Situhao’s body is still under the strong impact of three forces, and his body surface is still constantly being broken by conflict forces. At this time, his body is full of holes.

The blood rushing and spraying made Situhao look paler and paler.
His body is constantly being broken through by conflict forces, and his arms are also rushing with blood.
At this instant, when the right arm shot a piece of blood, a colorful light was sprayed.
In the colorful light with blood flying down the ground instantly in the room was now a red harmonic naked body unique beauty Situhao that was already very depressed and I couldn’t help a vibration. He was immediately shocked by the stunning sight.
The beauty in front of her eyes is really beautiful. She is equal to Yan Mu Ling and others, but her skin and body are completely different. No, it should be said that she is different from women.
Because she is like a jade carving, she can’t see a flaw in moist than luster.
She is a jade person, comparable to a beautiful art.
She is not very tall, but in front of her, because of her slim figure, she is absolutely slim and graceful, and her perfect curve makes people forget it for life at first sight.
Her breasts are not very big, but they are just right. All parts of her body are so perfect when they are alone.
She is like an artist, but she can move. At this time, she is still a living perfect art.
Just as her body was taking shape, her right jade hand gently reached her mouth and yawned, and her eyes were dim as if she had just woken up.
Just as his jade hand gently covered his beautiful mouth, the jade peak on her chest was still quivering, giving off an extremely seductive breath.
Situhao was shocked by the jade beauty in front of him, and he had forgotten that he had bred great pain.
Not Situhao, even The Hunger beside him has been completely immersed in the eyes at this time. Suddenly, a pair of bloody eyes are about to fall from the eyes, and the mouth is slightly open, which turns out to be not close at the moment.
The beauty like jade carving in front of me is so perfect
Perfect as a fireworks fairy who doesn’t eat people.
Yawning beauty at this time, her eyes focused on Situhao, looking at his body, and her face was full of doubts.
The beautiful girl cocked her head and looked at Situhao transfixed.
Ah, no
The beautiful girl’s light lips inspired an exclamation.
When I heard it, Situhao immediately exclaimed in his heart. How can I smell it several times?
Gently call down the beautiful woman who suddenly disappears like a jade carving, and suddenly there is a colorful light in the room. It’s really beautiful.
The colorful light is more beautiful than the colorful light. When the colorful light is forming, the room is full of all kinds of chardonnay, and the light rushes to Situhao’s body and seeps into his body as quickly as possible.
With the colorful light rushing into Situ Hao’s body, his body was rushing and his blood injection disappeared immediately, and dozens of wounds were healing in an instant. Situ Hao was hit hard by the power conflict and recovered completely in a moment.
However, the three conflicting forces of the body are still in violent conflict, and Situ Hao’s body is still suffering.
However, at this time, he could partly feel that in the surge of three forces, a stronger force was added to press the three conflicting forces.
In the sight of jade carving, after the ultimate beauty disappeared, The Hunger turned his head and looked at Situhao’s body, his mouth was still wide open, and the situation really shocked him completely.
And SiTuHaoJi eyes NingZhu at this time also in the body.
Three forces are rushing around in three boundaries, and there is a strong conflict, while the other force covers three forces rushing around in Situhao.
At this time, Situ Hao’s body is equivalent to four forces in violent conflict, so that the pain caused by other bodies becomes even greater, but Situ Hao’s hope is nothing.
After being powerful by another force, the three conflicting forces actually stopped conflicting with each other at this time, and they fought furiously with that powerful force in the same place, just like comrades on the same front.
It doesn’t seem like the force running around is resisting in unison among the three conflicting forces.
Even though this force is still running persistently, three forces are engaged in a relentless struggle.
With the passage of time, the suffering of Situ Hao has become more and more great, and his mental shock has made him reach the limit of patience. He feels that his mind is getting heavier and heavier.
It seems that this running strength may not be able to save his life. Chapter 6 is based on Tao 5.
More and more intense pain is about to make Situhao faint, but at this time, Situhao’s body pain was slowly relieved.
By this time, he found that it was not the weak force that attacked him, but that it seemed to be the most powerful force to oppress the other three forces. Situhao’s body was bound to burst again, and this burst was no longer that kind of point burst. I’m afraid it would be a body burst.
Situhao’s body has been unable to withstand the conflict of powerful forces.
With the strength of the assault body slowly becoming small, the three assault forces seemed to be very strong at first, but in the back, their conflict force was slowly bound up by the assault body force, and it was also the three conflict forces that were bound, and the pain caused by Situ Hao’s body was slowly decreasing.
With the pain getting lighter and lighter, Situhao’s spirit is becoming clearer and clearer. At this time, he has only seen the jade carving, and the beauty is the elf who lives in another body.