Yang Antai and Ji Xinghe returned to Tu Yuan before the Blue Star. If they want to be commander-in-chief, the chance is really great. It can be said that it is a certain thing. Once Yang Antai and Ji Xinghe return to their posts, Tu Yuan’s hope is slim.

"It doesn’t make sense," Tu Yuan shook his head and said, "Ji Xinghe can see things clearly. How can I not see things clearly? Fighting at this time means that we are not ready to carry out the strategy of expedition to Imperial Star, but do you think we have the expedition ability?"
"I know we don’t have it now, but if we don’t argue now, what if we don’t have a chance to argue later?" Yang Antai woke up and said, "Just because we took a step back doesn’t mean they won’t take this step."
"Rong Xinyue will stay and form her independent group," Tu Yuan said confidently. "And it is the help of the stars and the moon."
Xingyue …
Yang Antai understood and laughed again. "I really believe that you have no problem with the old man now, otherwise it wouldn’t be so tacit."
"It’s not tacit understanding, but we have made the most favorable choice for the Federation and mankind. Although there are some sacrifices, at least from the current situation, we are willing to accept such sacrifices."
What does An Yang Taibai Tuyuan mean by sacrifice?
For example, Ji Xinghe wants to become a gift machine and temporarily give up his long-standing goals. For example, Ji Rongxinyue is separated from Ji Xinghe by tens of millions of kilometers, and I don’t know how many light-years away. For example, to help Ji Rongxinyue form an independent group, Xingyue will definitely reach some deals with the Federation with resources and personnel. For example, Tu Yuan gives up fighting for the post of commander-in-chief and forms a new military unit from scratch.
For example, he is going back to the blue star.
But for them, these sacrifices are worth it, because it will make the Federation better and stronger, and only when the Federation is better and stronger will it be able to support them in their expedition to the empire and achieve the goal of destroying it.
If it is really forced to start the expedition at this time, the Lord and the faction will inevitably impose the fiercest attack on them through the anti-war sentiment accumulated by the Federation for many years, even if they are not afraid, but will the Federation still be able to carry out the expedition?
Just take a step back and move forward better!
"That’s it," Yang Antai asked curiously. "What’s your name?"
Tu Yuan hesitated for three seconds and then asked, "What do you suggest?"
"Ha ha ha ….." Yang Antai laughed a few times. "I still don’t recommend going home to see grandchildren."
Tu Yuan is a little envious that he has never been married, even though he was the youngest general in the Federation (later broke the record by Li Yuanba) and will reach the age of ordinary man Sun Mantang many years later.
"Very good"
It’s good to finally have a rest after so many years. I heard that Li Yuanba seems to be getting married.
"He doesn’t want to, but Ji Xinghe doesn’t want to have a sunset love, even if Ji Xinghe has a high mission and responsibility, Li Yuanba is coming."
"You mean to undertake things?"
"Well, although Li Yuanba hasn’t mastered the gift ability yet, there should be no problem. After Ji Xinghe returns, he will definitely teach Li Yuanba something. Li Yuanba, who had gifts other than Ji Xinghe, Ji Rongxinyue and Li Yuanba earlier, had to get married."
"That Li Zhengfan? Is he still fertile? " Yang Antai’s expression suddenly has a meaning of eating melons, and his voice is slightly lowered. "It is reasonable to say that Li Zhengfan’s descendants will have a high degree of similarity with Li Yuanba’s legacy genes. Is it possible for Li Zhengfan to get married and have children, so that Li Yuanba will be able to bear more people?"
Tu Yuan shook his head. "I don’t know about this. They didn’t say anything, and it is still unknown whether Li Yuanba can give gifts to Li Zhengfan’s children."
"Emperor Wu III can give Adakang gifts. Are they two brothers or half-brothers? I think it is very possible. Do you want to join a marshal to promote this? Marshal himself may not be very good."
Although Andy has been retired and has the status of a federal senator, people in the military are still used to the title of Marshal by his time.
"You might as well expect those senators to discuss this."
"What discussion?"
"Let the president sign an Amnesty order to lift the restrictions on monogamy for people like Ji Xinghe and Li Yuanba."
"Don’t say it’s quite reasonable. If the two of them add Li Zhengfan smoothly, they will only have three children a year and be pregnant for three years. Normal childbirth should be every three years. You don’t understand, don’t you? Hahaha … but if there is no monogamy restriction, Li Yuanba can’t have hundreds of children a year."
"…" Tu Yuan was right about Yang Antai’s old indiscretion, but he still said, "That kind of thing can’t be successful."
"Eh, there’s phase technology. IVF is absolutely accurate."
"Come on, you hurry back to see your granddaughter, and you will be in danger if you go to the New Year’s Day like this again."