When nurse Xiao Zhou brought a pair of medicine from the Chinese pharmacy, the comparison will be even more obvious.

A few people qi qi exhaled a sigh of relief.
Just find the root of the problem. If you are always confused, there may be a big problem.
The symptoms of these patients are not serious, even if they can’t afford to take the medicine, they will feel uncomfortable for a few more days at most, and the problem is not serious.
But what if it’s a seriously ill patient? It may be fatal to delay this day or two.
"Lao Zhao, you still told Cory comrades that it would be best for patients to go out for prescriptions after one day. At the very least, the quality of medicines in our pharmacy is guaranteed. Who knows what will happen to the medicines outside?"
"I know Li Zhu" Zhao Zhu nodded.
"But there’s nothing we can do if the patient doesn’t listen and insists on taking medicine outside."
There is no good way to solve this problem in Li Chu.
This time, it was found to be Coptis chinensis. Who knows what medicine is wrong in the pharmacy outside?
Including several Chinese medicine doctors in Li Chu, looked at each other and everyone sighed together.
At lunch, Li Chu told Ding Qiunan about the early rain column coming to find him.
"Does he really want to follow Qinhuai Ru to the south?"
"The house is sold, don’t you think?"
"Well, I’m a little puzzled. What is it that he is also a fifty-year-old man?"
"Who knows? I asked him if he regretted it. No, he was a dead duck."
"Hey, he’s looking forward to it, or he’s ruining Chun Mei. Why don’t you send the money to Chun Mei after dinner?"
Li Chu ate and nodded. "Well, I’ll send it later."
"I don’t think Chun Mei will want it."
"Whether she likes it or not, I can help her deliver it, not beg her not to throw it away by herself."
Ding Qiunan was delayed by his own man’s words, and he didn’t get used to it except for her relatives and other women.
After dinner, Ding Qiunan went to the office to rest, and Li Chu left the hospital with the car and went to Qianmen Street.
"Small when? Have you come to work again? "
See people inside the hotel door Li Chu said with some surprise.
"Ah, Li … Li Shu … we … our boss’s old shop over there?"
"I know I didn’t come to see him, did I?"
"What about Manager Cui on the second floor?"
"Call her and tell her I have something to ask her."
People who eat hot pot at noon on weekdays can still be a little less. At night or on weekends, Xu Damao often has to queue up for hot pot on the first floor so that guests can eat as soon as possible. Now the weather is warm, he has set tables in the backyard, and if guests don’t dislike it, they will be asked to sit in the backyard and eat in the open air.
"Li Shu, you’ve come over for dinner. You didn’t come in to eat." Sophora japonica, who just came out of the kitchen, saw her sister talking to Li Chu. She quickly came over and said.
"I’ve eaten Sophora japonica. I’ll talk to Cui Chunmei about something for your sister to call one."
"Then sit in the back office. What’s it like outside? I’ll make you a cup of tea."
"Don’t be busy, Sophora japonica, just a few words and I’ll leave."
"Elder sister, you go and call Manager Cui."
"When will your sister come over?" When I walked over to the stairs, Li Chuyang raised the yamba and asked
Sophora japonica face a dark sighed and said, "My mother sold her house and went to the south to accompany my brother and sister, who didn’t even have a place to live, and she was left by my mother. She didn’t have any choice but to run to me."
I begged Xu Shu again to let my sister continue here and live with me at the back from the beginning of the night. "
Suddenly, Li Chu felt a hostile look at himself and turned to look for it.
Almost as soon as he turned his head, he saw a young man in his twenties wearing a white hat and a navy blue coat with sleeves coming from the second floor to the stairs and staring at himself.
With a slight change of mind, he wondered why the young man would look at him with hostility.
Smiling, Li Chu asked, "Is that guy with Sophora japonica your object?"
"Ah?" Sophora japonica was asked for a moment and then turned to look and saw the young man. Her face turned slightly red, but she was still generous and waved at the other side to let the man come over.
When the young man saw Sophora japonica waving to him, he immediately knew that he was jealous and ate the wrong object. He hesitated for a moment before he came up with his leg lifts.
"Li Shu, I’d like you to meet my partner, Zhang Xiaoqiang, the chef on the second floor, and this is our neighbor before Li Shu. Just call me."
"Li … Li Shu!" Zhang Xiaoqiang some embarrassed to call.
Li Chu nodded with a smile.
Sophora japonica exercise has really changed in the past two years, and it is no longer natural and graceful to treat people like Nuo Nuo.
Soon when I was young, I called Cui Chunmei from the building, and Sophora japonica also took her object with her.
"Sophora japonica, why haven’t I heard that your family and neighbors are soldiers before?" Go behind Zhang Xiaoqiang mouth asked.
"Li Shu’s family moved away long ago, so I didn’t say that our boss rented this shop as Li Shu."
"ah? You mean this hospital is that uncle Li? "
"Yes, the boss and the two of them have been very good for decades. The other bosses who don’t come here often are all relatives of Li Shu."
Suddenly he realized something was wrong. "Wait a minute, Sophora japonica. Do you think our boss and this uncle Li have been together for decades?"
"Yeah, that’s right."
"How old is our boss? How old is this Li Shucai?"
"Snow …" Sophora japonica laughed as soon as you listen.