At this time, the Leidi staff in Lin Dong’s hand was also used to protect Lei Guang in his whole body, but it was obvious that some of his offensives that fell into the wind, Nahao Jiuyou, broke through his defense and directly bombarded his body. If Lin Dong didn’t hold the keel of the universe, he would be seriously injured now.

When Lin Dong tried his best to play around in the nine secluded places, the small mink in the distant mountain was close to a mountain in the squad, and the faint white light from his broken magic charm came out to isolate them from the magic fragrance erosion outside.
Brother Lin, the eldest brother of Sable, seems to be unable to stay up. The strong face of a Scorpio Sable family who is beside the little Sable suddenly changed and changed his mouth.
The sable figure is also partial to the head, and then it is to see that the pupil of Lin, who was enveloped by Hao Jiu’s violent offensive, is also miniaturized, and the palms are clenched.
Brother Abao, why don’t you help brother Lin move? We’ll do it here, and so will the other person. It seems that the situation of Lin move is not very good.
The little mink heard the words thoughtfully, but shook his head in their surprised eyes. Since he said he could handle it, he will. Let’s finish our work first.
The two men nodded their heads and glances at each other’s eyes, wondering, but they really didn’t have the confidence to come to Hao Jiuyou, but even he was a fierce guy who lost the battle. Although Lin moved by many means, Hao Jiuyou still had a great gap, but although confused, since the mink said so, they couldn’t say anything more.
The three men rushed into the heavy black magic incense and went straight to the top of the mountain. At this time, the mink’s eyes just glanced at the distance and they could hear the sound mumbling, don’t plant this guy, or we will lose a lot of face.
The black magic arm Jude Dragon shattered Lei Guang’s defense with an extremely arrogant gesture and then landed on Lin’s chest like a flash.
In a low voice, Lin’s chest seems to have collapsed, and some bodies are upside down, and one mouthful blood can’t help but gush out of his mouth.
Although he is extremely tough with the wild keel, it is obviously quite uncomfortable to be attacked so violently by Hao Jiu You.
This bone of yours is really resistant. It’s a little surprised to look at Lin’s eyes with sarcasm. His previous offensive is not dead. Even if he is afraid of being strong with the runner, he has to show some injuries. Besides spitting blood, Lin’s breath is still surging and there are no signs of serious injuries.
This anti-strike ability even Hao Jiu You is surprised.
It’s also a kind of thing to be able to resist. It’s still dull to wipe the blood from the corners of your mouth.
It is indeed a thing.
Hao Jiuyou nodded, but the smile on his mouth gradually became ferocious, but no matter how hard the stone is, it will be smashed to pieces. I want to see how many times you can bear it.
The magic arm was suddenly black and evil, and the eternal magic flower bloomed little by little on the magic arm’s surface.
Black flowers, flowers, roots, roots, and nine mysterious magic arms spread, and an extremely terrible evil force quickly brewed.
Watch me blow you to pieces with one punch.
Hao Jiuyou grinned grimly, and his palms clenched, even twisted.
Lin will spit blood foam in his mouth, and his eyes will be condensed with dignified color. He can feel that Hao Jiu’s magic arm is condensed with terrorist forces.
What a tough guy.
Lin Lin slowly loosened his grip on Lei Di’s staff, and then his hands lightly closed to form a particularly strange printing method. As the printing method formed, his whole body churned, and the purple and gold dragon patterns gradually became quiet, spreading like a mysterious wave and ripples in his palm.
At this moment, people can feel the slight vibration of the earth to their feet, and that feeling is still awakening the dragon.
The vast power of the earth is still like a flood, and the plants on the ground are withered, and a barren smell is quietly filled.
Lin moved his palm slowly, and then held it gently against the square earth, and the gentle sound resounded in this world with a deep Judas.
Everything in heaven and earth is barren. Chapter one thousand one hundred and forty-three The eternal flower demon body
At this time, the vast earth was trembling constantly, and many fairy martens looked at the rapidly withered earth around them with surprise. They could feel that the vast energy in the earth seemed to be rushing in one direction.
That’s Lin moving in the direction
With the palm of Lin moving and grasping the other side of the earth, it always cracked, and then everyone was shocked to see a huge energy beam soaring into the sky.