"Hey, it’s really a coincidence that the map of the buried star is not much different from that of the earth. If so, it’s the same with her hometown of painting pear clothes."

Lu Chen said thoughtfully that he didn’t pay much attention to these before.
"Is it a thousand hours early?"
Painting pear clothes actually directly spoke the name of thousands of snow, which surprised Lu Chen. He didn’t tell Chuhang about this.
"How do you know about painting pear clothes?"
Liu Chen has some doubts.
"I saw it in my dream before, have you forgotten?"
The tone of painting pear clothes is gradually wrong
"Oh, I didn’t expect to remember these details."
In the world of fox demon, Lu Chen once synchronized with painting pear clothes in his dreams in the past century. It is not surprising that his growth experience from childhood includes which comrades around him paint pear clothes and know their names.
After all, there are thousands of snow in their own team, a Japanese, and others are secret fighters.
"Gdzilla, I remember everything very clearly."
The tone of the pear-painted clothes is inexplicable. Xia Mi sat next to her and took a look at the theatre. She also sent a cold drink to the pear-painted clothes.
"Well, regardless of the supporters they? What do you want me to do? "
Lu Chen asked if he thought it would be better not to continue to show this topic.
"They have returned to the burial ground, saying that they hope that you will not bury the burial ground and do things in the future. They will return directly after collecting the materials."
Painted pear clothes also don’t continue to ask, continue to talk about the supporters.
The change of the world line will never affect the people who have returned, because what was collected at that time will not disappear after the return.
After learning about this incident, Chu Hang also commented that Xu Zhouguan set fire to forbid the people to light a lamp, which is a sense of drilling the world.
Once the supporters leave him, they will make up for the loopholes in the world and fill those rare materials again.
This is the world’s wool and just
"I know that they are really the world line change for me to do? It’s not like I’m the only explorer who buried the gods. Why do you think I’m doing things? "
Lu Chen vomited, "I’ve been studying ancient classics recently. If they still can’t finish it, don’t blame me."
At the end of the couplet, Lu Chen remembered another thing: "Oh, by the way, remember to sign a contract with them. Our team will help them and they will give them a share."
"Xia Mi and I will go to them later. He’s gone. You should practice well."
Painted pear clothes and hung up the phone.
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-one The remains of a real dragon
After quitting the group frequency call, Lu Chen touched his long hair and was a little confused.
Why does he feel angry about painting pear clothes? What kind of anger is this?
In the spring of AD 21, the beach painted pear clothes took a cold drink in a huff.
Xia Mi smiling aside like uncle salty and wet hand-painted pear clothes as warm as jade and beautiful legs wandering to help her put on sunscreen.
Well, although they don’t have roots, Xia Mi always likes this "sense of ceremony"
"Why don’t you ask him carefully?"
Xia Mi bad smile "big crisis, eh, someone dug your corner in ancient times, which can endure! ?”
Put a glass of pear-shaped clothes on his cheek and snorted. "He didn’t realize what I said …"
After two seconds, the girl smiled again. "But it’s good that Gdzilla said that he didn’t think in any other direction at all."
Painted pear clothes glanced at Xia Mi. "It’s Xia Mi. You heard that Brother Chu buried the gods and passed through Jun Encheng. The youngest duke is popular. There are thousands of maidservants with beautiful posture. Recently, the old patriarch also helped him plan his marriage. He said that the most important thing for the duke is to leave heirs first."
The Xia Mi face smile gradually disappear anger waving a small fist "he dare! ?”
Two women get to know each other, laugh and frolic together
The beautiful scenery on the beach in spring forms a line.
It has been five months since Lu Chen called the Lingta to close in April.
If it weren’t for the heroic sponsor Lu Chen’s contribution, he couldn’t stand such profligacy.
The red blood room in the stone room stirs hostility and pressure, and the core of the stone expands outward.
During the whole practice, there are rumbling scriptures, such as martial arts, Wu Di Jing and Lu Chen’s practice of many secret methods along the way.
He is like a melting pot of avenues, constantly combing and tempering his own methods, trying to integrate and jumping out of his own new path
He wants to integrate the characteristics of martial arts into Wu Shen’s body, which is the best way to solve the problem.
The root characteristic of talent is that if he can succeed, he will not stick to Tao and Dharma to extend his life.
At present, the progress of calling Lingta Blessing is gratifying, and the integration has been initially completed.
And he also summarized and absorbed the essence of the methods suitable for him in the martial arts nerve to improve the classics of Emperor Wu created by himself.
Lu Chen finally believes that just practicing other people’s dharma, even the emperor, gods or immortals, is not as good as the way that suits him best.
Although his Emperor Wudi’s economic level is not high, he has the possibility of poverty and tailor it himself.
When the blood gas gathered the soul to recover Lu Chen’s eyes, a red dragon breath room appeared in his nostrils and gradually dispersed.
His Emperor Wudi broke through the growth rate of forty-one times that of the spiritual pagoda, and he rose three steps in five months.
Now Emperor Wudi has reached the first stage of the realm of saint king.
But it is unexpected and reasonable that Lu Chen’s attribute is not as good as it is.