Jack felt the same way and nodded, even half hiding behind Debbie.

Obviously, every time I come into contact with some abnormal people or things, Mark always gets hurt …
Mark just lamented that the castle gate was instantly beaten by two rows of beautiful vampires, and a well-dressed and seemingly noble woman walked out leisurely.
"Ha ha Amelia ….." Mark threw the sunglasses behind Debbie and smiled. He opened his arms and looked at Amelia, the vampire elder, coming towards him with a smile.
One second!
Mark cocked his head and looked at it and slapped himself directly. Amelia blinked and asked, "What is this?"
Amelia smiled coldly and glanced at Jack and Debbie, who flashed their eyes elsewhere.
A moment!
Amelia smiled at Mark again and immediately gave her red lips.
The moment your lips touch!
Mark suddenly felt that the temperature of the red lips printed on his lips was not as cool as the mint in his memory. It seemed that these red lips were unusually warm …
Unlike small-town vampires, European vampires … No, together with the vampires living in New York, Amelia, a vampire with a three-Presbyterian Council, is wonderful.
Vampires elsewhere don’t need to sleep.
What about Amelia?
Every century, an elder will be awakened to sleep and become stronger …
Chapter 33 A guest vampire castle
quite a while
Mark walked into the castle with his own protector.
Beauty is not enough for luxury.
Sitting on a soft sofa with gold and diamonds, Mark’s eyes fell on the wall, and Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings hung on it …
There is only an illusion when you are in the room. The layout here is the layout that should be in the luxury court of medieval Europe.
The palace scene in the big screen or in the small screen is compared with here.
It’s simply LOW to the extreme …
"Vanessa took these two to the Piandian" wearing a tube top skirt to reveal the skin of Angelica dahurica, and Amelia waved away many attachments with a beautiful ornament. After she gave birth to a vampire, she looked at Jack and Debbie and ordered a beautiful girl next to her.
The beautiful maid nodded and then walked towards the dharma protector on both sides of Mark.
"… boss!"
Mark nodded and smiled at the maid in front of him and said, "Tell the new bats in Piandian not to think about transforming my two genera into the same kind all the time. If I get angry, the consequences will be very serious."
quite a while
When there was one person in the hall, Amelia sat down beside Mark with two glasses of bright red blood wine in her hand, pouting her red lips and narrowing her quiet and cold eyes, and said, "Bat? Me too? "
Mark laughed and shook his head directly. "Of course not. How can you be that creature?"
"Oh, what am I?"
"Princess!" Mark took Amelia’s hand glass, stared at her beautiful face that had not aged for years, and said with a smile, "Emperor, your appearance seems to have never changed over the years, and you are still a vampire princess in my mind."
Amelia "…"
Amelia Mark was quite proud when she saw that she was moved by her sweet words.
His mutant ability is that women’s goodwill naturally increases by ten or twenty.
After the daughter’s education and criticism, Mark also promised not to provoke women except Jean and Julia.
Amelia will go to sleep for a century in three days …
Mark struggled fiercely to choose whether to keep his Covenant with his daughter or make an exception for a while.
Amelia, who seemed to be moved by Mark’s love words, suddenly turned cold and said, "But you are old!"