Her silence was exchanged for a pity for madness. The former soft beauty has become hysterical. She jumped out of bed and regarded her big skirt as naked. She rushed at Xiaoxiao with her chest. You don’t deserve to stay with him, you damn woman. Why don’t you die?

Xiaoxiao was surprised and busy to avoid her. If she was crazy, she came again. At this moment, a black whip was severely drawn on her body.
Beat until you fall to the ground and cry out in pain
Shura came in with a grimace of a grin. That’s just it. You can’t stand it. I’ll let you taste it. You won’t live for three days and three nights in a barrel of hundreds of poisonous insects.
Seeing her is like seeing the living Yan, shaking with fear, hiding from Shura and wanting to throw a few more whips. Xiaoxiao quickly grabbed her and stopped hitting her.
Shura gave her an angry look with a twisted eyebrow. Are you stupid? Did someone plead for you when she hit you?
Xiaoxiao looked scared and huddled up. If you cherish it lightly, you can say that in fact, what’s wrong with her is that she loves someone who will never respond to her.
Shura hesitated, turned slowly, leaned forward and went out. You want to be a good person, I will be you.
Looking at her, Xiaoxiao squatted down. Your father didn’t die, did he?
I’m still shaking. I can’t believe I suddenly got a shock. I stare at my eyes and then I get emotional and deny it. No, you don’t want to talk nonsense. My father is dead. It’s pathetic enough to save him from sacrificing his life. Why are you talking nonsense here?
Xiaoxiao knew at once that Ruoxi was a paranoid person, and she was not good at pretending. Her reaction had already said that she was redundant in the first chapter.
Slowly, she got up, her eyes became pitying you, but your love was the most private thing.
You’re not the only one who is selfish and resentful, saying that you’re afraid you’ll love me and do everything possible to keep me away from him. Don’t forget that I’ve been with him for six years. I took care of him with my heart, not our father and daughter. He would have died long ago, and where are you? How can you stay with him?
Yes, six years is a long time. Six years Xiaoxiao looked her in the eye and asked calmly what he didn’t love you for such a long time.
If he was speechless for a moment, he quickly argued that he was dizzy.
Hehe, if he loves you for a long time, even one look will be taken by you, instead of even if you take off your clothes to seduce him, he will not turn a blind eye. He is getting paler and paler, and he is on the verge of collapse. She hit the nail on the head and said that your father has made it. The purpose of this play is to make you accept you because of guilt. When everything comes to pass, these shady means are also insignificant.
It’s not your nonsense. It’s not like this. If you don’t care, you shout, grab your long hair with both hands and shake your head violently. You are a vicious and bad woman. You just made this up to make me hate you. I hate you. I hate you.
Don’t worry, I’m not happy with you, me or you. If you can tell yourself, just tell yourself that you are a koo, but have you and your father thought about it?
Dad if cherish metamorphoses, zheng eyes are dull.
He may have done something that he can’t lift his head in his life, but if he doesn’t violate it, he will pretend to be dead to show you to others. Even if his daughter didn’t perform filial piety, he will let your father get a bad name. What can an unfaithful and unfilial person talk about? You are the last to deserve it.
Xiaoxiao’s words poke her where it hurts. If you cherish your life, cover your ears. Stop it. Stop it. You’re not telling the truth. You deliberately slandered me. I didn’t. I didn’t hurt my father. He’s dead. He’s really dead
If your father is not dead, don’t tell me. When your father is 100 years old, you can calmly go to his old man’s grave to worship.
Xiaoxiao didn’t talk much anymore, which was enough for her to reflect. She got up and finally gave her a quick look and walked away.
I didn’t. I didn’t hurt my dad. If I shrink my legs and hug him tightly, I bury my face in my knees and my body keeps shaking. My mouth keeps repeating that I didn’t hurt him.
She wanted to love and stay with him. She didn’t hurt anyone. They never let her go.
At first glance, I saw Shura in the courtyard and saw that she was still angry. Xiaoxiao Nai shook her head. Hey, did anyone who offended you be punished?
It’s too cheap to punish them with a cold hum. I just cut off their limbs and raise a method
Xiaoxiao’s stomach is rolling with disgust. Are you still a woman?
Well, let Duan Fei try it, and you’ll know
No way.
Xiao Xiao Shu er tightened his eyebrows and said, "The strange doctor is not dead. We must find him."
Shura sneer at a few eyes glance toward the house to me.
What do you want to do? Xiaoxiao is suspicious of her. You don’t really want to skin her, do you? She can’t help shivering at the thought of this possibility.
Don’t worry about this. I won’t kill her. Shura’s smile is creepy. I’ll be the bad guy, but I’m used to it
It sounds like sarcasm, but it seems so harmonious through her mouth.
Xiao Xiao is silent. Not everyone can be a bad guy. It takes courage.
It’s night
Xiaoxiao accompanied the two sons to finish reading and went back to the small house where they fell in love. He saw Duan Feiyan coming head on.
Hey, where are you going?
Duan Fei patted her shoulder and went back to wait for me, even without stopping.
Xiaoxiao stupefied at their disappearing direction, which was the backyard.
Then a round white velvet ball jumped on her shoulder and she killed her.
What Xiaoxiao was taken aback but knew that Xiaotian said who was busy with the skirt and went to the backyard. How did this happen?
Xiaotian stand hand shrug shura that woman play too hard, sooner or later.
When I came to the backyard, the others had already arrived at Frost’s outspoken girl. Is that woman pretending?