Yun Fan didn’t touch him head-on, manipulated 11 and changed direction for Yuto!

Zhao Jin’s personality is steady, he is not in a hurry, he has been taking a slow and steady stance, and he has turned a blind eye to Yun Fan’s deliberate selling flaws.
Yun Fan Yuto spent more than three minutes, and Zhao Jin finally defended the ball!
And Yun Fan can feel that Zhao Jin doesn’t want to defend blindly, but looks for a real counterattack opportunity like a tiger waiting for an opportunity!
Yun Fan deliberately sold the flaw Zhao Jin, which shows that Zhao Jin’s actual combat experience is very abundant and the mecha’s combat level is very high!
Since Zhao Jin should not blindly Yuto and Yun Fan changed tactics!
11 body to a dive body left leg center of gravity mecha right leg swept out and stormed K15 plate.
Mecha is made of metal. Although it is flexible, it is definitely not as flexible as the real human body when it contracts. It is not very convenient to move!
And this kind of semi-squatting play is also very unsightly. Few people Yun Fan this kind of fighting method when fighting mecha!
But … I have to say this tactic is very effective!
Zhao Jin hurriedly manipulated K15 to one side to dodge, but Yun Fan attacked quickly, and his body moved next to the ground for a while. The continuous sweeping of the right leg of the mecha for a while immediately made Zhao Jin a little hurry-scurry!
"It’s a third-class city. It’s very vulgar to play terrapin!" There is a first-class city contestant judge who despises Yun Fan very much
Tianjiao in the first-class city lost to Yunfan in a row, which made the contestants in the first-class city angry and disgusted with Yun Fan!
The contestants in the third-tier cities are completely different when they see that Yun Fan is driving Zhao Jin into a hurry. Most of them are very excited and happy!
Obviously, with the third-class city players, they all want to see Yun Fan continue to advance to the Mecha League to create a more shocking miracle!
Yun Fan manipulated 11 consecutive leg sweeps to attack K15 plate. Zhao Jin repeatedly evaded and looked a little funny, even though his personality was steady, he was very angry at the moment!
Finally, Zhao Jin lost his patience because of anger in his heart, and before waiting for the perfect opportunity to fight back, he fought back at Yunfan!
K15 dodges 11. When sweeping your legs, you don’t dodge to one side. Instead, you just dial up and want to step toward 11 with the help of K15′ s weight!
Yun Fan looked at the big fight in the heart for nearly five minutes and finally waited for the opportunity!
As soon as K15 jumped up and was about to step out to 11, Yun Fan manipulated 11 to eject from the ground!
Complete three hundred and sixty-degree rotation in the body that swept out of the mecha’s right leg across a circle and then continue to kick K15 in the past!
"Hong Tao 360-degree whirlwind kick!"
Some viewers suddenly exclaimed!
Man Tao’s 360-degree whirlwind kick is more difficult than Leiyang’s over-the-shoulder throw and Duke’s kick!
But once completed, both speed and strength are amazing!
That extremely fast speed made K15 get a kick from 11 before hitting 11.
That terrorist force made K15, which weighed 2 tons, fly out and fall out for more than 10 meters, and hit the ground with a bang!
The outcome has been divided!
There was an exclamation around the square, and all the audience looked shocked in Yun Fan, which made them eye-opening in this competition!
Only in these organic battles can we see the difficult movements appear one by one in actual combat, which will feast our eyes on the audience.
At this time, some people exclaimed, "This is Hong Tao’s 360-degree whirlwind kick! Even the mecha war can do is not much! This Yun Fan is really a peerless genius of mecha fighting! "
When K15 got up from the ground, the host was shocked and announced the result "Yuecheng Yun Fan won and advanced to the semi-finals!"
The contestants in the third-class cities suddenly gave a cheer!
They have all been eliminated, but Yun Fan has also played in the same third-class cities in the Mecha League, and they have pinned their hopes on Yun Fan!
Yun Fan won the promotion and they felt the same way. They were all excited!
"Victory! Win again! Advance to the semi-finals, one step away from the finals! " Yue city government center master Hou Liangshen congenital master shouted excitedly at this moment, excited in my heart.
Shang Tongtong looked at Yun Fan with a sparkle in her eyes, which was like discovering a new continent. Yun Fan’s performance made her feel more surprised than she was, and she was attracted by Yun Fan unconsciously.
Liu Yinxian sighed softly and shook his head repeatedly. Yun Fan’s performance was too fate. It’s really going to hit the first place. He no longer means Yuecheng Mecha High School’s humiliation. It’s a pity that Yuecheng Mecha High School lost such a fate student. This is a huge loss for Yuecheng Mecha High School!
Ma Junliang and Zong Xiuwen looked shocked and looked at Yun Fan. They couldn’t believe it. They felt that Yun Fan in their eyes had become very strange and didn’t look like an ordinary person from an humble background.
Pastoral yuan’s eyes are surprised with a hint of folded mans eyes staring at Yun Fan eyebrows slightly wrinkled seems to think of what!
Ye Yuanxin, another Tianjiao in Gujing City, glanced at the Tianjiao in Haicheng City and said, "It’s disappointing that the so-called Tianjiao in Haicheng City, Zhao Jin even lost a third-class city player!"
The tianjiao in Haicheng city suddenly lowered their proud heads, which hurt their self-esteem!