But to their surprise, this seemingly 16-and 17-year-old boy has always been calm in his line of people, running away without a horse or begging for mercy, and he has no intention of offering money.

Just when they want to kill the boy who doesn’t know how to live or die, they see him take the iron sword to the shoulder and sneer at it. In your knowledge, I will give you a chance to pick up my sword and spare you from death. Chapter 17 Kill with one sword.
wildly arrogant
Nima fuck four eyes dew yoshimitsu will hand a machete Yang toward Meng Fei to kill.
In the face of these people came to attack, his left foot stepped forward slightly, and Meng Fei split his sword.
Listen to the snow a few flips, four thick firm but gentle flashes from the waist of four people behind them, and the ground also cuts a few meters long sword mark, grass clippings and soil blasters everywhere.
a moment
Four people’s bodies split in half and scattered to the ground.
You can kill four people with one sword. Seeing this, the black mouse was amazed. Although I knew that Meng Fei’s cultivation techniques were also special, I didn’t expect to be so powerful.
Sword seconds kill four refined gas five-stage cultivation, even if the earth star is six-stage strong, it is difficult to do it. And it seems that the strength of Meng Fei has not exceeded the earth star three-stage. How can this power be achieved?
No, that sword just now seems to have some kind of time pause effect, which seems to capture other people’s minds. Isn’t this guy a brute force practitioner and has already realized that force has become a double force chain repair?
Thought of here, the black-robed mouse quickly asked if you had lost time in this sword just now.
Meng Fei "nodded and said, it’s always my style to do things quickly."
You are a double-force practitioner. Haha, no wonder your blood can wake me up to God’s will. It’s really God’s will. In this world, it’s only you who are afraid of these mutations that have leapfrogged to challenge your strength because your potential is beyond ordinary people’s imagination.
The black mouse was very happy that it had recognized a very useless guy, but now it didn’t expect that this guy was a rare person in the world, but this potential is worth looking forward to.
Otherwise, it firmly believes that with Meng Fei’s potential, he will definitely become an absolute master in the future. At that time, if Xu Ji has been buried for a long time, that regret will be realized.
Let’s get out of here quickly. These robbers in the forest are the ones who organized you to kill them. If they find out that they are afraid, it will not be easy. After Yue, the black-robed mice will be worried and dare to plunder in this black fog mountain. The organization must not be underestimated.
When they know that Meng Fei killed their organization, they will definitely go after him at all costs.
Although Meng Fei is a double-force practitioner, it can kill the earth star realm, but if it is strong in the same period or stronger, it will be difficult to get away.
After scraping the leather bags of the four people’s valuables, Meng Fei clapped his hands and said, "One person here will destroy the bodies. Who knows that I killed them?"
That’s true, but let’s get rid of these bodies now. After all, this is not a black mouse that has stayed for a long time. It seems to want to say something, but it has swallowed it.
Meng Fei didn’t care. First, he poured some flammable tree oil on the bodies, then took some fake fire symbols and threw them to the surface. When the fire flashed, the bodies quickly turned to ashes in the sky.
After dropping the body, Meng Fei went on for thousands of meters in the black fog mountains again. Chapter 10 Fatal achievement method.
At this time, I saw that the black mouse suddenly jumped up from the iron sheet and looked at Meng Fei’s back with a little head tilted slightly. Although you have the time force, it seems that you haven’t cultivated the time force method yet.
Meng Fei smiled bitterly and nodded slightly. When Guanshan gave him the holy blood bead, he didn’t give him the method of uniting the strength. Maybe the enemy chased him too tightly and let him give it to him.
It may also be because his cultivation method is not suitable for himself.
Looking at some complicated faces, the Meng Fei black-robed mouse’s shallow eyebrows gently Cu some Nai sighed, saying that in Wanxing mainland, in fact, many home exercises cannot be privately granted to outsiders, which is a taboo and a kind of restraint.
After saying this, its paw flicked a scroll of primitive simplicity in black jade color and now it is in its paw.
The black-robed mouse stroked the scroll and said softly, "I got this scroll. Even my master was seriously injured in that battle and finally died."
No way, it’s such a big story, and Meng Fei’s eyes flashed, and suddenly his face showed a touch of ingratiation. He stretched out his hand as if he were shy. Can you show me? I want to know what’s magical about it
Smell speech black mouse turned their eyes and found a cave to float in, then motioned Meng Fei boulder to block the cave and meditated for a while before solemnly saying, do you want to practice it?
Well, you won’t tell me if this is the science of uniting the time force achievement method, will you? Meng Fei said with a smile, I’ve searched all over Shuijiang, but I haven’t found the science of uniting the time force achievement method. It is said that this kind of achievement method is more rare than other kinds of achievement methods.
After hearing Meng Fei’s words, the black mouse’s face flashed with a strange meaning, but it was unexpectedly silent.
What’s the matter? Maybe you’re fooling me. I’m looking at the black mouse. Meng Fei couldn’t help but feel uneasy and ask if it’s a time-force method of uniting, even if the level is low.
The level of this achievement method is not only not low, but also high and scary, otherwise it wouldn’t be so strong. It will be desperate, and the black-robed mouse is light. I have to say this achievement method.
See black mouse said this achievement method level is not low Meng Fei heart is not a rub hands directly interrupted, nothing is this world achievement method is hard to find, can you let me have a look first?
Ah, you’d better wait for me to finish before deciding. Although this achievement method is extremely high, it can also hold extremely strange magical powers after practicing, but the person who practices it is extremely dangerous. Once again, he was silent for a long time, and the black mouse sighed.
Meng Fei, who was disturbed by the sigh of the black mouse, slowly returned his hand and asked what kind of danger it would be.
A black mouse shook his head with a wry smile. I have never seen anyone who has practiced this skill before, and I have never heard of anyone who will practice it to the extreme. If you practice this skill rashly, your life will be ruined in this skill.
It’s so dangerous, your face is stiff, Meng Fei. You won’t bluff me, will you?
The black mouse shook his head, full of bitterness. Do you think I’m bluffing?
Wry smile rubbed his nose. Meng Fei is still reluctant to give up. It’s too tempting for him to miss this opportunity now. I’m afraid I don’t know when I can find a decent achievement method.
After a long time, Meng Fei only said, can you tell me something about practicing this achievement method? Chapter 19 Want to practice?
The black mouse looked at the scroll in the claw and hesitated for a moment before saying softly, this is because this achievement method is so enviable that the first master of uniting it, the Emperor Jiedi, used to shine for a while in the mainland, but it was instantly nullified by many forces.
At the same time, this achievement method has been closely watched by many super powers in Wanxing mainland. They have not given up looking for it today. Without the protection of their elders, it is very difficult for you to practice this achievement method. You need to be careful to destroy it.
Meng Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he listened in silence.
Alas, I also care about this achievement method. It depends on why it will be stared at by so many forces at the same time. Maybe the strange avatar in it has a complicated look on the face of the black mouse. It seems that this achievement method is not as simple as it says.
It is said that when the emperor of the world just reached the realm of nature, with a trick, the blade actually cut through the void and besieged him. Dozens of natural powers were all involved in the virtual chaos, and the black mouse voice was slightly hoarse.
You know, the blade is the time boundary tactic, and the avatar is in the celestial realm. Just the celestial realm avatar can drive dozens of people into the virtual chaos. I can’t imagine that people can practice the supernatural realm avatar, even the life and death realm avatar. That would be terrible.