It’s a bad king not to go to the emperor in a row. Of course, Cang Ao certainly doesn’t want to be a bad king.

Although I was told in advance that I would not go to the DPRK for several days, it would be difficult to ensure that some national ministers would come to find out what the emperor was going to the DPRK.
How long will the male and female servants lie in bed?
I feel miserable at the thought of lying in bed like a dead man, unable to move a thousand colors.
Almost. It shouldn’t take two days.
Pale proud negative hand and stood looking thoughtfully out of the window.
two days
He’s not the one lying in bed. That’s easy for him to say
Chapter 25 Things Revealed 1
What should I do if I have to lie in bed for two days? She can’t guarantee that she can’t help moving.
It’s revealed that you are proud of your own business and threw the question directly at her.
Very irresponsible words
Her acting is not him yet, and he can say such things without team spirit.
I can’t. I’ve suffered less. Thousand colors decided to say that he
Emperor, why don’t you continue to keep the imperial secretary in Xuewan Temple away from the male and female servants’ bedrooms so that they don’t pretend to be sick and don’t worry about being exposed.
Nie Qianse, I think you are usually very clever. Why is your head not good at this moment?
It makes sense for me to stay here and send people back. I’m not here anymore. Do you think it’s okay to send people back?
Yes, if people are sent away, outsiders will be more suspicious of who is poisoned and doesn’t need to be waited on.
In fact, she didn’t let herself suffer, so she just said it quickly without thinking.
But, Emperor, it’s really impossible for you to ask your male and female servants to lie in bed for two days.
Unless he points her acupuncture point.
Then I point to your acupoint and proudly approach her finger to provoke her jaw and ask.
No, male and female servants are not bound. I feel that thousands of colors avoid his hand and directly refute his suggestion.
Pale proud stretched out his hand and took her waist tightly in his arms.
Since you don’t want me to point the acupuncture points, then behave yourself.
Don’t you have no other choice? Thousand colors don’t struggle and ask with a frown.
Why don’t you say something? Tell me what it is.
Cang ao smiled darkly and said, I’ll feed you poison again.
Forget she asked.
Forget it, male and female servants still choose acting.
Well, I’ll leave you soon, and some people will come in and continue to take care of you. I’ll accompany you later.
Come back later
Don’t come late if you are in poor health. If he comes again late, she will lose sleep again.
Why don’t you want me to come? There’s a dim light in my eyes.
of course
Male and female servants believe that the emperor should go to the throne when he has extra weight and energy. When he has no energy, don’t try to be brave, but take more rest and hurt his health.
Cang ao leng didn’t expect that she carefully observed his situation when he wished to be elsewhere.