In the selection of new Marcus to come and sit is also measured.

After all, among the Italian vampire royalty
Arrow has Sulpisia, Caius has Ya Sinaudeau.
Marcus is the only one who is single dog, and it is much more convenient to move.
Will Marcus agree to the Italian team?
This is not under consideration by Mark.
If he doesn’t promise Mark, he will dare to perform a scene that will make the royal family lose face …
After saying this sentence,
Mark’s right finger moved again and directly dragged Victor in the bound half, hanging his neck upside down and sending it to Lucian.
The latter directly one leng.
Mark smiled gently. "What? You won’t let me let him go. Can you win one-on-one with him? "
Lucian "…"
with this
Mark patted his forehead and looked at the leather chair with Michael. Serena smiled and said, "I seem to have forgotten you. You and Lucian each have a neck?"
Serena barely smiled and waved and said, "Just watch him die."
Mark nodded his head.
Chug chug!
Looking up at the helicopter illuminated by the searchlight, Mark immediately looked back at Lucian, who had been slow to stop, and said, "Hurry up, I’m in a hurry."
Lucian "…"
Mark glanced down at his watch when the helicopter landed on the cargo ship docked at Budapest port again. It will be dawn in two hours.
Mark smiled at the corner of his mouth.
You have to be so slow to do things. That’s a female thing.
Male body is called like a pussy!
After seeing the helicopter.
Mark nodded to the pale commando captain and took Amelia, Serena and Michael behind him directly to the cabin of Alexander the Wipe King.
quite a while
Mark walked into the cabin, glanced at the direction of the chamber of secrets and smiled again.
It’s only been a day.
The big hole that was blasted out by Mark can be re-blocked. From the outside, you can’t see any flaw …
"… Erica?" Serena couldn’t help calling out when she saw a corner girl.
Mark glanced at it and was not surprised at all
Alexander can’t wipe his ass behind these two races so quickly, and sometimes he cleans up the traces before the local police arrive.