After Leslie got into the car, the two entered a warm and loving father-daughter gift exchange link.
Mark gave lelis milk tea, and lelis gave Mark Julia blueberry waffles baked before class …
Driving towards Longfellow High School in Queens, Mark took a bite of a waffle and said, "I think it’s time for you to learn to drive."
"I just finished my fourteenth birthday!" said Lilith with a slight pause.
"What …"
Leslie laughed. "No DMV will issue a driver’s license to a child who is not yet sixteen."
Mark smiled faintly. "Don’t forget who I am."
Lailisi looked at Mark and nodded. "I know who you are!" "
Until now, Leslie can’t believe that her real father is already a big boss of the FBI!
Although he is the acting director, Mark believes that one day the acting hat will be taken from Mark’s head with the arrival of community leaders in the White House!
Is it really hard for the real director?
Stop it!
About just from a team director to a bureau director.
A few more times, I will shoot a few tables and sign a few more documents.
It’s not like he has no hands. In recent years, he has cultivated two outstanding lesbians, Debbie Maggie.
You can cover for him at any time!
Who dares to grin with Mark’s backing, especially Mark’s direct downfall of new york’s office?
Until now, the new director has been slow to fly from Washington to new york …
Seeing Mark’s mysterious smile, co-pilot Lailisi smiled and said, "Thanks Mark, but I’d better wait until I’m sixteen to learn to drive."
Mark smiled and didn’t force anything!
As soon as I entered Queens, Mark felt the totally different scenery on both sides!
If other place in new york are five-star scenic spots.
So Queens is the township crowdfunding scenic spot …
A long time!
Mark pulled over and watched the Longfellow school get together and play with some dark-skinned teenagers.
A girl with a wavy volume squeezed out of the two slapstick people directly and walked towards Chelailisi 3.
Mark shouted at the black people who were fighting on both sides, and then asked the girl who came over with waves, "Are you okay? Who are these guys!" "
As Mark said, Mark has respect for Lori even if she is not blonde …
"A bunch of young people who have lost their feet!" Tessa said to Mark, and then she hugged Lailisi!
"Mark Tessa!"
"hey!" Tessa looked more handsome than Mark, and whispered to Leslie, "Not bad!"
Lailisi curled her pie mouth and said naively, "Tessa likes old men!" "
"It’s old, not old. He looks thirty!" Tessa explained with a smile!