She smiled and shook her head.

I look at my watch. It’s 7: 30. "It’s almost time. I’ll leave first. You get dressed and wash your face. We should go."
"Well," she looked down at the brown blood on the bath towel. "Are you all right?"
"It’s okay," I suddenly understood. "Forget it. Why don’t you just take a bath again? Otherwise, it’s quite so bloody to think about it …"
She gave me a look. "It’s okay. It’s your blood. I’m not afraid."
"Aren’t you afraid of my bleeding?" I asked
"No, no," she said, fearing that I might misunderstand, she quickly corrected, "I mean, this blood is you, and I was injured only because you protected me. I am not afraid of this blood, and I will be awake when I see it."
"Awake what?"
"Nothing," she bowed her head. "I think too much."
I smiled, "All right, go and wash your face."
She nodded, wrapped her bath towel, got out of bed carefully, put on slippers and went to the bathroom.
I gently breathed a sigh of relief and went to the window to look at the street view outside. "What happened to Lao Si just now?"
"Master … I was caught just now …" Old Four said shamefully, "Are you all right?" He’s just bleeding.
"Nothing, you didn’t suffer, did you?"
"It’s true that Xiao Si didn’t suffer to have no master …" He said guiltily.
I smiled. "Come on, don’t blame yourself. It’s hard for you to deal with so much alone. It’s good to be okay."
"The master must practice hard after his fourth year and strive not to embarrass you again!"
I nodded. "Ok, you won’t follow us later. Go and watch Tan Wei’s side and report to me at any time if there is anything unusual."
"It’s master Xiao Si, I’m going!"
I have a look at the bathroom. Xue Jing hasn’t come out yet. Calm down and then summon Tang Qi. "What happened to Tang Qi? What is the quality of GAI? "
"Brother operator has no problem" Tang Qi appeared. "I’m sorry brother, I came back late just now and you were ambushed by that female ghost king …"
"Tang Qi, it’s all my own negligence. No wonder you" I smiled calmly. "You can’t cover everything. Stop blaming yourself."
She barely smiled, but her look was still unnatural.
"We’re leaving soon. When we get there, you play it by ear." I looked at her. "Xue Jing will follow me, but it’s up to you if she can’t hear this important thing."
"Brother, don’t worry, I know what to do." She paused. "I made a mistake just now, and it won’t happen this time."
"I said it wasn’t your fault, it was my negligence. Don’t worry about it."
"I’m my brother’s protector. If I’m negligent, it’s my fault," she said. "If my brother doesn’t comfort me, I’ll learn from it."
The girl is so sensible that I am embarrassed and don’t know what to say.
"Just now, the base of the snake demon minions was scattered," Tang Qi said. "But I’m a little worried. I always feel that it won’t be so simple. There should be a worse one that hasn’t appeared yet."
I looked at her. "Yes, I feel the same way. The more I get to the back, the more I dare not relax. This old four is definitely not his opponent who can deal with it. We must be more careful and never be careless."
"Well, brother, rest assured that I will." She paused. "Brother, GAI girl is very good. Although it is necessary to divide the work, isn’t it a little overqualified to let her go?"
"Don’t worry," I smiled faintly. "GAI is my killer. I won’t let her be lonely for long."
354 Tan Jia men and women
The Xue family at 9: 00 p.m.
I didn’t expect Xue Jian to set the meeting place at home. Although it is relatively suitable here, it is Xue Jing’s residence after all. From this point of view, he seems to have made arrangements and is not prepared to let his daughter continue to live here for a long time.
"You’re going to change rooms," I said to Xue Jing. "Look, your father will definitely give you a new house much more beautiful than this one in a month."
"Impossible?" Xue Jing, look at me. "Dad said that this room will let me live until I get married and will be my dowry in the future."
"The plan can’t be changed." I paused. "Your life is going to change, and this room is going to be a thing of the past."
"Change? How to change it? " She asked
"At least I can leave Shijiazhuang like a normal person and go where you want to go." I paused. "But these two days are not enough. We have to take it step by step for a while. After we go in, don’t talk much. If you are tired, just close your eyes and go back to the hotel."
"Is it appropriate for me to close my eyes when you talk about things?" She looked at me.
"Nothing inappropriate" I smiled. "What you did tonight was right." He stayed in service.
"Oh … well," she nodded.
The atmosphere in the living room is very serious. There are two men behind Xue Jian. One of them is that I have seen him in Beijing. There is a man and a woman sitting opposite him who look uneasy.
Seeing that we arrived, they quickly got up. "Jingjing is back!"
"Uncle Tan is so good and aunt is so good." Xue Jing looked faint. "Please sit down."
They sat a little embarrassed and wryly
Xue Jianyi pointed to the side, "Lin Zhuo, come and sit next to me."
Good Uncle, let me see Xue Jing. Let’s go.
After sit Xue Jian see Xue Jing "what’s the matter with you? Why are you so spiritless? "
Xue Jing rubbed his eyes. "I don’t know. I’m suddenly a little tired."
Xue Jian look at me. "Look at this …"
"It’s okay for a while," I said calmly.
He nodded and gestured to the two men behind him. "You go ahead. We have something important to talk about. No one is allowed to disturb us."
"Good" two people with different mouth turned away.
The living room suddenly became quiet, which made people feel flustered.
Xue Jian glanced at the man and sneered at his mouth. "Brother, didn’t I make it clear?"
"Brother, you made it very clear," the man said quickly.
"Then what do you two mean by coming here?" He stared at them.
"Elder brother, this …" It’s hard for a man. "You also know that the second child can’t get out when he goes in. It’s urgent that we can both come."
"Yes, I’m sorry," the woman took it. "We can’t get out of the house, and Tan Weisheng’s parents can’t contact us for a while. It’s not that we don’t take your words seriously!"
I lost my feelings. This man is Tan Xiao and this aunt Chang is Tan Jun’s wife, Tan Wei’s foster mother.
Xue Jian’s expression "Oh, Tan Jun can’t come. I understand that I can’t force it, but this matter is whether Tan Wei can live or not. I’ll talk to his biological parents. If I can’t find it, then we have nothing to say."
"Elder brother, don’t be angry. My son is not sensible and collided with Jing Jing. You can beat him and scold him, but you can’t kill him." The woman’s voice trembled with fear. "You watched him grow up for more than 20 years. He is not the kind of person who is bad to the bone. Now Tan Jun has gone in, so I have such a hope. You don’t look at the monk’s face but look at the Buddha’s face. Please spare him …"
Tan Xiao’s face is ugly. "Er … brother and child are not sensible, but don’t say such things. Young people have a little conflict with each other, just like two people quarreling at the end of the bed. You can’t be serious!"
Xue Jing frowned. "Uncle Tan, what are you talking about?"
"Jingjing, I’m making an analogy," Tan Xiao said. "Tan Wei is a jerk, but he likes your thoughts on you since he was a child. Everyone can see that because it’s not worth killing him, right?"