They no longer rely on bloodline injection to gain strength, but also some flow to practice.

But the environment of heaven and earth is different from before, and even modern people who bury the gods can barely practice the thin aura.
Now the secret blood fighters of the SHEN WOO Empire are all monks, and the strongest can reach the sixth-order middle-reaches explorer’s strength. If the world is covered by heaven, it will be a great power.
Imagine this situation. Even if the Western Federation still developed modern hot weapons, how could they defeat such an extraordinary person?
Therefore, the status of SHEN WOO’s empire cannot be shaken, and his practitioners also kneel down to the power of the secret blood fighters.
"Let’s go out and have a look at it first, and then let Brother Chu sum it up and talk to Gdzilla."
Pear painting clothes got up and put away the oven
Their group first left the remains of the real dragon and came to the periphery of the placenta of heaven and earth.
The feeling here is not obvious enough, but according to Lu Hua’s information, the outside world environment will be much better now than before they came in.
Everything is due to an incident that never happened in the history of this world.
The remains of the real dragon were scattered by the living owner and returned to the cosmic star.
This matter has a great influence on both ancient and modern times.
Whether the calendar of burying the gods opened up the golden world, painting pears and clothes, etc. is unknown for the time being, but it is much better than before in modern times
On their return journey, they came to that magnificent palace group built by the dragon, went deep into the main hall and looked up at the square throne.
Lu Ming’s pupil shrank. "He’s gone!"
The skeleton figure of the original throne was once a secret blood warrior’s skeleton, but now it is not as square as the throne.
He hurriedly flew to the throne and looked at the throne to make up for the dust.
"It’s not that he, the seeker, can’t be false. No one else has been here since we, but he did disappear. It shouldn’t have been a long time ago."
Lu Ming bent over to check and said
"But brother lu didn’t take him away? He was also angry for a long time in the group frequency. "
It’s a little weird that Xia Mi’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled because they have felt a strong change in the world line before, and there is no episode without him.
That is to say, the skeleton of Dacheng Secret Blood Warrior disappeared in that world line change.
The existing world line remains unchanged, and it is fate that he was taken away in ancient times.
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-two No name
"Then let’s part here."
Buried star Lu Chen said to Qian Xue and Leng Yue.
She said that she wanted to bury the star field around Shenxing and explore it first.
"Then we will return to Xueyue Peak first."
Qianxue nodded and Tianhua Lu was still here. They couldn’t do anything out of line to maintain the original owner’s design.
"Is that Wushen Mountain over there? It’s really magnificent, even higher than Dairi Peak."
Lin Shanhe looked at one direction and looked excited.
After all, he left without saying goodbye, and it was probably three years after he arrived in Guxing.
This adventure made Linshanhe’s eyes wide open and he didn’t want to go home to talk about fencing penance for a while.
Tianhua Lu led a group of them to walk very fast, and Lu Chen and others did not have a strong sense of reality for more than a year from burying the god star.
Because they experienced a time when the causal line strongly collected the relics of the real dragon, they crossed for nine months.
At this point, it is strange that Chu Hang said that he had never experienced such a thing, and it was nine months since he honestly buried the star.
I didn’t panic until I checked the safety of the group frequency personnel.
During this period, it was not only Lu Chen, but also Li Yi and Xia Mi. His explorers also got in touch with modern teammates in a similar situation.
Great correction interferes with time, making the dialogue ability of crossing time temporarily ineffective.
Landing on Mount Wushen and stopping at the summit of Gege is still a familiar sight for Lu Chen.
Gefeng is sparsely populated. On weekdays, there are not many strong squares named Lu. Only Xiao Lu failed in his travels and was ordered by the elder to practice in the mountains. Now he can be seen running diligently and with heavy load in the square in the morning.
"This is your guest. You can arrange your own hospitality and remember not to break the mountain rules. You can’t just run around in some places."
Tianhua Lu told him to fly directly to check Gefeng’s higher ladder. Obviously, he was going to talk to the Lord of Wushen Mountain.
Liu Chen still has some questions to ask, but he is pressed.
On the way back, he implicitly asked Tianhua Lu what they were.
But Tianhua Lu was silent, although Tianhua Lu had just rushed to the rescue of the real Dragon Star Domain and shouted that the special name was Lu Chen or something suspicious.
Because he also heard Xiao Yan say that the elder doesn’t even have a son, where can he get a grandson?
Moreover, according to the rules of stopping Gefeng in Wushen Mountain and the strong character of secret blood fighters, if the secret blood fighters really have families and successfully gave birth to children, the possibility of children living abroad is extremely low, and even if they are living abroad, it is almost impossible to be discovered like Liu Chenyuan’s main identity.
The characteristics of the secret blood fighters are very obvious. Even if the original owner’s childhood strength is low, he should be found to be a secret blood fighter, so Wushen Mountain has long noticed it.
Lu Chen cautiously asked Tianhua Lu Tianhua Lu to hide a picture that he didn’t want to say, but after that, he called Lu Chen when he met for the first time. Let Lu Chen still call him the elder.
"Brother Lin, you can live on this floor. If you practice, there is a gathering spirit array. We call the spirit tower from Wushen Mountain, and there are brothers who can make you even fail."
It is not exclusive that Lu Chen will settle down Lin Shanhe and Wu Shenshan will certainly receive guests.
Whether it is a place like Gefeng, there are still few outsiders coming to live because the communication skills of Gefeng secret blood fighters are often not very good, and no one wants to live in such a place where the gods are flying all over the place.
A series of disorderly noises made Lu Chen look back. He saw the real dragon cub flying towards the Hua Dian, knocking down a lot of furniture and rolling in the collapsed frame.
Liu Chen seized the fat dragon cub before, and then his neck will be lifted up and his eyes will be fixed on each other. "Be quiet here, and we should practice. I know you can understand people, so you should practice hard for me, or there will be no challenge at all."
The fat dragon cub’s big eyes turned round and round and thought for a moment and nodded again and again.
But after Liu Chen let it loose, it was a somersault in the middle of the school.
Lu Chen doesn’t know some words. The dead mother and orphans are so happy all day long.
The secret blood bodhi old zu once said to himself that dragons are the last creatures in the world. They are born with endurance and poison all beings. Every growth is accompanied by the death of the star field, so this race should be wiped out.
But at present, the little guy looks heartless, and there is no real dragon. He should be dignified and forced to act, more like a bad dog.
"Brother Lin, do you think this thing looks fierce?"