Chapter 1475 Refined airway

The sword will end in a noisy way.
King Tiger found the steps and thought that Sun Hao’s punishment was a little biased. He was a honest and frank native, but he really put this feud behind him and went to practice again.
Of course, it is hard to know what others think in his heart.
Sun Haoxin ranks fifth among all the sword kings in Jin Dynasty and is still the kind of sword king with titles.
Ling Huajian feels a little dizzy. It doesn’t seem to be true. When taking Sun Hao to arrange the abode of fairies and immortals, he still keeps looking at Sun Hao and muttering, "One carelessly, one carelessly …"
Sun Hao smiled and asked, "What happened to Brother?"
Ling Huajian replied gloomily, "A careless little teacher younger brother has run far in front of me. Why do I feel special?"
Sun Hao smiled. "Brother, you should really understand that when you are not my opponent in swordsmanship, it means that you are not far from elimination."
Ling Huajian Jun muttered, "You’re good, okay? But brother, I’m really surprised that you’re making progress so fast! I can’t believe it when I think about it. Is there any trick to teach my brother a thing or two? "
Sun Hao thought for a moment and said, "If you want to say the trick, there are also senior brothers. What is the meaning of your sword? Maybe I can help you do something."
Ling Huajian looked warily around at the novel and said, "Is there any way for me to cultivate as a wind sword younger brother?"
Sun Hao’s own new abode of fairies and immortals took his time to make a cup of spiritual tea. After half-ringing, he said softly, "The most important thing is to understand the wind shape. You can find a turbulent cloud to watch the wind and practice the sword."
Ling Huajian’s lips are flat. "This is not unusual. I have been practicing for a long time and the effect is not great."
Sun Hao said with a smile, "I haven’t finished my senior brother’s practice. The best way is to forget that I am a monk and simply be a swordsman who has not practiced real swordsmen. It is best to help practice a martial art to realize it from different angles."
Ling Huajian’s eyes lit up. "This is a bit interesting. I can try it."
Sun Hao took a sip of tea and continued, "The second brother can find a place where the north wind blows in the same state and walk against the wind to practice wind, boxing and dancing. It should be effective to persevere for 20 to 30 years."
Ling Huajian bowed slightly to Sun Hao. "Thank you for pointing out that I am a little white."
Sun Hao, the real gentleman of Ling Hua, was a little familiar with himself. After arranging a few small arrays in the abode of fairies and immortals, he went out of the hole and went to the front of Jiange surrounded by blue ripples.
Lingtian Jianfeng is like a giant sword rising from the sky. The hilt of the sword is the most square, huge and continuous. The whole upside-down sword body is golden yellow in the mountains, pointing to the sky. Some fairy trees are hovering like tattoos of dragons, and Jiange is hidden among the giant trees.
Ling Tian’s giant sword is as high as 100 feet, and different monks live in different areas. When Sun Hao was a younger brother, he often had the lowest living, and he could directly enter the 100,000 mountain area.
The ready-made sword queen Sun Haodong mansion has reached the tip of the sword.
Jiange nature is completely different.
Sun Hao, a low-ranking friar, can see that the information is not uniform, but the sword Wang Jiange is particularly different now.
Sun came with great strides.
I saw a four-story attic in the distance.
There is a sword suspended at the top of the attic, and the light of the sword shines on the attic. Sun Hao can’t help but tremble slightly when he sees this sword. It is a shape sword, but he can see the sword shape and the light of the sword covers the attic, which also makes Sun Hao secretly feel palpitations.
Strong and firm.
There is no sword potential, no sword intention, pure and broken shock wave, which covers the attic from the sword. Sun Hao comes a little closer to his body and skin and involuntarily flashes pale blue light. The ancient iron war body automatically operates to resist the attack of sword light not far away.
Corleone wanted to think about taking out Ling Tianjianzu and giving himself a special waist tag, and the pressure was thin.
Jiange is guarded by people, but the whole Jiange is shrouded in white sword light. If Brother Zhong feels chaotic, he will probably face the thunder bombardment of sword light.
Jiange was neatly packed. At first glance, there were all kinds of sword books in different categories.
On the first floor, that is, the lowest floor, Sun Hao quickly found the actual application area marked with the sword meaning, and went to find the water attribute or the actual transportation of the sea sword meaning according to Ling Tianjian’s ancestors.
The complexion is still from Sun Hao’s heart, but it is a little surprised and uneasy at this time.
If you can really find a way to re-refine your qi as Ling Tianjianzu said, then Sun Hao is truly in a complete state and truly completes the whole soaring feat.
Taking a few deep breaths, Sun Hao leafed through the profile of Tibet.
Although it is difficult to understand the sword meaning, there are not many monks in each generation in dzogchen, but Lingtian Sword School has accumulated a lot of classics for hundreds of millions of years, and the sword meaning is not strong, but all kinds of responses have reached the extreme wizards
A lot of brief introductions of sword meaning let Sun Hao sigh.
Sun Hao’s 1,300-square-foot expansion has made a huge contribution. Sun Hao didn’t count how many of his identity nameplates were in the end, except that the top borrowing limit was restricted. The first floor of Jiange really didn’t have any pressure on Sun Hao.
Sitting in the same place, Sun Hao picked up the identity nameplate, swish swish, and pulled out all the classics of water attribute sword meaning and sword potential.
Not far away, Jian Jun, who came to borrow ancient books, happened to see Sun Hao borrow this scene, and his face could not help showing a very surprised expression.
Another sweep of Sun Haoxiu’s heart is even more shocking. An outsider is fantastic.
After half a ring, Jian Jun finally remembered the origin of Sun Hao and bowed slightly to Sun Hao from a distance. "Brother Guangfu Jian has seen the agarwood sword king."
Corleone smiled at him, nodded and turned to look at the information in his hand.
Guangfujian lamented that the sword king was domineering and shook his head in bundles and quietly left.
Sun Hao sat here for more than five hours and read all the information very quickly, confirming that the context was gradually formed in his heart one by one according to his own situation.
Godsworn’s practice has its own roads. There is nothing in the classics that shows the general trend of the sea, and there are few things that have the meaning of the sea sword. After all, this is the meaning and potential of the king’s sword, which is difficult for ordinary monks to understand thoroughly.
However, many of them can be used for reference to Sun Hao’s sword intention and sword potential.
Sun Hao finally formed a set of practical cultivation methods through analysis, summary and induction.
At the scene, Sun Hao tried to shake his body slightly and make a slight wave. The sword was gradually integrated into the body from the outside, attached to the body and then integrated into the spine. The whole person stood on the spot like a javelin.
The effect is ok, but it must be familiar with it for a long time, and it is necessary to practice the estimation for a long time before entering the one-step refining process.