"In the ancient years, Long Mai could also have a strong posture when the Holy Spirit was born; Today, I will also incarnate the Holy Spirit and transform my body. "

Li Yu smiled. If he had been polishing Shaqi and nourishing essence, he could naturally rise slowly, but it was too slow. He chose external refining.
Lending Long Mai’s spirit is blue and white, evil spirit is outside, and the intersection of Yin and Yang is in line with natural jurisprudence, plus the protection of Gu Hua’s divine order, which deserves to be gained.
Think of it and do it. He will step directly into the Long Mai, and suddenly the essence will trickle down. If a running river surrounds him and fears him, he will immerse himself in the body.
In front, there are strips of dragons dancing and roaring, but they have been detained by the emperors of past dynasties to raise this cliff here.
When Li Yu arrived, he felt that the dragon marrow was particularly mellow in the depths of the dragon’s breath.
But it’s hard to move forward here, and it’s hard to keep up with the ages. Long Mai has a spirit, and all the big dragons have to relax and stare at the house, so they look up with big eyes.
"Long Mai …" He looked inexplicable. He found a depression in the bumpy wall rock around him and lay back in it.
And god tattooed the chain and dragged a few pieces of Long Mai essence condensed stones to cover up and fill the gap. If you bury yourself here.
In an instant, Li Yu was wrapped by a pure and strong Long Mai gas and embedded in some areas of Long Mai, where she was washed and baptized.
It is natural that the dragon spirit flowed out with the protection of the imperial lords in the past dynasties, and the offensive and violent spirit was filtered, otherwise he would not come to suffer.
However, it’s not so easy to bear, and it’s also a loss that Li Yu picked the external area. If it’s any closer, it will be propped up and turned into a meatball.
Jin Ge Tiema sounded three yin knives and evil spirits, and from the outside, the blue, white, foggy, ups and downs, golden and masculine Long Mai gas converged in one place.
Bursts of firecrackers burst out from Li Yu’s body, and Rao was erased. When Long Mai gas met Shaqi, it also fluctuated violently.
Both yin and yang are like dry wood and fire, and the ice boils into hot oil, which makes Li Yu’s flesh, bones and membranes shake violently like a big bowstring.
This is to temper the physical body like a furnace tripod, breaking the triple limit shackles, and he naturally has enough experience to grasp the degree of advance and retreat.
At this time, the bitter sea grows stronger and stronger, and the essence is rolling, and the silver and white thunderbolts are alternately roaring, and the golden dragon, the blue and white, and the blue and white, each holding half the sky, are constantly colliding and burning.
However, some of this intense process slowly blended together to form a stable region.
The strength of Li Yu’s physique, which has been tempered by the outside world, is also visible to the naked eye, and its potential has been tapped and its heritage has become more and more abundant.
Even the energy intake from hunger is filled with essence, such as swallowing Xia, drinking dew and practicing in the valley.
It’s like imitating the process of the growth and gestation of the Holy Spirit, which is extremely difficult to do without Gu Hua’s mastery of the Dragon Qi Method.
The ancient scriptures of the four dynasties in Zhongzhou all had luck to manipulate the Long Mai law, which was also their confidence in detention and practice.
In Long Mai, Li Yu runs in Gu Hua and burns like a golden flame on the surface of the gas attachment in Long Mai. In the boiling, it is blue and white, and it seems as if the three yin and yellow waters are flowing and the yin and yang are in harmony.
Gradually, day by day, there was a faint rhyme of Yin and Yang, which bred the ups and downs of Long Mai cliff.
The red clouds rise and fall, and the purple gas circulates back and forth, so it passed in January.
While Long Mai Rock Wall entered the epiphany practice, Li Yu’s recovery slowly opened his eyes.
Hey! Instantly, there are two Excalibur who cut out David Tang from the pupil and split the rock wall directly to cover the whole tear of spar in front of them and fly out.
A figure in the rubble came out with the wind, which made the whole passage bright for a few minutes.
His body is tall, straight, vigorous, flowing with light blue, gold, luxury and simplicity. This is a process of tempering and transformation, and some dragon qi and qi converge in one place to produce strange changes.
"The body has risen a lot than before."
Li Yu stretched his body and felt the changes from the outside, such as hungry tigers jumping into the stream and crazy pythons rushing through the forest. The bones and muscles were consolidated and powerful, and Xiaguang was refined, and the canopy was transformed into an imaginary dragon.
Soon, all these changes disappeared again, and he converged and replaced them with brilliance, which was more dazzling than silvery white, shining around and hitting the rock wall with bursts of roar.
Man’s Wang Ti transformation originated from the blood of man’s king, and he felt that his potential was poor and he could continue to dig and change layer by layer.
"In January, Long Mai accumulated a bitter sea, and the original foundation was broadened and polished for a long time. It’s time to open a fountain of life."
Soon Li Yu sat here and took the dragon spirit into the body to set foot on a realm.
At the same time, the center of the silvery white sea of misery flashes and screams like a waterfall, clouds and clouds roll like wolf smoke, and the two complement each other, and the hedge is actually a constant gushing communication, and life turns to a spring of god.
Li Yu’s spiritual sinking into the secret realm law practice is a completely different experience of Terran law, but it has something in common that makes him feel a lot.
It is no wonder that the strong ancestors are keen on reincarnation, that is, to contact more spiritual fruits to broaden their horizons.
And I’m reincarnated in the world, and I’m bound to see a wider world, and I’ll step by step be brave and diligent
Gradually, his body rumbled, and in the sea of suffering, there were silvery white waves rolling up and hitting the long silver rings, and the white was deafening.