"Wait a minute-"

The dancing lady reached out and pressed a little light into his eyebrows and whispered, "I will protect you from being discovered."
Gu Qingshan felt a surge of light and instantly disappeared from his body.
He nodded at the dancing lady and silently launched the orange emperor, the ghost of the night, and the invisible orange cat.
The orange cat called one.
The mountain girl immediately turned into a long sword, and his four swords disappeared into the sea of knowledge and hid.
Orange cat wanted to think again.
In the face of the strongest dragon and orange cat, I dare not be careless, and I also launched a Terran blessing to give myself 30 times the hiding ability.
At the moment, he has the protection of the dancing lady, the ghost of the night, the jade defect and the Terran blessing.
His concealment ability has reached an unprecedented height.
The orange cat recalled what she had seen in the front cave and took out the sunglasses from her pocket to bridge her nose.
-overclocking energy mapping instrument!
With this thing, the other party is not afraid of being out of sight even if there is a similar arrangement.
All the orange cats ready to finish said "meow meow!" to the dancing lady.
"Are you ready? Then I’ll take you there because it’s not convenient for me to go there, or he will find out, "said the dancing lady."
"Meow" Orange Cat Road
The dance-offering lady released a dance to Gu Qingshan’s original position.
A flash of light
The orange cat suddenly disappeared.
an instant
It reached the cave again.
The orange cat stepped into the cave
It went straight along the front rugged path and soon reached the depths of the cave.
The middle-aged man with a beard reappeared in the field of vision.
He is sitting on the bed playing games with a virtual device on his head.
The orange cat carefully found a corner and squatted there quietly looking at the whole cave.
Middle-aged men have fun.
Many recreational equipment are piled up at random and thrown at the foot of the bed.
There is a half-eaten cake beside the bed, and next to it is a soup bowl that is buckled by a plate, and the hot air comes out from it.
The bed is a case of beer and carbonated drinks.
The orange cat looked at it for a while and felt that there was no information at all.
It got up and walked slowly around the cave.
See the garbage dump in the depths of the cave become a mountain.
The orange cat looked at the rubbish carefully before hesitating.
No, maybe it’s not rubbish.
Its claws gently picked up a pile of discarded fast packaging boxes, and its eyes suddenly froze.
See a pair of gloves with faint flame light appear in front of me.
Appears when a line indicator is displayed.
"Notice that you have found the Dragon Zu weapon."
"Glove dragon grip (sleeping)"
"description? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?”
"Say that the specific information of the glove is known unless you get it from Qi Ling personally."
The orange cat’s eyes flashed and put the garbage back to cover the gloves.
The doubts in its heart are getting deeper and deeper.
Even this magic soldier throws it in the garbage.
Is it really crazy?
The orange cat felt foggy and couldn’t help turning around to the other side of the garbage dump carefully.
before long
I saw a dusty place, and there was a faint fluctuation in the depths of the garbage.