In anger, Xiao Leng doesn’t give people a face. Even when he was an ordinary child, he killed the man who dared to kill his brother in anger. The reality is very strong. Although in anger, Xiao Leng still kept a little calm. He didn’t kill them. Even so, those two people didn’t have a month or two. Don’t remember Xiao Leng’s strength. It’s not that the two of them just practiced some external skills. Ordinary people can resist their sternum fracture, but miraculously they don’t hurt them. Otherwise, the gods can’t save them.

It’s not a big rescue to lift those two people before Ma had two other people, because the man tempted them and snored, but he didn’t send them to the hospital, which means they were going to die, but you can’t blame Xiao Leng, blame their Lord.
"Silly, why don’t you send them to the hospital?" The director’s adult said angrily to the two unprepared hands. When he saw passive Nuo Nuo, two people hurriedly called 12 before turning to look at the crowd that had left Xiao Leng. 12 also came and picked up the two policemen who were a little kung fu. The two men followed the director’s adult and spoke. Did they dare not comply?
"Hum, you wait. I must make you look good on Wu Day. Even if you are a practitioner, what can I do?" The director said darkly, the fat face flashed with malicious looks and then replaced it with a warm smile. "Ghost bodhi old zu, I have to beg you again, or my tigress will have to show off with me."
Now there is no one around him, and the frolicking streets seem deserted.
Xiao Leng walked unknowingly to the center of Kunshan City, which is the oldest place in the city. However, this ancient place has not been ruined by age. On the contrary, it is the most prosperous place in the city, which is much more prosperous than the place where something just happened.
"Hey, why do people still wear this? It must be that they have no money or just come from afar. It won’t do me any harm if I am an able person. If I am an able person, I will pick it up and make friends." Duan Jingfeng saw Xiao Leng’s figure and thought of this. He is a famous man in Kunshan City, not because of his father’s Duan’s enterprise, but also because others are generous and honest, making friends all over the world, and his appearance is not that Kunshan City has his good friends all over the country, but also those who are very capable strongmen, some of whom are also strange people.
Another feature of him is that he is eager to meet those who are down and out, and he always wants to help others.
"Hey, brother, why are you doing this? Come with your brother. My brother will take you to eat well." Duan Jingfeng followed him to Xiao Leng for a puzzled look. Xiao Leng didn’t see greed from Duan Jingfeng’s eyes. It was also sincere.
Xiao Leng nodded lightly, but he walked forward. Although Duan Jingfeng Xiao Leng didn’t deliberately accelerate, did he speed Duan Jingfeng? "Brother, you slow down, I can’t keep up." Sighing and panting Duan Jingfeng followed Xiao Leng for a kilometer, and finally he couldn’t keep up with it. I felt Xiao Leng’s magical speed. Duan Jingfeng was even more determined and must make friends with Xiao Leng.
Although Xiao Leng’s image has changed greatly, Duan Jingfeng, a young man, can feel that Xiao Leng must be smaller than himself. "Brothers, brothers" have been calling, but Xiao Leng has no objection.
The distance of one kilometer is enough to make the two of them walk out of a great distance in this not-so-big city, but there is a shop in front. Xiao Leng and Duan Jingfeng are parallel, but they have no plans to stop. This shop is too small to meet such a big man as Duan Jingfeng, so they naturally pass by.
Talking and chatting with two people all the way made Xiao Leng have a deep understanding of this Duan’s enterprise. On the whole, this is a good man.
"Brother, you must have experienced something, and I don’t want to ask you to follow your brother. There is always a brother to eat, and you will definitely eat." Duan Jingfeng vowed to pull Xiao Leng to a relatively large store, but it was a relatively large shopping mall.
"Go brother to buy you some clothes. This sample is not suitable for you." Xiao Leng didn’t say what a faint nod is. Although it’s a debt of gratitude now, it’s hard to be sure that he won’t be able to repay himself when he arrives. Is this even a debt of gratitude? Oh, yes, I’ve heard people say that when someone drops water, he will repay me with a gushing spring.
But at that time, Yongquan reciprocated, but it hurt himself for several years
I just walked around Duan Jingfeng and bought some clothes for Xiao Leng, not to mention Xiao Leng now, but I look very handsome and this high-end suit is more noble.
"Ha ha, people really rely on clothes and horses to rely on saddles, brother. You are hard to be fascinated by many little girls." Duan Jingfeng said that the two men turned and left the mall.
"Today, you can follow your brother to my house. My father is also very hospitable. Seeing you, he will definitely like to go." Duan Jingfeng led the way. Xiao Leng followed two people around him to talk about something from time to time. Xiao Leng also enjoyed listening to Duan Jingfeng’s blowing.
People are coming and going, and vehicles are constantly flowing.
Suddenly Xiao Leng felt a strong breath ahead, which threatened him enough, but he didn’t feel it when he looked at Duan Jingfeng next to him. Obviously, this momentum was aimed at himself.
"Brother Duan, you go home first. I have something to do. I’ll find you later. I can find your home." Bare said to Duan Jingfeng, but I don’t want this brother who just met but is very nice to get hurt. Xiao Leng is not an impressionable person, but he can really touch others. He will always remember hello.
Duan Jingfeng how to ask is that he can’t ask Xiao Leng what made him go first, but from Xiao Leng’s expression, he can still see some things, which is a little worry. Nai Duan Jingfeng left first.
"I don’t know who this friend is, please come out and have a look." Xiao condensed into silk and said to the imposing voice, "We should not let too many ordinary people know about fixing the truth. Come with me." Xiao Leng’s figure spread and ran fast, and his limit speed soared. People could feel a breeze blowing from their side, and Duan Jingfeng was shocked.
"It’s so small, I’ll do something with you." The sound Jie Jie said that he followed Xiao Leng all the way to Mercedes. Although he was soon worse than Xiao Leng, he could see Xiao Leng’s figure a little bit far away. He didn’t see him move a fly sword at all, but suddenly he suddenly appeared. The sword light on his feet quickly narrowed the distance with Xiao Leng.
Out of the city, I came to the foot of Kunlun Mountain.
"Why don’t you run, bodhi old zu? I’m chasing cool." Looking at Xiao Leng, the figure driving the sword light also stopped. Haha. "
Chapter 29 Ghost bodhi old zu
Xiao Leng slowly turned around and felt the strong murder. Xiao Leng couldn’t help but turn around and saw a middleman wrapped in black stopping flying swords, which made Xiao Leng shrink back. He knew that people who could control flying swords were at least familiar with it in the then period. Seeing that this ghost bodhi old zu was familiar with flying swords was not just a rookie in the then period, but he was only in the middle of his heart and stronger than himself. Xiao Leng was not sure.
Only after reaching the elixir period can the true practitioner learn more powerful, that is, real spells, and the most important sign is whether a person can control the flying sword and reach the realm of elixir, so that the practitioner can transcend immortality. The elixir period is not an ordinary practitioner, and many people can reach the cardiac arrest period.
"It’s not bad that you reached the cardiac period at an early age. Your talent is really not covered haha." Theseus magnified and smiled and shocked Xiao Leng’s facial expression changed. This self-proclaimed ghost bodhi old zu practitioner also reached the Yuan infant stage at the very least. Although his strength and talent are good, he can cultivate short fashion, and he can’t compete with it.
Now I know some magic weapon methods to control Xiao Leng, and I gave his master ShiShu to myself for the first time. When I control the purple fire cloud pot in the fairy device, I will make it for the first time, and maybe I still have a chance.
Ghost bodhi old zu spiritually observed the scene situation. Xiao Leng’s slightest movement naturally fell into his observation. He wanted to start work at once. The ghost bodhi old zu only saw that the purple fire refined cloud pot was highly nervous. That purple fire refined cloud pot was a magic weapon of Qing Xuan. That’s a treasure of Qing Xuanzong Town. How could it fall into such a small hand? He didn’t move, but quietly watched Xiao Leng set up the attack and retreat forms and suddenly smiled.
"Little friend, your talent is very good." Ghost bodhi old zu slowly dropped his sword from the surface and slowly fell to the ground. His skill is quite high in the eyes of people. His movement and his posture are not amateurs who can understand the true strength of ghost bodhi old zu.
Xiao Leng is careful to guard against the ghost bodhi old zu. The strength of ghost bodhi old zu far exceeds Xiao Leng’s expectation. This ghost bodhi old zu is really the first master he met when he first entered the world.
"I don’t know my predecessors?" Xiao Leng asked cautiously whether such a strong person can not provoke or not provoke. Besides, this elder didn’t mean to shoot. The ghost bodhi old zu really didn’t mean to shoot. Since seeing Xiao Leng’s tactic secretly controlling the purple fire cloud pot,
"It’s a good thing that little friends have reached the heartbeat at an early age, hehe." Ghost bodhi old zu said with a smile, let Xiao Leng have a confused start or oppress himself urgently. How can you be like a relative now? Something must have happened, but I still can’t let my guard down. If he is upset and kind, I can do my best.
"Thank you for your praise," said Xiao Leng cautiously. "Let’s talk as a last resort. I still have a little respect for this old-timer Xiao Leng, who can’t see through himself, and I have been very peaceful with myself since the beginning.
Ghost bodhi old zu is walked over and seems to be casually asked, "I wonder what little friends and Qing Xuanzong Qing Xuan have?"
"Qing Xuan is a junior ShiShu, and my master is Qing Yang …" When I heard the ghost bodhi old zu asking this question, Xiao Leng answered it naturally. It really made him sad to think of their tragic situation of Qing Xuanzong. The master died and ShiShu died, and the whole Qing Xuanzong was left alone now.
"What is it …" Ghost bodhi old zu asked earnestly.
"But now Qing Xuanzong has lost Qing Xuanzong’s uncle and master, and they are dead," said Xiao Leng sadly.
"What Qing Xuanzong is gone …" The ghost bodhi old zu heard that it was like being hit hard, "Deng Deng" stepped back for three or five steps, and the blood rushed back with great difficulty. This bad news is nothing more serious than this.
Qing Xuanzong was slain. Qing Xuanzong was slain.
"Who is who destroyed Qing Xuanzong told me" weak ghost bodhi old zu is quiet to ask Xiao Leng.
See the ghost bodhi old zu Xiao Leng is to know that this worldly old guy has a deep relationship with Qing Xuanzong. Maybe he is also a younger brother of Qing Xuanzong. I have never heard of which younger brother of Qing Xuanzong is outside, and he is still such a powerful one.
"I don’t know who it is." Xiao Leng shook his head. He really didn’t know who it was. Although he saw the evil Lord, he was a new beginner. How could he know the evil Lord? "Because I didn’t know that man was strange, with long silver hair and a purple belt in white." Xiao Lengneng explained that the evil Lord was also seen when he attacked Qing Xuanzong and destroyed a large number of houses.
"Evil Lord …" The ghost bodhi old zu gnashed her teeth and said, "I want you to blood out" because he didn’t look very good. The blow of Qing Xuanzong being slain was still very serious to him.
"What on earth do you have with our Qing Xuanzong?" Xiao Leng asked doubtfully. It’s also good to ask if the ghost bodhi old zu seems to have a deep relationship with Qing Xuanzong. At least if you don’t escape now, you can meet such a master. What’s wrong with meeting a master?
"Child who are you apprentice? Where did this purple fire cloud pot come from? " Ghost bodhi old zu didn’t directly answer the question of Xiao Leng, but asked casually. With the purple fire refined cloud pot alone, he still couldn’t determine Xiao Leng’s identity. The purple fire refined cloud pot may also have been stolen. Although the magic weapon of the fairy device is all dripping blood, there is no loophole.
"The magic weapon that the younger master is Qingyang was given to me by the head martial uncle when I was just getting started." Xiao Lengyi said, "I don’t know if the elder is …"
"Ah ha ha turned out to be Qingyang’s little apprentice, so you can call me a granduncle. I’m Qingyang’s granduncle …" Ghost bodhi old zu said with a smile and walked slowly to Xiao Leng and patted him on the shoulder.
Chapter 3 Ghost Wind
Ghost bodhi old zu patted Xiao Leng on the shoulder and said, "It’s a pity that I grew up watching Qingyang and Qingxuan …" Ghost bodhi old zu said this look was dark.
"Granduncle, don’t be sad, Master. They will be very happy if they know that you are still talking." The ghost bodhi old zu has a very sincere feeling. Xiao Leng’s entry into the WTO is still short, and his understanding of the world is also little doubt.
In fact, the ghost bodhi old zu is really martial uncle Qingyang and Qingxuan. When he left, his brother had not received Qingyun, which means that he had been away from Qingxuanzong for more than 500 years. He also knew that Qingyun was the first person to fix the truth, but he didn’t know what he was doing. Even if you were the first person to fix the truth, you wouldn’t know you like me. Besides, he hasn’t returned to Qingxuanzong for more than 500 years, and his feelings for Qingxuanzong would naturally have faded a lot. If he hadn’t met Xiao Lengqing Xuanzong this time, he might have faded out of his
At that time, Ghost Wind was also a generation of senior experts, and he was unwilling to spend a lot of money on practicing shortcuts. His achievement was the lowest among all his disciples, but no one looked down on him as his own favorite. Finally, several disciples left Qing Xuanzong after soaring or repairing scattered immortals or the past. When he left, he was distracted in the late stage, but now his strength is in the late stage of integration. He never used the strength of his department, and he never used the strength of Yuanying in the middle stage unless it was a life-saving emergency. When he first met Xiao Leng, he was angry when he heard that his clan door was destroyed. He released some of his own strength and the seal department was untied. Now he seems to be a super master in the late stage of fitting, and he is close to the change of the ghost bodhi old zu in Du Jie. The deepest feeling is that Xiao Leng’s majestic and true force in front of him makes Xiao Leng feel that he can easily tear up his body.
Now that the strength of the ghost bodhi old zu is over, there is no problem with that injury.
"What’s your name or what’s your name?" Ghost bodhi old zu asked.
Xiao Leng answered truthfully, "I haven’t entered the Zongmen Fashion Institute yet. My name is Xiao Leng." He took the hand that had been hidden behind him to the front. He just reacted. The bodhi old zu knew that he was secretly prepared.
Purple fire refined the cloud pot and got it to the eyes of the bodhi old zu who appeared in front of him.
The ghost bodhi old zu’s eyes lit up and the purple fire refined cloud pot changed a lot. "How did this purple fire refined cloud pot change so much?" Xiao Leng is also one leng. He knows that the black pattern on the surface of this purple fire-refined cloud pot has now turned into purple. The whole gourd is left with purple and red, and the purple and red are more bizarre than before, but it seems to be more coordinated.