However, the final result of a great war in ancient times was also a tragic victory for the gods. If the war is fought again ten billion years later, the strength is far less than that of the gods in ancient times. Can there still be a chance of winning?

The most important thing is that the strength of shura protoss has not changed!
Xiao Fan faintly felt that if the gods were about to face the second Shura protoss war, the chances of winning were extremely low!
"Is this it?"
"Well, it should be right. We’ll finish it quickly. Every time we sneak into the divine world, it makes me feel creepy … The divine masters are too tough!"
"Pei Chou you losers like this is a great shura protoss god king level? Don’t lose all your face! "
"All right, but I have to admit that these things in the celestial world are too powerful. Which time have we won several battles during the flood season?"
"Hum to although there is no victory but divine strength is not getting worse? And … without the avatar, the guys in the celestial world have nothing to fear! "
"Ha ha, that’s right. Didn’t World War II kill some of their greatest gods?"
"Hum, things at that level are no longer available to us. Don’t forget that our greatest people have the same fate!"
"Hum, don’t worry, the greatness of our Shura protoss is just in a state of eternal silence. If we can get that thing back, they will recover again!"
"All right, stop it. Be careful. Every wall has ears. We are shouldering a more important mission this time. What will these guys look like if they find out that the twelve beasts of the Shura protoss represent destruction and suddenly they come back to life the next day?"
"Ha, ha, ha, the double heavenly roots can’t compete with it. Even if the triple heavenly roots can come here, they have to double their strength. How about dealing with the powerful shura blood beast?"
"Sure enough … these guys are here to resurrect the shura blood beast!" A few shura protoss guys whispered to each other, but they all entered Xiao Fan’s ears verbatim.
However, Xiao Fan didn’t think much about these meaningless conversations. Unfortunately, his attention was not on this side. Otherwise, if you think about it carefully, you may be able to think of something …
After a private chat, several shura protoss guys took action.
Xiao Fan just kept a certain distance like a ghost and followed them carefully.
Xiao Fancai found that everything here was the same as it was ten billion years later after entering the familiar and unfamiliar fault mountains.
Whether it’s plants or animals that I’ve never seen before, I can’t believe that they lived here ten billion years ago.
The war did not make them extinct, but ensured their habitat and living environment to continue to multiply.
Soon shura protoss several people came to the huge pit after ten billion years.
However, at this time, it is a small hillside with a huge altar built around it, which is surrounded by enchantments and smells strange and scary.
In the middle of the altar stands a huge stone compass with a relief of shura blood beast.
"Shura blood beast …" Xiao Fan bit his teeth and saw several corners of the altar of Shura protoss guy. He knew that Shura blood beast was resurrected for the first time!
Chapter 1132 Law Age
"Great Creator, you created everything, created the most noble and noble Shura protoss, and created twelve sacred beasts to guard the Shura protoss, but those hateful invaders took away our land, robbed us of everything and exiled us to the darkest place in the universe!"
"But your blood, your light has not disappeared, and it has been shining on us, giving us help and giving us all hope!"
"Now, you people, we beg you to let your power shine again, and let the twelve beasts exiled to the eternal void, a powerful beast than the shura blood beast, come again!"
Several shura protoss masters chanted, and constantly poured energy into the huge stone plate!
"The creator? Intruder? What exactly did they say? " Xiao Fan heard a scratching his head, but he can be sure that the sacrifices performed by these people now are a precursor to awakening the blood beast of Shura!
Then the earth shook wildly, and the huge round stone plate of the altar suddenly flashed two dazzling red lights!
"Hey!" There was a slight crack in this stone plate, and it spread rapidly around and became bigger and bigger, followed by the whole stone plate crashing and bursting into two!
Soon, a piece of golden fragments jumped out of it and smelled strange in the middle.
Gold plate fragments!
Xiao Fan’s eyes shrank.
It turned out that the golden plate was fragmented in this era, and it was only after the end of this war era that the golden plate was once again grouped.
From this point on … Who is the final winner and who is the real loser in this tens of billions of years of fighting has become blurred.
"So … this is the starting point!" Xiao Fan pinched his fist and suddenly a flash of cold light flashed in his eyes, suddenly releasing his murderous look and raising his hand toward the altar, which was a thousand swords and mangs banging out!
However, those shura protoss masters seem to be more absorbed in Xiao Fan than fierce and sharp attacks, and they also input strength into the golden plate of broken skin.
A few foul smells are more than blood fog, and the package of evil wind permeates from the altar and melts into the fragments of the golden plate!
"Hey!" Let Xiao Fan be familiar with the roar of heaven and earth.
"Damn it! Shura blood beast! I can never bring you back to life! You will give me complete destruction in this era! " Xiao Fan looked at a long hair and stood up. The muscles and bones also sounded overwhelmed and exceeded their own limit. Xiao Fan’s angry killing thoughts broke out in his heart!
All swords and mangs are also integrated, and a huge sword is smashed!
Can be followed by Xiao Fan face changed.
If you are so violent, even the master at the level of Ghost Rain God must avoid the edge, or you will be wiped to death or disability.
But this attack went straight through several shura protoss masters and at the same time through the gold plate fragments!
No, it’s not an effect, it’s a root, you can’t hit it!
Xiao Fan froze.
I have even forgotten that just a blow has brought load and fatigue to my body.
You hit yourself and didn’t touch anything?
Is it simple to pass through without causing damage?
And those shura protoss masters don’t seem to feel the same?
Maybe …
Xiao Fan’s heart sank and gritted his teeth, and hurriedly jumped forward to a shura protoss master. He made every effort to hit him in the middle of the back with one punch.
However, his fist passed through each other’s body and stretched out from his chest as if nothing had been touched.
It really is!
Xiao Fan’s face changed.
This is not only effective, but that I have never really come to this world at all.
That is to say, I may be conscious, thinking or a ray of divine knowledge when I come here.