Chapter four hundred and fifty-seven Phenomenon Huansheng

The sudden anger of the ghost made my forehead wrinkle. I immediately removed a blade from the ring and got ready to bleed myself anytime and anywhere.
I stared at the ghost, and I saw that although the ghost suddenly burst into anger, it didn’t immediately come at me and Wang Dalang.
"Wouldn’t it be much better to be reincarnated as soon as possible by a humanitarian ghost than to be a wanderer all the time?" Wang Dalang sounded steady.
"Today, I’m here to help you settle your grievances. Second, I’m sending you to hell. You disturb the living. You agree, but you don’t agree. Do you know that this theory of Yang can’t be a lonely soul?" Wang Dalang continued to pronounce.
Wang Dalang finished his suspended figure, half a ghost and full of hatred. He glanced at the villa door and sat down. The woman then lowered her eyes and remained silent.
Wang Dalang and I stood still and waited for the ghost to reply.
Seeing the ghost react like this, I know it’s a ghost who is seriously considering Wang Dalang’s words and is hesitating whether to go or not. From this, my heart is a little wider and I expect the ghost to finally agree to go to hell.
"I’ll give you my money. You kill him first and then give me the recording. Money is omnipotent. That money can make you two squander for a generation." The woman at the door of the villa suddenly raised her mouth
"Kill him quickly, don’t let him get away, just let him pass away as we planned before." The woman quickly finished talking and then rolled and crawled from the front door near where Wang Dalang and I were.
Wang Dalang and I are located far away from the door of the villa. When I heard the woman’s bite, I wished I could not immediately cut her unconscious with a hand knife, which would disturb the situation that is developing in a good direction at the moment.
However, because of the distance problem and the woman’s fast speech speed, I can watch the woman’s abrupt reaction complete, and I can watch the figure floating and half-ghost suddenly raise her eyes and stare at me and Wang Dalang because of the woman’s abrupt mouth.
I glanced at Wang Dalang at once, and I saw Wang Dalang’s eyes full of dignified expression.
When the woman’s words ended and she rolled and crawled towards me and Wang Dalang, then
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Body suspended, half ghost, body overflowing, resentment more rampant, and body lashing that woman.
Let me know if the ghost will kill me and Wang Dalang.
Now Wang Dalang and I are clay idols crossing the river, but we can’t help that woman at all. We can watch the ghost force on that woman.
When my ghost blas at that woman, I’m ready to bleed myself anytime and anywhere again.
Staring at the ghost, I saw the ghost’s body lashing to the woman’s side, then raised my right hand and right index finger and quickly drew a circle around the woman’s neck.
Because the ghost raised his right hand and the index finger of his right hand and quickly made a circle around the woman’s neck, I saw that the ghost had been hiding his long sleeves, and his right hand was like a skinned hand.
The fingernails of the four fingers of the right hand except the index finger are not finished, but the index finger has nails, which are blood-red and sharp.
As the ghost’s right index finger strokes the woman’s neck, the woman’s head should fall to the ground, and the blood immediately gushes out from the woman’s neck. After the woman’s body and head are cut off, the woman keeps moving forward.
The woman fell to her head and rolled, which were ga zi ng, until she stopped far away, just facing my pestle, her eyes wide open as if staring at me.
Blood gushed out from the back of the woman’s neck and rushed into the ghost with her mouth wide open. The woman’s body speed shriveled.
After a few breaths, the woman’s neck was already bleeding, and then the woman’s body fell to the ground and became skinny.
The ghost’s eyes are fixed on me and Wang Dalang, and then the figure is suddenly raised and then the laser is directed at me and Wang Dalang.
Seeing the ghost move, I was so nervous that I couldn’t restrain myself. At the same time, I stepped forward and blocked Wang Dalang behind me, and the blade immediately cut my palm.
I just finished this move, and the ghost was forced in front of me. I waved my hand and threw the blood flowing out of my palm at the forced ghost.
This time, I threw out my hand, and the blood was thrown into the ghost. The ghost cried and hurried back. I saw the blood pouring out of the neck of the ghost.
Surround the ghost, and the resentment soars again. It’s hatred for the ghost to stare at me. It’s hard to keep his eyes away from me and Wang Dalang, and he’s no longer coming near.
I looked at the ghost with cold eyes, straightened my body, and tried to delay the ghost’s indecision when he started to attack me and Wang Dalang again.
The blood continued to flow where the palm was scratched. I teleported a small bottle from the object ring to accurately drip blood from the wound on my palm.
Blood is precious. Blood is a sharp weapon to deal with ghosts in front of me. I don’t want to waste this blood at all.
The situation has reached this point. At the same time, I contacted Gu Zi in Yinzhu with my spirit and simply told him where Wang Dalang and I are now and where we are. We are dealing with the characteristics of ghosts and the degree of difficulty in coping with them.
Summon Goo Zi from Yin Zhu to appear. My spirit made Goo Zi take out my mobile phone in my pocket and call Dan Tai Li to ask Goo Zi to ask Dan Tai Li for help.
Staring at my ghost, Goo Tsai’s eyes were even more hateful after he appeared. When Goo Tsai went to make a call, his body jumped in the direction of Wang Dalang and me again.
I immediately handed the small bottle in my hand to Wang Dalang’s blade behind me and drew a wound in the palm of my hand.
Blood filled my palm instantly, and when my ghost forced me to come, I threw my blood at him again.
This time, the ghost whined, paused a little, and then continued to rush at me. I quickly stepped back and the blade cut my left palm.
Every time I throw blood at the ghost, the ghost will stop when it jumps at me, and the blood will flow out of the neck at a high speed.
The ghost’s stagnation from time to time gives me a chance to cope with the ghost in front of me.
It’s a blink of an eye when the ghost stops moving. I rushed to avoid the ghost’s persistence, but I didn’t have a chance to throw it at the ghost. I also left the anchor and didn’t dare to risk the blood of my index finger to point at the ghost’s forehead.
Even so, I deliberately led the already angered ghost away from Wang Dalang.
Ghosts and me, you chase me to catch up with the scene, the villa plays in the big courtyard, and it didn’t take long for me to feel weak. My palms and arms were cut tightly, and the blood flow and speed at the wound decreased and slowed down.
I dodged to deal with the ghost time, and Goo Tsai had the spirit to tell me that he had informed Dan Tai Li Dan Tai Li that he would come soon.
The ghost and I, when you were chasing after me, Wang Dalang threw the two anchors in his hand, but they were shot down by the ghost before they got close to the ghost.
Once again, I felt dizzy when the blade severely scratched the deep wound. I knew that it was caused by excessive blood loss. I bit the tip of my tongue to cheer myself up. I threw the blood gushing from the new wound at the approaching ghost.
I expect Dan Tai Li to come here earlier, but I also know that this place is far from the center of fz. After Dan Tai Li answered the phone, it is impossible to get here quickly to help us.
Everything must be on your own first.
Excessive blood loss and fatigue, my steps can be avoided and become slow, and my eyes can be avoided and double images appear.
In this way, it is dangerous for me to deal with the obsession with killing my ghost. On several occasions, I was almost scratched by the index finger of the ghost’s right hand.
Once again, I saw the ghost’s right index finger approaching me, and I avoided it. I finally threw the only anchor I left at the ghost.
The anchor was thrown at the ghost to make it escape immediately, and I had to survive again
I gasped when I saw the ghost immediately avoiding the anchor.
Goose boy came to my side to ask me questions. I felt like I shook my head and said nothing. I waved away from me and went to Wang Dalang’s side.
Goo-goo has dealt with the ghost with all his abilities, but even so, I still feel that keeping Wang Dalang around can make me feel that Wang Dalang can be more secure.
It’s not that I didn’t think that Goo Zi would bring a black net in the pearl to deal with ghosts. The ghost is a black net, and the ghost belongs to its owner. But the idea of dealing with corpse-turned-bones ghosts flashed in my mind, which immediately directly changed my own idea.
At this time, the little dance at my wrist automatically broke away from my wrist and my body was lasered at it, which had already shot down the anchor and jumped at my ghost again.
I was surprised to see Xiao Wu move automatically. I saw Xiao Wu meet the ghost and immediately wrapped her arms tightly around the ghost.
The anger of the ghost’s body suddenly soared again, which seems to be a temporary way to break free from the arms of the small dance
So what I saw in front of me made my heart soar with hope, and I rushed to the ghost with great strength. The speed blade cut my right index finger.
I’m always approaching the side of the ghost whose arms are imprisoned by the little dance. I raise my right hand and prepare my right index finger to point blood at the center of the ghost’s forehead.
But it was also at this time that the ghost suddenly drank a pair of arms and broke away from the imprisonment of the little dance figure.
Chapter four hundred and fifty Edge drowsiness
The sudden change in front of me makes me feel that death will come to me in minutes. My front steps are lashing at the ghost, which makes me unable to stop walking towards the ghost at the moment.
Freed from the small dance, the ghost stood in the same place and continued to move towards him, approaching me, and stretched out his right hand and right index finger to my neck.
The horse is going to be cut off and its head will become a shriveled corpse. Seeing that its body can avoid approaching the ghost, I will keep an eye on the ghost’s head.
The situation has come to this, so I will try my best to get my head cut off and my forefinger stained with blood in the forehead and heart, which will make the ghosts stunned.
Just when my neck was an inch away from the red fingernail of the ghost’s right index finger, I saw the ghost’s body suddenly retreat.
Out of danger again, I was a little stupid for a while. I didn’t understand what kind of situation this is.
I always stopped, and then I went to see it carefully. I saw Goo Zi’s two short legs were limping at the ghost at the moment, and his head was kicking in a chain.
The ghost was kicked by Goo Tsai’s two short legs, and his figure kept stumbling backwards.
When the ghost waved his right hand towards Goo Zi, Goo Zi immediately hid and waited for an opportunity to kick the ghost’s head.
At this time, Xiaowu is also in a shape to blas the ghost again, and then tie the ghost’s arms to cooperate with Goo Tsai’s movement.
Ghosts are dealt with by Goo Zi and Xiao Wu together, which is somewhat defensible for a while.
What I saw in front of me, I know that I was out of danger just now because of Goose’s help.
Wang Dalang ran to my side at this time and even asked me how I was doing. I shook my head and said nothing. I said that I didn’t expect the little dance to bind the ghost and Goo Tsai, so simply kicking the ghost physically can also affect the ghost’s movement.
Wang Dalang nodded and said that this is why he never thought that before he said, he learned that there were corpses, but he knew that there were two general ways to deal with ghosts with corpses.