A crisp shining armor fell off a little bit, and the shining armor spit a mouthful of blood and flew backwards. When Zhang Sheng didn’t want to wave again, his body shook and disappeared. Then he suddenly caught the shining armor and tried his best to blow a palm. The shining armor was vaporized without screaming.

Zhang Sheng, the warrior who wiped out the shining armor, strolled to the blast furnace. Although it was hot around the blast furnace, Zhang Sheng didn’t feel much about it. Zhang Sheng raised his hands horizontally to make the suspended blast furnace fall to the ground.
Zhang Sheng walked into the blast furnace and smashed it with his palm. The temperature of the hall suddenly rose by at least several thousand degrees, especially around the blast furnace. The temperature here was so hot that he had to mobilize his strength to fight against the white flame, which gradually disappeared from the blast furnace like a whirlwind.
The flame sprayed from the blast furnace is not a general flame, but a true samadhi fire, and Zhang Sheng is being calcined by the true samadhi fire at this time.
It was so hot that Zhang Sheng’s strength was released, but he couldn’t resist the burning of Samadhi’s true fire. In less than half an hour, Zhang Sheng felt that he would be unable to resist these flames. In his heart, when he was anxious, the Samadhi’s true fire suddenly became smaller. Many Zhang Sheng’s heart moved quickly and again, and there were not many forces left to fight back.
The day seems to have taken care of Zhang Sheng again. After a few minutes, the true fire of Samadhi disappeared. Zhang Sheng’s clothes were well protected and damaged. Zhang Sheng was surprised to come from the fire. The true fire of Samadhi was still very strong just now. How could it be wiped out in a short time?
Zhang Sheng looked at the sky floating for more than a dozen apertures, and realized in his heart that these light balls must be the souls of demons, and it was these monsters that just helped Zhang Sheng to douse Samadhi together.
These light balls lingered here for a while and then flew away. Zhang Sheng looked at these monsters and couldn’t help but taste the polluted air. At this time, Zhang Sheng’s blast furnace suddenly changed
Buzzing Weng
Strange sounds came from an alchemist furnace, and then an alchemist furnace melted into light spots all over the sky and disappeared, while half of them were a rectangular coil of silk.
What is this thing? Zhang Sheng flew to the middle and held this silk scroll in his hand. The silk scroll was full of words. Zhang Sheng glanced at it and finally concluded that he didn’t know these words.
Wait, let me see. Suddenly, the sound of green cattle suddenly came, and the tone was very surprised.
You know Zhang Sheng asked suspiciously.
With a loud cry, the green cow is full of disbelief. It’s a great god curse. How can it be here? How is it possible?
Zhang Sheng wondered and asked, Hey, are you the first beast in ancient times? Are you so excited? What the hell is this?
The Taoist god cursed the blue ox to sound dignified and solemn.
The Taoist curse of the Great God sounds very imposing. Zhang Sheng asked
It’s so simple that the green cow whispered, it’s simply powerful. It’s a three-emotion Taoist statue, a spiritual treasure Taoist statue, and it’s a great god mantra. Don’t say that people in the monastic world are the immortals during the campaign of sealing gods. Not many people may know the great god mantra.
That will fall here. Although the Kowloon Shenhuo Cover is a first-class baby, according to you, this baby is simply slag in front of the Great God curse, isn’t it?
Green cow sighs. How do I know that these things will be white when we go to the celestial world? But you are blessed by misfortune. You not only have Jiuli energy, but also have the Great God curse. If you can understand the Great God curse, your achievements in the future will definitely not be in Sanqing.
Zhang Sheng smiled bitterly and swallowed a mouthful. Don’t joke, okay? I never dared to think so.
Have a little confidence. You are now carrying Jiuli energy. Can you be accepted by those old Taoist guys after you go to the celestial world in the future? It is not necessarily the most important thing to make yourself absolutely strong. Qingniu laughed
Let’s talk about it after Zhang Sheng smiled faintly. What I want most now is that Zhang Sheng’s words are not finished from here, and several people follow Zhang Sheng’s footsteps and look back quickly.
There are two people walking in front, a handsome, middle-aged man with a faint smile on his face and sparkling eyes. His forehead is high, his eyes are wide, his nose is straight, his lips are tight, and he says that he is not arrogant and negative. Zhang Sheng can’t help but look at his eyes.
And the man behind him was dressed in a blue suit, and his muscles were tightly attached to his coat, with a tail dish in the abdomen and a big face full of beard. Zhang Sheng knew at a glance that this man was a valiant soldier.
Zhang Sheng’s heart vaguely knew the identity of the two people in front of him.
Mr. Zhang Sheng, thank you for saving his life. The middle-aged man smiled and said that although he was smiling, his eyes still showed a sense of pride
Zhang Sheng smiled and said, "It’s easy. Pavilion is the West Sea White Dragon in the demon world."
Is in the middle-aged smile and said
Brother, thank you so much for these. If you go to the demon world in the future, I will definitely treat you warmly. The middle-aged man behind Bailong said that the sincere smile made Zhang Sheng immediately feel good about him.
Haha, thank you, seal king Zhang Sheng, for laughing.
Xihai Bailong looked at Zhang Sheng’s face with a smile. The little brother was a Taoist.