Hum Guo Xiaosi is not passively beaten. The sapphire sword body mana works. The sapphire sword erupts with strong murder. The sword swings towards one of the dead soldiers, only to see that hundreds of firm but gentle waves suddenly fly from the sapphire sword and severely hit a dead soldier.

But see this firm but gentle imitation Youlong generally split in the hapless dead body war before the dead body war action has been shattered by powerful firm but gentle split up.
Sapphire sword can be so powerful but firm but gentle. It’s Guo Xiao’s four-body, different to reiki, which leads to the instantaneous increase of hundreds of times in the power of sapphire sword. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t know how to be happy, but he is also fighting with the rest of the dead body of sapphire sword.
Xiao Bai, who is wrapped around Guo Xiaosi’s arm, has not been idle. When fighting in Guo Xiaosi, he has turned into a dragon from Guo Xiaosi’s arm. He has been thundering and cooperating with Wu Peng to kill this group of dead men.
Chapter four hundred Goodbye Huang Ji temple
Chapter four hundred Goodbye Huang Ji temple
After this group of dead men fought against Guo Xiaosi, he realized that their strength was just the top level of the Dan period. He had relied on magic weapons and was able to cope with three or four dead men plus Wu Peng Xiaobai’s attack. The remaining seven dead men were not enough. Guo Xiaosi chopped them down and wiped them out in an instant.
After destroying this group of dead bodies, Guo Xiaosi searched for treasures. Unfortunately, Guo Xiaosi didn’t find anything, but he just hung around the hall.
Isn’t this magic emperor also poor Guo Xiaosi depressed thinking about immediately looking for a way to go, but looking for it didn’t find anything to send the array, but it made Guo Xiaosi depressed again. Look at the front door of the hall. Guo Xiaosi nai shook his head. This is not the door, is it?
Thought of here, Guo Xiaosi took Xiao Bai Wu Peng and went straight to the gate.
Walking through the door of the temple, Guo Xiaosi looked around, his eyes fixed on one place, his face hung and he laughed. I didn’t expect to find it. Guo Xiaosi saw the scenery that he wanted to find the Emperor Temple.
Carefully, Guo Xiaosi realized that he seemed to be next to the temple of the Emperor’s Temple and wanted to enter other tunnel entrances, but he had to get the temple of the Emperor’s Pole.
Guo Xiaosi didn’t want to take Wu Peng Xiaobai and ran to the Emperor’s Temple in the position. Guo Xiaosi targeted the Emperor’s Temple and didn’t do anything to stop. It’s really not good to directly avoid ghosts, that is, to kill them.
In a blink of an eye, Guo Xiaosi came to the Imperial Temple and looked at it. The appearance of the Imperial Temple was still the same. The only difference was that four skeletons were no longer there, but four were suspended in the tripod furnace.
Guo Xiaosi is not sure whether this is a tripod furnace. After all, these four tripod furnaces look really strange, but they are not common four-legged tripod furnaces, but two-legged tripod furnaces, but they are triangular in shape. These tripod furnaces are not flat but sharp blades with three vertical knives in their triangular places.
When these things are combined together, they don’t have the slightest abrupt feeling, but they feel very natural. At first sight, people will know that this thing is like this, not imposed by others, but the blades just grow naturally.
Guo Xiaosi is not very familiar with monsters. After all, he hasn’t seen the information in this field. Liu Mei will know that this thing is a ghost tripod. The defense of the ghost tripod is very strong. The ordinary sword can’t cause any damage when it is cut at the root of its body, while the ghost tripod is called a ghost tripod. It is secretive when it is fighting, like a ghost, which makes you completely confused. After all, these things are suspended in the Bank of China, and there is no sound at all, which makes it difficult to prevent.
Guo Xiaosi carefully looked at the four ghost tripod in front of him, but he never saw what they attacked him. Are these things really carefully placed? The sapphire sword knocked on these tripod stoves and didn’t see any reaction. It’s just a metal collision.
Guo Xiaosi is also lazy to investigate what monsters these four cauldrons are. When walking towards the cave location, Guo Xiaosi doesn’t want to wave. Who knows how long it will wave in here? After all, it has been 30 days or it will be in this cave.
More importantly, Guo Xiaosi also wants to use the environment here to resist the apocalypse and be stable. What does Du Jie hate? What Guo Xiaosi doesn’t want so much now? He also wants to kill Xiao Yinda directly, but then Huang Lingen won’t have a chance to take revenge, so it may be possible to stimulate Huang Linggen’s growth.
Because of this concern, Guo Xiaosi also gave up killing Xiao Yinda when he met others, so you’re welcome.
When Guo Xiaosi came to the cave position and was ready to enter the cave, he quickly stopped to see four ghost tripods. I didn’t know when they had been suspended in front of Guo Xiaosi, which surprised Guo Xiaosi. He knew his own strength very well, and just now, when he ran here, he also noticed that the ghost tripod didn’t find any changes, but now he has come to him and his own knowledge has not responded. It seems that all this is of course.
What’s going on? Guo Xiaosi was surprised and said that he immediately looked at Wu Peng. Wu Peng believed that he should be able to give Guo Xiaosi a reply, but to Guo Xiaosi’s disappointment, Wu Peng didn’t know what was going on. It seems that as soon as they came here, the four ghost tripods were already generally as if they had never moved here.
Seeing this situation, Guo Xiaosi can’t look down upon these four cauldrons. When he raised his sapphire sword, he was ready to destroy it and enter the cave as soon as possible, but the ghost cauldron attacked faster than Guo Xiaosi.
Hey, hey, hey, but I saw these four ghost tripod stand up in Guo Xiaosi’s surprised look. The three sharp knives slowly landed when they pointed the tip at Guo Xiaosi, and at the same time they stopped landing and burst into strange laughter from the tripod mouth.
Then the four ghost tripods quickly spin up and shout to break the cold light hidden in the rotation, so that Guo Xiaosi can also be cautious and pour the body mana into the sapphire sword, just waiting for the ghost tripod to attack. Guo Xiaosi is not ignorant of the first humanitarian. He just wants to see how the four ghost tripods attack.
Hey, hey, the strange smile is getting sharper and sharper, followed by rapid rotation and shooting towards Guo Xiaosi. The ghost tripod in the rotation turns into clouds of black shadows, and this terrible cold light is hidden in this black shadow.
Guo Xiaosi’s sword chopped at the ghost tripod flying towards him and splashed a little spark. This rotation speed offset a lot of strength. When the sapphire sword chopped at the ghost tripod, it felt like a slight impact.
The whirring ghost tripod doesn’t dock in Guo Xiaosi, and the blade flies in the air due to rotation, so that Guo Xiaosi can’t underestimate the performance of the ghost tripod and Guo Xiaosi is very surprised. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t know the cause of the formation of the ghost tripod, and he doesn’t know the material, but he knows the ability of the sapphire sword, but when it meets the ghost tripod, it just hits and doesn’t cause any damage.
Suddenly, when Guo Xiaosi saw a fire shining, a strong sadness broke out. When Guo Xiaosi turned to look, it was Xiao Bai Li Lei who destroyed a ghost tripod. When Guo Xiaosi took several thunder spells and kept throwing them at the ghost tripod.
The ghost tripod is a yin thing, while the thunder is a yang thing. When the yin and yang meet with hostility, the yin and yang are modulated, and Tai Chi is full of hostility, which is the same as making it empty again.
When the thunder spell broke out, the thunder shot down the ghost ding, but the ghost ding fled. Unfortunately, Guo Xiaosi didn’t give them a chance to keep chasing the ghost ding and throwing spells. When the ghost ding was struck by lightning, the ghost ding broke out in misery and immediately exploded and fell to pieces. Guo Xiaosi was very curious about these broken iron pieces and put them in a dry bag.
Let’s go into the cave, and then Guo Xiaosi took Wu Peng and Xiaobai into the cave and walked through the layers of stairs. Guo Xiaosi saw the first two entrances across the front seven entrances. Guo Xiaosi had already walked past, and there was no Shuanglong inkstone. In other words, the first two entrances to the secret room were absolutely impossible. The magic emperor also put the baby in the secret room. He didn’t enter the secret room key, that is, Shuanglong inkstone.
Looking at the golden dragon pattern before the third entrance, Guo Xiaosi ran directly into the third entrance to see what treasure was here.
Entering the passage also ushered in the black fog. Guo Xiaosi knows his way around. The magic of the running body makes the aura emerge on the body surface to dispel these black fog. For Guo Xiaosi who has experienced a sand-singing cave, he has learned that the layout here is based on every hole, every mouth and every important place in the hall. Even if there is no monster handle, there are other offensive formations.
Once the first two channels are guarded, then this channel is no exception. It must also be guarded. For the upcoming guardian Guo Xiaosi, I hope it is Warcraft itself or to deal with some, and at the same time, it will also increase some vitality for the royal beast.
When the black fog suddenly stopped being afraid of the aura in front of Guo Xiaosi and then suddenly flocked to Guo Xiaosi, Guo Xiaosi White Master was coming to Wupeng Xiaobai, and he felt a beast breath in the black fog and became wary.
Roar a roar from the black fog, only to see a huge figure emerge from the black fog. The figure turned out to be a mud beast. The mud beast looks like a vole, but it walks upright. The vole has a tall body. The mud beast makes mud in the swamp, and the only way to turn the surrounding territory into a swamp is to keep digging cross-territory land to make it soft and full of Shui Ze. This mud beast has a good attack power and a good digging ability, and of course it also has a general’s ability to turn it into a swamp.
At the moment, the mud beast is walking towards Guo Xiaosi, dripping with water, screaming with eyes full of anger and violent breath, waving his paws, as if trying to tear up and meet all obstacles.
Mud beast suddenly saw Guo Xiaosi Wupeng roaring towards Guo Xiaosi. Although the mud beast lived in the swamp for a long time, it moved very fast. In an instant, it came to Guo Xiaosi and raised its sharp claws to tear Guo Xiaosi apart.
Chapter four hundred and one Real monsters
Chapter four hundred and one Real monsters
Hum, look at you. When Guo Xiaosi saw the mud beast attacking him, he said to Wu Peng Xiaobai, "Don’t interfere. Let me try how much this Warcraft weighs." Then Guo Xiaosi threw Xiaobai’s sapphire sword from his arm and rushed at the mud beast.
It’s hard to meet a Warcraft Guo Xiaosi. If he doesn’t want his dead mud beast to be strong enough, he can directly put it into the royal beast and become his own force
When the claws of the mud beast were about to touch Guo Xiaosi, Guo Xiaosi suddenly jumped up to resist the claws of the mud beast with a sapphire sword in his hand, and then punched Guo Xiaosi in the chest of the mud beast. This punch ended the primary realm of the Dan period, and hitting the mud beast made the mud beast go backwards several steps.
Yes, Guo Xiaosi nodded and appreciated the defense ability of the mud beast. He was able to pick up the primary realm attack in the Dan period. He wanted to be more tolerant. When Guo Xiaosi further attacked the mud beast, this time he took the intermediate realm strength in the Dan period.