I hope you don’t think I’m a liability then.

Lin laughed. He didn’t know how strong it would be if he accepted it completely, but it was definitely not an ordinary level.
Heart shine Yan mouth chuckle soon she no longer hesitate to look up at the bone pool immediately took a deep breath and swept the body shape finally burst into the bone pool and fluctuated again.
Lin looked at the bone pool and he could feel that the horrible energy was condensing at this time as if it were gestating something.
It’s finally done. Lin moved and stretched, and finally solved this worry.
Your name is Lin Dong, right? Kyubi no Youko Linghu smiled and looked at Lin Dong and suddenly said,
Lin nodded.
Kyubi no Youko ling fox wanted to think, want to eat the main bearing? Chapter one thousand and fifty Eat the temple.
Want to get the devouring master?
When Kyubi no Youko Linghu said this sentence, Lin could clearly feel that his breathing seemed to stagnate for a moment, and that a pair of pupils also expanded slightly for a moment and then returned to Chang.
What the elder said is the meaning.
The shock in my heart gradually calmed down, and Lin couldn’t help but ask, devouring the Lord, which is of great attraction to people, including him.
Didn’t devour the Lord into reincarnation?
Lin Dong thought that she would be the reincarnation of the ice master, and obviously the power of the ice master would gradually reappear in her body in another form, which was obtained by the external root method.
Stepping into the realm of reincarnation, you can spy out the state of reincarnation. Even if the physical death disappears, you can’t finish saying that it is death. The realm of peak strength can reappear in this world in a more mysterious way.
That is to say, to devour the Lord and enter the reincarnation, it is impossible for him to receive it from outsiders.
Kyubi no Youko Linghu nodded gently and his eyes were dark and silent.
Then he’s slightly shocked that even the ice master has entered the reincarnation. How can he not enter?
In the end of the ancient world war, Lord Fu Zu burned the cracks in the plane of reincarnation and drove away the different demons, but we also paid a terrible price.
Fu Zu’s ancient masters were all seriously injured and dying, but before Fu Zu’s adult fell, the last strength sent the ice master into reincarnation, but the remaining strength was no longer enough to escort others into reincarnation.
In fact, Lord Fu Zu’s final strength should be able to send the other seven masters into reincarnation, but in that case, the reincarnation of the ice master will be a lot of changes because of the lack of strength to guard it.
The ice master is the chief brother of Lord Fu Zu, and he is also the best brother. Even the rebellious devourer has no objection to this, and Lord Fu Zu also said that the only ice host in the Lord will reach his step.
You should know that heaven and earth are vast. Although we ended in victory, it is not over. The inferno has been eager for our world, and when the first world war begins, we must need a second Fuzu.
Lin’s palm slightly holds that the second Fuzu malicious may be the ice master.
Thought of here, his mind is the girl with slender figure, long hair and clever smile. Yan Xi’s delicate and charming heart can’t help but feel some complicated emotions. Maybe it’s hard to know if she will be the girl he once knew who would be quiet and caress the strings when that day comes.
Will Guzheng, a girl of Cangshan bluestone, be gone in that year?
Of course, to shelter the ice master is also the common idea of the other seven masters, and they have no complaints about Fu Zu’s decision, which is not that Fu Zu’s adult is biased.
Kyubi no Youko ling fox looked at all of a sudden tybalt slain Lin move he struggled with this immediately smiled to say with smile.
Then in the end, how did the other seven lords solve the problem of forest movement? He asked, In the sea of chaos, he broke into the mysterious magma, which should be the sleeping place of the inflammation Lord, and the forest movement floating in the red coffin from the magma could sense a tiny fluctuation. Obviously, the inflammation Lord should still be alive.
And in the tower of the universe, the Lord of the universe is also hidden. Although he doesn’t know his situation, it should not be the worst.
Kyubi no Youko Linghu Jade Hand slowly gripped her lip corner with a hint of bitter infiltration to devour the Lord, ranking second in strength among the great lords, second only to the Ice Lord, and at the end of the war, he was injured but not weaker than the Ice Lord. The next step was to disperse the Yuan God.
If he had fled into reincarnation at that time, he might have gained a chance from reincarnation, but in the end, he gave up and chose to burn the Yuan God to gain the last strength to protect the other six seriously injured masters.
Lin moved silently and made some respects.
Kyubi no Youko Linghu watched Lin move lightly and never entered reincarnation to devour the Lord. From then on, he will completely dissipate in heaven and earth. He really fell.
Lin looked at Kyubi no Youko Linghu with sad eyes and didn’t say anything at the moment.
That guy is always like this. I’m used to it today. I’m accompanying him to dissipate this world. There’s nothing to mourn. Kyubi no Youko Linghu smiled. The smile was quite light. She looked at Lin. You are the master of this devouring ancestor. If you can get his legacy, it’s a continuation of devouring the main name.
Lin Dong took the lead and swallowed the main bearing, so it should not be here.
Of course, it’s such a simple matter for you to recognize the world. Kyubi no Youko Linghu didn’t get angry and took a quick look at Lin. He just said, I can give you some clues, but it depends on you whether you can get it.
Lin smiled awkwardly, and he casually asked, but he didn’t hold such expectations.
He finally sat down and fell in the temple he devoured. If you want to get his inheritance, you have to find the temple that devours and is in the demon domain. Kyubi no Youko Linghu Road
Where is the demon domain? It is not easy to find a temple to devour in this vast demon domain.
Swallowing the temple is hidden in the middle, and it is constantly drifting, and its orientation is extremely unstable. It is impossible for you to let me tell you the exact location. Kyubi no Youko Linghu laughed
But every once in a while, it will be revealed, and when you think about it, it will be the first feeling in this world. That guy was unruly and had a high eye. It is not easy to get his support, even if you hold the ancestor.
Lin Dong grinned. I am confident in myself.
Kyubi no Youko Linghu Zheng immediately looked at Lin Dong and smiled. You are very similar to that guy. He has never been the ice master. He has fully challenged the ice master for a hundred years, but it is not once that he can beat her.
Lin Dongwen couldn’t help but suck up and make clicks. It seems that the ice master is really strong, and he feels great pressure at the thought that this kind of strength will be added to his body in the future.
That’s all for devouring the Lord. I can help you, that is, tell you this information.