The imperial mecha pursued more and more, but they didn’t see even one armor that fell to the ground.

This makes them feel desperate.
When the Chen Xun gun finally stopped, when the Xinghe squad successfully joined Jiang Yun and others with one hundred and nine pieces of chopped mountain armor, and finally could not run, there was no time to repair the mecha Shen Mu and others to complete the rendezvous.
The confrontation suddenly appeared.
Because the number of imperial mecha has been less than 200, the number of independent regiments that can participate in the war has returned to 159.
A little numerical advantage. I don’t know what it is before the tired Xinghe team.
Together, one hundred and ninety-seven imperial mecha stopped charging, and their sight crossed the mecha driven by Ji Rongxinyue and others, and they saw that one hundred and forty of them were being guarded by embattled fighters, whether to repair the mountain armor or not to retreat the federal mechanic team.
After chasing for so long and hundreds of kilometers, they finally chased the target, but they were blocked by a solid wall, and they couldn’t get through.
It is not impossible to force the past, but even if we can break those independent groups that have no power to cut the mountain armor, they will inevitably be wiped out.
Nida, the duke of the empire, ordered their mecha to run out of energy, but it, it led these imperial mechs to come, and I didn’t breathe a sigh of relief because of this order when I heard a sound from the independent regiment.
"The town east king has been killed by me, and the second canyon is waiting for you."
Is this the sound of Ji Xinghe?
They are not sure about this, and they don’t want to believe that Wang Zhendong died like this.
But they can be sure-the retreat is cut off!
Chapter 772 Very reasonable
The death of King Ji Xinghe, the king of the Imperial Town, was unreasonable and became very reasonable.
More than 3,000 mecha and more than 20 mercenaries formed a mercenary mecha corps to participate in the war, but more than half of them were broken in more than an hour.
Their performance and the performance of the independent group are two extremes.
And that level of the mecha equipped by both side is not high, because the imperial mecha they are facing are all conventional standard mecha except the six Duke’s armour driven by the king of Town East.
In response to the independent regiment town of wang qian, I really tried my best to have a transition base with a few mecha troops left to defend.
Moreover, before the King of Town East went to war, the mercenary corps was broken, and the number of mecha intercepting their empire dropped by 400.
Nearly ten times the strength advantage, the seven orangutans, including Dongwang Town, were completely wiped out, which brought disadvantages.
"Even General Ji can’t do this, can he?"
Some similar sighs and angry tone were said, and it was easy for people to understand the true meaning when they heard this sentence
This time, Ji Xinghe, the strongest mecha in the Federation, replaced Chen Xun, the strongest sniper in the Federation, but the king of the Imperial Town.
Let Ji Xinghe drive the Guo Shi-class mecha with six independent regiments and general-class mechs, and then take more than 300 conventional-class mechs to war if the number of enemy mechs exceeds 3,000.
Can Ji Xinghe lead a crowd to break more than 1,500 imperial mecha in a little over an hour?
I had a blind belief in Ji Xinghe before, but today I have reached blind superstition, and people can’t refute this sentence.
Ji Xinghe really can’t do it.
Of course, if Ji Xinghe drives a star and moon armor and makes six magnetic rifles that will not be scrapped and play enough, people are sure that Ji Xinghe can do better than the king of the Imperial Town.
The problem is that there is no magnetic rifle in the empire. Although Prince A of the Town East is equipped with a good firepower weapon output system, it has hardly been used. It is holding two mecha epees and chopping and stabbing constantly.
"Independent regiments are all elite mecha, and the per capita premium level mercenaries are much worse here."
Someone found a plausible excuse for the defeat of the mercenary group. Since it is plausible, it will naturally be refuted on the spot.
"Independent regiment per capita super is how to need us to study carefully? Really want to say from this aspect the mercenary mecha per capita strength is far beyond the independent regiment "
This is the truth.
Can be paid by the major federal security companies to hire mecha, which one has no dry goods?
There are some excellent graduates of Mecha major like Fang Wang and Jiang Li, but they have extraordinary talents and top-level exercises although they don’t have much actual combat experience.
Some are like Jing Zong, a federal super-class mecha and a first-class mecha who retired due to injury and age. It is not their problem whether they are injured or age.