Say that finish flame star for several film files to distant day before the end of the conversation flame star and fill a sentence.

"We don’t feel much about our own combat films. If you have any experience or findings after watching them, you can share them with me."
After the film file was lost, I hit a watch from afar.
The scene is a huge warehouse with large wooden boxes, containers, cranes and so on. Both sides have already positioned themselves and they are all waiting for the decisive moment to come.
"Countdown to Form 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1"
After the unified call, a small plane appears in the left and right corners of the film, and red and blue dots appear on the plane, which is the state of the two sides’ formation.
"Zi Yue, there are two people at eleven o’clock, and there are three people fifty meters to the left." Look at the chart and mark that the flame star is behind the scenes to wake everyone.
"Ah, there are two people in the aisle behind you, and the contact distance is ten meters, nine, …"
The flame star wakes everyone up, except for being attacked by sneak attack, but the other side also has behind-the-scenes command, and also sees the position of the god of war. When his teammates wake up, it depends on whether the participants have the ability to kill the enemy and protect themselves.
After the gun battle, it never stopped. Both sides came prepared, except for seemingly endless ammunition, flash bombs, smoke bombs, bombs … everything.
"Touch, touch! An evasive killer was shot in the right foot, and he quickly hid behind a nearby iron cabinet.
Teammates are injured, and others naturally know through the team’s joint display. Although the situation is urgent, they can still sneak in a few words to satirize their partners.
"hey? So ③ ü ww с с с с с с с с с с с с с с с с с с с с с с с с с с с с 1089 Congratulations! "Purple yue tone makes fun of meaning.
"But only twenty minutes after the war, the new guy actually hung up the injury list and was very slow today! "Black warrior teasing way
"The new are you in a daze? Isn’t it an exaggeration to get shot at this level? "Absolute killing jokes about your companions and don’t forget to satirize the enemy at the same time
Fortunately, their conversation is a team channel, or if one side hears the absolute killing, I’m afraid it will hurt.
"There are three people on your left who have passed, and two on your right rear who are approaching." Yan Xing woke up and hinted at the end of the sentence, "Take some enemies away before you die! 」
"Alas, how can I be willing to give up such a lunch break soon? "Wearing a gray jumpsuit killer took out a few long ammunition from his big pocket.
"To celebrate, I grabbed the first red plate and put a fireworks to celebrate! 」
The bomb ignited a little, and as soon as it was thrown at the screen, it shook violently. The red light spread and spread like a screen.
When the new killer blew up the enemy and wanted to dress himself, two shots popped out.
After the gun, two men fell from the iron cabinet behind the new man and lay across in front of him.
It seems that they should be climbing the iron cabinet and trying to sneak up on the new thief from the side, but they didn’t expect that their actions had already been seen through by snipers hiding somewhere and killed out by the other side.
"Cat thanks! Knowing who it was, Jie Xin said, "I will give you my most precious kiss to express my gratitude!" 」
"You’d better keep such a valuable thing yourself." The Dalai cat refused to face it. "I want to end this game in an hour. Please help me! 」
She deliberately emphasized the tense tone.
I found that there were conditions attached to her words, and I knew that she must have made a bet with others. The Ares partners directly asked.
"What is this bet? "Purple yue interested in asking.
"I’ll get a 30% discount on the back of Kuhei’s high-end weapons," replied the Dalai cat with a smile.
"wow! Is that black-hearted profiteer willing to gamble with you like this? Did he have a sudden conscience? "The new killer long up conveniently and threw a bomb to blow up the enemy next to it.
I am equally curious about this rare sale of Flame Star. "Didn’t Kuhei always advertise eating people and not spitting bones?" How could he make this deal with you? 」
After asking questions, I looked at the screen and marked the flame star warning "absolutely kill someone on your left hand side."
"Roger that"
Absolute killing careful detour to the enemy’s back, a sharp knife to cut each other’s throat, the other side spilled blood and died, at the same time, he continued to ask the key points directly.
"Cat, what is the bet if you lose? 」
"Go and help his seller to be his assistant clerk for a month" and tell the answer while shooting the other Dalai cat.
"When the clerk? Isn’t there NPC staff over there? Why do I need your help? "Hiding in the dark, Ziyue sent the other side out of the battlefield with three shots at her goal.
"On condition that he doesn’t ask me the reason", make it clear the seriousness of the matter. The Dalai Lama specially added the sentence "If I lose, I won’t be able to participate in the battle for the next month. Please work hard on your own."
"Cat, you really don’t know how to negotiate terms with people," Yan Xing said with a smile. "If you lose such terms, it will be a big loss."
"Cat library black that guy is trying to you? "The new killer is on guard" and wants you to be his assistant for a month? He should not want to benefit from this opportunity for you … "
"It’s possible ~ ~" Zi Yue answered in an ambiguous tone. "I heard the wind that Kuhei likes cats before! He should be trying to get along with cats every day! 」
"It’s really a pity that Kuhei came up with this method to chase girls." The absolute killing looks like a smile. The sword in his hand has already taken three lives.
"You should say something like cats before the war so that we can prepare early," the black warrior said with concern.
"Don’t worry, this won’t happen." Although the bet is on yourself, the attitude of the Dalai cat is still relaxed and complacent
"dear cat, how can you not worry about it? That guy is a man show pervert. Don’t get too close to him, or else ── "The new killer wanted to express his opinions on preventing perverts, but he was stopped by a rhetorical question.
"Will you let me lose? "Asked Dalai cat tone with a chuckle.
This question made others quiet for a few seconds, and then the representative of Flaming Star made a speech.
There is absolute confidence in the tone of "of course not"
"There can’t be a god of war in such a thing as failure".
Getting the answer from the companion made the Dalai Lama smile more heart-warming. "That’s right! Come on, everyone! 」
"Cat, I want the new high-grade protective clothing in his shop, the red one." Zi Yue said directly that she wanted to buy.
"No problem! "The Dalai cat smiled and promised," Let’s hurry up and go to the Kuhei store to move the goods! 」
"good! "Member agreed.
With this motivation, the God of War sprinted with all their strength to mark the forty points in wartime, and they destroyed the enemy.
This is the end of the film.
"That’s amazing …" Yao Ri unconsciously blurted out.
Although the number of opponents is three times more than theirs, the battle is not based on the strategic response of numbers, the rescue of partners and the gap in adaptability, all of which make the whole situation one-sided
If you really want to say that the attraction should be their confident and invincible momentum when facing the enemy! It’s as if they look down on all kings from a height. Even if there are more enemies in front of them, they are sure to defeat them.
Compared with the opponent’s fierce glare and killing four God of War, it is laughing and relaxed. Talking to each other with that expression can make people feel that God of War is not killing his opponent’s mood and fighting, but taking it as a competitive game.
It would be interesting to be able to fight alongside them … After watching the film, I felt such a longing in my heart.
Fortunately, this wish made him reach the battle with the Tatar cat when he was in Athens, which really opened his eyes. It is only a century war in terms of the number of partners or the scale of monsters.
And the god of war, their performance is really impressive. Although the battle took a lot of time, I really hope it can be extended from afar …
What will happen in the future? Yaori has an expectation for the future.
The inspection of the original boring line game became interesting because of the company of the Dalai cat, which was unexpected. Now it can be said that it is really "playing" the game instead of taking it as a job.