This bull’s nose is quite accurate. Now that you have completed your master, you will officially become my brother of Datang government from today. "

"This is the fierce ox’s mind method, which can activate the body blood and multiply the strength. Once it is cultivated to the nine-story auxiliary door, the secret slaying skill can slay the enemy even if it is powerful and earth."
Cheng Yaojin said and took out a red leather tactic from the bosom and handed it to GuHui.
"Can you slay a nine-day shura?"
Gu Hui looked at the huge bull’s head face with a nostril painted on the cover in his hand and showed a little unbelievable look.
"Little white fierce cow method is not refined to the second floor. In the whole Chang ‘an, lord protector’s brother Kong Wu can match Yang’s death in World War I. I’m afraid no one is your brother’s opponent in Chang ‘an today."
Staring at this stunned brother Cheng Yaojin smiled and said
Qiu Shaobai’s strength, Gu Hui, has seen the Six-story Big Wild Goose Pagoda with his own eyes, and a move to cut ghosts and gods will break the amulet of Nvwa’s charm. If it weren’t for the exhaustion of mana, Nvwa wouldn’t be so easy to knock him down.
Gu Hui silently put the method tactic in his arms, and Cheng Yaojin took out two methods tactic books from his arms and gave them to Gu Hui.
"This is a method of practicing all kinds of beheading tactics, and the other is that the old man has realized the word" self-awareness "and urged this method to make people dizzy and fall into madness. Take it with you if you like."
"Thank you, Master. I will live up to your expectations."
GuHui will pick up two tactic chuai in your arms.
"Since you have made a great contribution, you can freely enter and exit Cheng Fu Gate from now on. This is the old waist tag. You can take it to Chen De, and he will arrange accommodation for you, and then practice with peace of mind after you come to live.
Don’t come to the old man when you have nothing to do at ordinary times. If you don’t understand, ask your master elder brother. "
Cheng Yaojin said a stop GuHui discretion back.
Gu Hui found the housekeeper in Cheng Jia’s backyard. Cheng De handed the waist tag. Chen De took the waist tag to check the authenticity and arranged a free from worry room for Gu Hui to live in.
Then he handed the waist tag to him and respectfully withdrew from the door.
Soon after Cheng De left, Gu Hui quietly walked out of the room, covered the door and walked out of the West Gate of Cheng Fu along a garden path in front of him.
Because GuHui holds Cheng Yaojin Yaopai Road patrol who didn’t stop respectfully bowed their heads and retreated aside by him.
Out of Cheng Fu, after crossing several streets, Gu Hui got familiar with it and came to the door of the weapons shop.
The 40th chapter One-armed strong man
The owner of the weapons shop is talking to a one-armed black-faced man with a sad face.
"Take this strong man’s axe back. The little brother is estimated to be unable to come back. Alas, a fresh life is gone."
"Wait a minute. If you don’t come back in three days, forget it. When the time comes, Meng will go there again as another tracing hand."
Black-faced man thoughtfully stamped his right foot heavily.
"Forget it, except for the baby-eating evil spirit, if you want to go again, you may even lose your life. I heard that Jiangzhou magistrate has posted a new post and was uncovered by several chivalrous men, and there will be news in a few days."
The owner of the weapons shop looked at the one-armed man and shook his head and said with a sigh
"Boss, I’ve come to get that sharp axe."
At this moment, the figure flashed, and a young man came in from the outside, pointing to the array platform, where the handle of the black iron axe rushed to the weapon shop owner and smiled and said.
"Little brother, you’re here. Can the baby eater be removed?"
Weapons shop boss looked at GuHui before standing first one leng and then face a pleased and asked.
"It has been removed"
Guhui nodded and walked over to pick up the axe and put it in his waist.
"Let me introduce you-this is the original owner of the axe. He also wants to see you. He has been waiting for this for a long time."
Weapons shop boss said to GuHui one-armed man in the first two steps.
"Meng Zhuang, what do you call your brother?"
Black-faced Han said to GuHui with one hand over his chest.
"Brother Gu Huimeng doesn’t have to be polite."
In the previous step, Gu Hui held Meng Zhuang’s left arm with one hand, but the hand just took the arm and was bounced off by a strong force.
GuHui first one leng, then Ma Bai came over and smiled, and there was a surge of white mans in his hand and pressed it again.
The great strength was instantly eroded by the white awn, and the white awn turned into a great force. Meng Zhuang’s left shoulder was like carrying a mountain, and the joints clicked as if it were about to be crushed.
Listen to Gu Hui said that Meng Zhuang, a baby eater, was going to give it a try.