar of God rose to the sky and smashed it to the top of Tiansheng’s head and collapsed!
The heavenly saint opened his mouth and roared violently, but the Tao sound contained poor power, and the pillar fell to pieces before it fell!
His head suddenly became HarmonyOS, and the sky was covered, and he saw a statue of indomitable spirit, the Emperor of Heaven, standing high in the vast edge of the overlapping mountains, sticking out his big hand like a palm, which could hang the ghost sea upside down and cover the whole primitive continent and pat it down to him with a palm!
Thirty-three days!
God’s vision!
Su Ying, as a cover star, has brought the 33-day seal power into full play. Even if Hao Tianzun himself came to the same realm to display this 33-day seal theory, the degree of exquisiteness is no better than Su Ying!
"The anode is yin!"
Tiansheng thundered with the same big hand and opened it to cover up. Wan Li’s several ways were tumbling around the whole body. At the moment, a great power of Yin and Yang surged out, and the power was strong and overbearing.