The woman named Bai Xiaowen in this temple is the most suitable for the virgin’s constitution. The soul is definitely a rare fetus in ten thousand. You can take her to the temple of destiny and you will definitely be favored by the master of life.

And I’m sure that in a short time, this woman will be selected as a saint of the temple of destiny. She really will be a saint of the temple of destiny. Then with the help of her, our power in the temple of destiny will inevitably increase, and it is also possible to advance to the empire.
Take her to the temple of destiny. Don’t you see that she is already a woman of Xuanyuan King? Ye Yinchan interrupted the fantasy of the old emperor with a smile.
Hehe, a small and subordinate kingdom king just wants a temple. Would you like it? Does King Xuanyuan dare to disobey your orders? Bei Mingyin sneers that the winter sun shines through the curtains on his wrinkled face.
This face with white hair and beard emerged, and it was a far cry from the kind-hearted emperor before saying no to malicious crime
It’s easy to say that you are a king of an affiliated kingdom or a law array, but the teacher should also know that the identity of King Xuanyuan is not as simple as being a king of an affiliated kingdom or an array.
You mean the golden flame in that force
Ye Yinchan nodded.
Bei Ming Yin frowned. Judging from the history of Xuanyuan Wang’s rise, it really seems that he suddenly got some unknown force behind his back and said that he was also a fire.
After all, let a silly king who has never practiced martial arts before suddenly become a brilliant genius, and he is as powerful as Buddhism to make such a miracle. Here, he laughs with confidence.
However, even if he is a fire array, it is estimated that he was only recently discovered by Vulcan Gate, otherwise he would not have only recently emerged, and you are afraid to take this opportunity for such a weak fire palace.
When it comes to the end, Bei Mingyin’s face shows a strange and terrible look. Although he didn’t say anything later, he has clearly expressed his meaning through this expression.
That is to kill Xuanyuan Chapter one thousand one hundred and twelve Assassination.
On whether it is fire in Vulcan gate or array gate array, it is necessary for a person to finally set foot on the high double throne through the ages, so it is necessary to compete with each other.
Moreover, it is a very common situation that the two ministries, Vulcan Gate and Law Gate, have sent factions to compete for profits and compete with each other, and it has also formed a vicious circle.
It is not inconceivable whether the theory of history is a fire or a battle, or whether the temple of destiny has fallen. Many great sects in contemporary times have ascended the throne on the basis of the remains of the past days.
In such a jungle law, in the middle of the heavens and the earth, it is very common for Bei Mingyin to quietly get rid of a future competitor.
Teacher, you are too murderous. Ye Yinchan shook his head.
North ghost assumed a sigh.
The temple is because you are too kind and naive to travel in the heavens and the world. You have been used to the ugliness of blood shed for many years, but you are unwilling to admit that the world is cruel. However, you are one of the most dazzling people among the younger generation today, no matter how you remember the fate of fighting at the same time.
Your destiny has long been doomed from life. Women’s compassion will not help you to step on the final peak in the future, and you will be relieved.
Ye Yinchan is smiling.
North ghost assumed can sigh again but didn’t say anything.
I don’t know how many times this conversation has happened in the past decade or so.
Although Bei Mingyin has never been able to say that this talented South China is full of destiny, he has never given up persuasion.
Just like this time, if you have a chance, Bei Mingyin will instill his own theory, because he has seen the mysterious situation of sects in his life for more than 200 years and told him that he is true.
An arrogant person who is too kind and righteous is born from the rolling of the heavens and the earth.
He must say Ye Yinchan.
Because of him, his fate has been firmly tied together since he became the master of Ye Yinchan.
This time, the temple will allow me to be the master Bai Xiaowen once. This woman is important to the future of the temple. No matter what means, I want you to take it away. Bei Ming Yin seems to have made some determination and suddenly said firmly
Don’t provoke Xuanyuan Wang Ye Yinchan to stare at the stubborn old man and seriously say that he is terrible, and it will become even more terrible after that.
It’s even more important to solve everything now, and Beimingyin will not budge.
Ye Yinchan wants to say something. Suddenly, his face changed. Sitting opposite him, Bei Mingyin also changed his face.
They haven’t come yet. There was a buzzing sound in their ears, and then a thin black dagger cut the star car when they didn’t know it was flint. Now it’s North Ghost Yin’s eyes with a thrilling cold light to the throat of the old emperor.
This truth can be described as elbow axillary deformation.
Who would have thought that people were bold enough to assassinate important members of the Xia Dynasty in broad daylight, and who would have thought that people could quietly invade the flying car and hurt the killer in the protection of hundreds of powerful imperial knights?
Fortunately, Bei Ming-yin’s strength is good and his response is not slow.
In a hurry, the old imperial teacher with white hair and beard showed a rare calm, sitting on the ground motionless, and his right hand was filled with a milky white flame. The true qi frantically urged his own flesh palm to firmly hold the cold light that was wiped to his throat.
Die north ghost Yin a recruit to get angry.
He wants to fight back strongly. His face is instantaneous and his eyes are changing. Finally, he is surprised. Because the qi is getting harder and harder, fine steel’s palm actually holds that dark dagger, and a sharp pain comes. Then the palm is cut by the dagger in an instant.
This dagger turned out to be a god of war fighter, which can break the gas.
Hastily felt the threat of death, and Bei Ming-yin furiously thundered at the body, and the horrible true qi burst into milky white flame like crazy waves and angry rings, and suddenly everything in the carriage disappeared like the tide.
In the violent impact, the star car fell apart like crumbs and exploded instantly.
At the same time, the figure that flies away and still holds the black dagger.
In this way, the shock wave with the same energy as the tidal wave protects the knight around the star car, and even the man and the horse fly down and become fragile, like hay in a hurricane.
Ha, ha, ha. I can’t believe that you, the Imperial Normal University student, turned out to be a celestial emperor with a fairy level. This strength can really be avoided in the territory of the Great Xia Dynasty. You just flew down to that figure with a crazy laugh and shot it again at a faster speed.
The black dagger in the hand and the letter from the poisonous snake were chopped up, and the white flame in the sky was violently stabbed at the heart of Beimingyin. This blow was full of tragic feelings, giving people the feeling that it was going to crash and burn.