The bald man smiled awkwardly. "I mean, generally speaking, they can handle emergencies, but you are not. You have evolved into a new species!" "

As soon as Goofy heard it, he glared at the bald man angrily. "It’s not because of you!"
Bald man hey hey smiled, "Of course, it’s because my goofy police officer is not modest to say that I am kind to you … If you escort me away now, I will continue to improve my human body strengthening reagent and make you stronger! When the time comes, don’t mention these assault rifles, even if bombs, radiation and waves destroy you, you will be indestructible and invincible! How’s it going? Will you join me? "
Goofy a listen to "what? Not only do you want guns to kill me, but you also want bombs, radiation and secondary waves to kill me? "
The bald man was all smiles. "Yes, are you very tempted?"
"I move your sister’s heart!" Goofy couldn’t help but slap in the face again. "Bald brother, I tell you that if you can’t kill me tonight, I’ll give you to NYPD!"
Chapter 49 Personal guidance
The bald man found that his high-flying negotiation was in a bottleneck. At present, the police officer seems to be very determined and not tempted at all.
So he chan his mind and tried something else.
But Gao Fei didn’t give him time to think
"Tell me where there are armed guards in this lab?" Gao Feishen asked, "I’ll take you for a walk!"
Bald man a face of meng force "what? Aren’t you killing yourself? "
"Cut the crap and answer me quickly!" Goofy hands, bald man, collar tightly locked, breathing difficulties.
"I said … I said …" The bald man obediently surrendered and pointed to the southwest. "There should be several security guards there."
"Do they have guns?" Goofy asked
"Gun, gun …" The bald man whispered.
Goofy nodded with satisfaction and dragged the bald man to the southwest. Ole, a tramp, crept behind for fear of being discovered by others in the laboratory.
Going to the southwest of the laboratory, Gao Fei found that there was a freight elevator, and the laboratory instruments and samples were all transported outside, while four armed security guards were protecting the researchers from carrying things.
Four security guards were shocked on the spot when they saw Goofy coming with a bald man.
"Doctor, are you all right?"
The bald man dare not make a move. After all, he can’t understand the intention of flying high.
And it’s quite a way for four security guards to throw their pistols to the ground and kick them aside at the sight of Goofy taking hostages.
The security guard captain quickly cooperated and said, "Please calm down, my friend. We have already thrown away our guns. You must not hurt the hostages …"
Goofy was lost at that time. "What’s the matter with you? I didn’t ask you to throw away your guns. Why did you throw them? Pick it up for me! "
The security guard flew high and said irony.
"Dare not pick it up, dare not pick it up …"
"Don’t worry, we will never pick it up …"
Goofy has a black line on his face. "If I ask you to pick it up, you can pick it up. Besides, I didn’t take hostages."
Speaking of this, he immediately patted the bald man on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Bald brother, you are free now."
The bald man hurried to the side and was confused by Goofy-he had taken three doctorates but still couldn’t understand the routine of Goofy for nothing.
Seeing that Gao Fei really released four security guards, they were not so nervous. They rushed to the ground with guns and quickly picked up their weapons and aimed at Gao Fei.
Four men and four pistols aim at Goofy at a distance of no more than 20 meters-there is little hope that Goofy will survive in this situation.
"All right, let’s shoot now." Goofy looked around in four directions and said, "Time is running out. Let’s seize the opportunity to do it quickly."
The call-up system took a look at the property of goofy. At present, agility is 42, and there is still a growing trend. He must hurry and die.
Two security guards were bold, and Goofy shot immediately after speaking. However, Goofy’s instantaneous reaction was to play a swift forward pounce to avoid the two bullets 2.
"Two people are not enough for the four of you to have guns at the same time!" Goofy hates iron and says, "If you want to kill me, do you have to kill four people at the same time?"
Four security guards were told by Gao Fei that their faces were stupid. Are you instructing us to kill yourself?
Turning over from the ground, Goofy clapped his hands and said to the four security guards who surrounded him, "Don’t cheer up. Let’s do it again. Are you four white guns at the same time?" I can’t do it without one. I have to have a gun at the same time to have a chance to hit me! "
Four security guards looked at each other-did this big brother humiliate us?
Goofy see four of them look hesitant hurriedly urged again "hey! Give me mental ink. What? My partner has gone to move reinforcements. NYPD may arrive at any time. If you don’t start now, you won’t have a chance. Do you hear me? "
The four security guards were even more panicked when they heard this. This guy is stalling!
So the leader Shen said, "No, NYPD is coming. We have to leave quickly!"
However, before he could turn around and fly high, he had blocked the ladder.
"Nobody wants to leave until you kill me!"
The four security guards can resist the fire by raising their pistols horizontally.
However, these four people have a tacit understanding. After all, there are limited manual movements, and each has its own speed. It seems that they are raising their hands together, but they are actually on fire.
Agility has reached 42 times that of ordinary people flying high, and the order of four people in front of them is particularly obvious. One young security gun is the fastest, and the other two people are slow for almost 5 seconds.
So goofy dodged four rounds in a row with a flexible rollover-it was not difficult for him at all.
The security chief’s mentality collapsed a little, and he chased and fired two rounds in a row, but shooting alone was even less threatening to Goofy, and both rounds were easily hidden by Goofy 2.
"What the hell is going on with you?" Once again, I dodged the bullet and said, "Isn’t it just four people shooting together?" Can’t you do this little thing well? "
Then Gao Fei criticized education alone
"You young man, your gun is too fast. Can you take care of your teammates? Your gun speed is almost 2 seconds faster than theirs. "
"The security captain’s gun movement is still standard. It’s not too fast or too slow to get by."
"There are two left. Are you two sloths? You two guns are nearly five seconds slower than them. Can you hurry up for me? ?”
When the four security guards heard this, it was white-this little boy must have come to humiliate us! Pretending to be killed, no one actually killed him!
While goofy still clapped his hands to give them instructions.
"Come on, let’s try again. This time, you must make sure that you shoot at the same time. Got it? It’s possible to kill me if you shoot at the same time. Remember not to be too fast or too slow. Try to keep others in sync … "
Four security guards became angry from embarrassment. Nimas can be killed and humiliated!
So the four men raised their pistols and shot at Goofy crazily. They didn’t care what they shot at the same time, but they couldn’t wait for the horse to sieve Goofy.
Unfortunately, the violent state of security guard shooting positions, rhythm and firing all collapsed. It looked like a hail of bullets, but actually four people shot at Goofy in turn about three seconds apart.
For agile with a flying height of 42, this is equivalent to dodging a bullet every 13 seconds. There is no doubt that it is not difficult
Less than a second later, four security guards hit the magazine-they all assembled 7+1 standard rounds of semi-automatic pistol, which doomed the fierce bomb offensive not to last long.