And three months later, the virtual fairy gate is wide open, and I don’t know how many strong enemies will appear. Zhai Ling’s breakthrough repair is the key, and before the breakthrough, it is to obtain the cultivation resources

Zhai Ling’s present situation can also obtain cultivation resources from Zongmen.
Su Daier didn’t show up in person to take Zhai Ling out. She is a clever woman. She knows that Zhai Ling’s realistic strength is still at the peak of the construction period, and she also knows her position in everyone’s heart.
At this time, if she pulls Zhai Ling out, she will even bring trouble to Zhai Ling.
All she has to do now is wait for Zhai Ling to soar.
Actually, the destiny teacher said something, but Su Daier didn’t intend to say it because the reason is the clearest for herself.
The person who led Zhai Ling to Cang Yue Zongren Pavilion was an elder in Qingzhufeng and a female elder, but she looked very well maintained. She still looked like she was in her twenties and thirties at most, but Zhai Ling couldn’t guess her actual age.
It’s been 30 years since Yu Wanqing’s bamboo peak ordered the elder. Today is also the first time that she saw Su Daier stay with a young man so intimately. However, although she was curious about Zhai Ling’s identity, she didn’t continue to guess whether she was supercilious or not, but she also warmly entertained Zhai Ling.
"Sister Yu doesn’t know how Cang Yue’s younger brother is divided?" At the request of Yu Wan, Zhai Ling’s address to her naturally became Yu Jie.
Yu Wanxiao responded, "Generally speaking, there are three types of Cang Yue’s younger brothers. The first category is that the younger brothers are wearing gray robes. These people are all selected from the eastern and western regions, and almost all of them are high-level in the foundation period."
"The second kind is that the younger brother wears a blue robe, which is almost the first day in Jiedan. This kind of brother has the opportunity to go out and do it."
"And the third category is the core brother wearing a blue robe. This kind of brother, Cang Yue, has a very high status. Some of the core brothers are very powerful. It is possible to get the favor of the ancestors of Zongmen and directly become the brothers and sisters. Only the brothers have their own peaks and have a lot of power."
Yu Wan said that she didn’t see Zhai Lingxiu until now, but she didn’t worry about what would make her so familiar with Miss Daier?
Soon Zhai Ling and Yu Wan appeared in Cang Yue Zongren Pavilion.
"Met Elder Yu"
"Met Elder Yu"
At the gate, two young brothers in blue robes just walked out of the personnel pavilion and greeted Yu Wan Bai Nen respectfully at once.
Not to mention Elder Yu Wangui, but more importantly, she is Su Daier’s confidant.
Yu Wan nodded lightly and didn’t say much. With Zhai Ling, he went directly into the personnel cabinet.
While the two cousins who stayed put looked at each other.
The younger brother with a long sword at his waist seemed uncertain. "Elder Yu actually brought someone to the personnel pavilion himself?"
The man with heavy eyebrows guessed, "Isn’t that young man a relative of Elder Yu’s family?"
Waist don’t long sword brother pie mouth way "must be"
The heavy man gnashed his teeth. "Since it’s elders Yu personally recommending people, wouldn’t it be said that that guy is likely to be going to Qingzhufeng? Shit! It’s a good chance to get into Qingzhu Peak to see Daier’s senior sister Fang. Since it’s so easy for that guy to get it, it’s so enviable. "
Waist don’t sword the man suddenly interrupted laughed "hey hey even want to have a good show"
The thick eyebrows and big eyes are a little confused. "What does this mean?"
Don’t waist sword brother pie mouth "every year, there is an opportunity to recruit people in Qingzhufeng, but the one in Qingzhufeng is not based on it, but this year, it has recruited a male brother. What do you think of Brother Leng, who has always liked Sister Daier?"
Brother with thick eyebrows and big eyes is not sure. "It’s just a brother. Brother Leng shouldn’t do it, should he?"
Brother Long Sword laughs at "You can say that you don’t understand Brother Leng. Since he became the core brother, there have been more than 20 male brothers who have died. One of these people is not the closest to Daier’s brother and sister."
At this moment, a deep voice sounded not far away. "What are you two talking about?"
Heavy-eyed brother and waist-parting long sword brother suddenly shivered and hurriedly squeezed out a smile to see people who have always been "cold … cold brother, we didn’t say anything. Just now Elder Qing Zhufeng Yu came to her side … with a young man."
Two people to divert cold dry front line of sight point to namely said 1.
Immediately, Leng Ganfeng’s brow was a pick of "male?"
Cold dry front eyes narrowed and went straight into the personnel cabinet without saying a word.
And heavy brother and waist don’t sword brother stole a glance at the back of cold dry front as if they were determined to leave the personnel cabinet quickly.
Tai Lao zu ling
"Elder Yu?" The middle-aged man at the registry looked up and was immediately surprised at the sight of Yu Wan’s look.
It seems that over the years, he has never seen Yu Wan personally bring people to the Personnel Pavilion for registration.
Yu Wan smiled and nodded "Elder Lei"
The middle-aged man called "Elder Lei" immediately looked back at Zhai Ling and asked Yu Wan, "Your nephew?"
Yu Wan smiled awkwardly. Zhai Ling, but the identity of his own young lady’s friend must be noble. He quickly looked at Zhai Ling only to find that Zhai Ling didn’t respond. Yu Wan was relieved and took a hard look at Elder Lei.
Elder Lei guessed "Bai" himself and nodded. "Don’t worry, Elder Yu, I know this rule."
Yu Wan’s face didn’t good the spirit. She also met Elder Lei. On weekdays, she didn’t really want to say more words with him and urged, "Hurry up."
Yu Wan, the elder of the thunder, is afraid of being caught with a plait pie and said, "Don’t worry, everyone acquiesces in such a thing, but what level identity token do you want to give your nephew?" If it’s a word from the outside door, if it’s a cousin’s identity … Elder Yu, you also contributed. "