Blood wonderful son glanced at him faintly and moved to the mouth of the cave.

Du Gufeng was born at once and dared not take the initiative to retreat to one side to make way.
Blood wonderful son stopped in front of DuGuFeng and looked at the forest already receded from Warcraft and looked at Meng Fei, who had already fallen into suspended animation, and buried him for me, okay?
Du Gufeng stared at her at this time, smelling the natural fragrance from her hair and body. Because the blood is shorter than him by an inch, it is almost together with her glittering and translucent jade.
Blood Miaoer interrupted him with another sigh. Do judo and bury him properly. Don’t be careless and forget that I will remember you.
This seems to limit temptation.
Du Gufeng didn’t know what to say when the figure flashed blood and Miao Er floated out of the hole and disappeared into the deep forest.
Du Gufeng was surprised and stepped forward, but he was already one step behind.
Blood Miao Er disappeared early.
DuGuFeng slumped to his knees in the mud, and his feet were not covered with rain and mud. The leaves floated to his face and sighed, Big Brother, do you know that this world can be well-groomed in temperament and appearance and worthy of you? Your wish is finally coming true.
As if remembering something, I hurriedly took out a memory crystal from my body, but I didn’t lie in the rubble at all. Meng Fei captured the blood and left a little breath in the crystal.
In a short time, the vivid crystal of blood is not only vivid and vivid, but also captures her ethereal and illusory qualities.
After playing for a long time, Dugufeng walked into the forest blankly.
Half-way flying leaves reminded him of the blood, and Miao Er had just urged him to step back and clap his hand on the stone wall to listen to Peng Yi. He was so overbearing that the stone wall suddenly collapsed.
Du Gufeng fired three palms at the stone wall until a large amount of rubble fell, and Du Gufeng rose to the sky and stood on a big tree.
A rock wall collapsed and buried Meng Fei in the tile.
Du Gufeng didn’t look at the roaring and escaping.
If he is willing to pay attention, he will find that Meng Fei’s body has undergone wonderful changes at this time, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, not a dead body
Even blood wonderful son also couldn’t think of this change.
By dusk.
Gravel Meng Fei shivered a spit in the sand mud muttered syren fierce but cheap, and I stretched myself to detain the surface sand rolling and spilling low way.
His grandmother didn’t expect that her palm would directly send me to the realm of seventeen stages of Earth Star. Now I personally feel like a thoroughly remoulded person. The precursor skill is a gas state. Now it seems that a little liquid has condensed in these gases, and it is as enjoyable as suddenly taking a big tonic.
The fact that Meng Fei has been awake is that he has lost six senses.
When the blood of Miao Er whirled into an air column and pierced the meridians of Meng Fei, he really died, especially the feeling that the meridians were splitting.
However, he didn’t die because he had absorbed energy from the crystal in his mind before, and he unexpectedly rushed to meet the blood wonderful son and shot it into the air column of his body to be swallowed up gradually by his body.
It is when two gas columns collide that Meng Fei’s body becomes strangely hot, but when they merge, it changes from extremely hot to extremely cold.
This cold-heat cycle directly led to a qualitative change in his body, and even the energy of blood crystals hidden in his body was stimulated one by one to nourish his body with fresh water.
This situation, such as sending the old spirit to welcome the new spirit, is not only a wonderful thing, but also a mystery to the martial arts master who has never happened in Wanxing mainland.
Meng Fei heaved a sigh of relief and said that it was the most wonderful thing to vent the unbearable energy of the body. It was only after a wry smile that we were right or wrong to save this witch.
The little dragon mouse took a drag on the night wind that blew in from the crack in the stone. On the surface, of course, it was a crushing defeat, little witch. However, she was cunning and knew how to play hard to get to us first. She had fallen into a deep sleep, and when we put everything on guard, she wouldn’t try to kill us.
Meng Fei still has a nervous way. It was really close at that time. If that extraordinary guy from Du Gufeng hadn’t broken in, she would have given me a slap in the face if she had to check it a little. At that time, we would have gone beyond the sky.
Little dragon mouse dew listen to look low, don’t move as if someone came again. Two hundred and thirty crystal protector.
Meng Fei listened carefully and said with horror, my hearing has become so bad that I can hear four or five miles away even if I play my best before I can detect it dozens of miles away.
The little dragon mouse exclaimed, it seems that you are a little lucky. This may be every cloud has a silver lining. Hey.
Meng Fei chuckled. You little mouse love to exaggerate. every cloud has a silver lining almost lost his life just now. What on earth is that guardian crystal? How can it have to kill people? Hey, those people are in a hurry. A total of 30 people came to us.
The little dragon mouse monster laughed. It might be even more unexpected to dress up as a dead person for a while.
When people come into the valley, most people immediately check around from the seat and search for the valley by valley, revealing a smell of arrogance.
The little dragon mouse hidden in the gravel Meng Fei knows that these people are not ordinary practitioners but can be included in the talented forest youth when they listen to their actions and their breath is in a state of convergence
It’s not easy for such a genius to meet anyone at ordinary times. Now that dozens of them have come, it’s curious for Meng Fei to search the forest all over again.
Four of the young people didn’t show their highest status. They slowly came to Meng Fei to bury themselves.
These four people are one tall, one short, one fat and one thin.
The fat one has a big body, but it can still give people a solid bodybuilding. I feel that my age is twenty and my skin is white and abnormal.
He was born with a big face and bulging eyes, and his eyes were as sharp as two ghostly fires. Fortunately, he became a line and his thin lips hung with a smile from time to time, which greatly diluted his murderous eyes.
Thin a few years younger than him, well-proportioned and slender, and quite beautiful. After a long time of negative look, he said that this stone wall obviously collapsed soon, so the rubble around it is still messy, and the collapse of this valley is very intriguing.
His voice is deep and pleasant to hear, but people believe that he seldom feels frustrated.
The fat and strong man laughed and Yang Xiong said, "Look at this wooden dead wolf, and you will know that something happened here not long ago. Look at the way this stone wall collapsed. It is that people deliberately smashed the stone wall to bury something."
Meng Fei, a little rat with broken stones, was moved by the observation of the two men.
The surname Yang Weixiao Zhu Xiong is famous for his wisdom, which is quite strange. The man has the strength to collapse the stone wall, and this man is skilled enough to be in the forest of nature.